1. I don't get it, the eclipse covered just a pathway across usa, so why in epic images it looks like it covered the whole north america?

    No, I don't believe the Earth is flat, it is a honest question.

  2. Pretty scary to think that today's millennials are this planet's future and half of them think the Earth is flat….Scary to think people that dumb exist today.

  3. OMG….this is so real-looking that I felt as though I left my body and was watching it with my own eyes…from ONE MILLION miles away! We are so lucky to have an agency that actually films the plane t we live on!

  4. wow i missed everything because for vocation i went to el salvador and like damn it whhhyyyy me i told my mom i wanted to stay home but eh i got youtube on my side for vids

  5. NASA I know a whole bunch of flat Earthers are commenting but I hope you leave the comments open. Let the flat Earthers make a fool of themselves.

    Hopefully the flat Earth comments will make parents want to make sure their kids understand geometry. A good background in geometry and trigonometry will protect kids from falling for any of the flat Earth garbage.

    It's really fun to see these images. I was in Idaho under during totality. It was an amazing experience.

  6. Create seeds of love in anything you do, weather its something you say to someone, post on social media, work, advice to a friend, play, talking to yourself, create, think, time with family, your health…. anything in life, plant seeds of love, water it, give it some sunshine and watch it grow. No matter what you go through in life, count your blessings and keep moving forward

  7. Neil degrasse Tyson says the world is pear shaped and oblate, soooooo why is the earth a perfect circle on this cgi ??

  8. I have absolutely NO clue why NASA keeps pushing it's round earth BULLSHIT. This "camera" they are using is LITERALLY showing us how flat the earth is and people still deny it?? Even CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS who was practically the Einstein of his time and one of the founders of America knew the earth was flat! Come on now!

  9. I can't tell if the comments are full of idiots or trolls. We've gotten to that point when people act dumb enough to make trolls invisible.

  10. Fake cgi to keep you sheep under their mind control…. We all live on a flat plane, with a glass dome ceiling….. TRUTH, not a fake video, or years of indoctrination…..

  11. Real photos of the Earth? Hahahaha: 😀 We are deceived, making us think that the Earth is an ellipse! This is the ideal sphere, apparently! Hahahahahah 😀 Don't think that we are so stupid as to believe in all this.
    Between the Earth and the Moon 221200 miles. You say you shoot from a million miles. Where is the moon then? What kind of nonsense?

  12. CGI – it is very rare for NASA to get a full hemisphere photo because of shadowing, this is simply a CGI generated video with stitched blue ball image wrapped around a ball

  13. your not going to belive me but my name is daniel goddard,son of stephen gooddard close desendant of goddard,i have a proklamation,i have some drawing and stuff of desighns for roket and space air craft i want to show you.

  14. what software you using to create those videos? lol can you show me a video where mr.hubble shows our earth? i wonder why nothing like that exists…

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  16. So this satellite sees the hole lit side of the earth because is between earth and sun…and is a million miles away from earth…and…the moon is just 250000 miles away… and all they show us is just a shadow on earth? Where’s the moon????

  17. The only comment I'll make to you about this evidence as proof is that per NASA Goddard's own account states the E.P.I.C. is 1,000,000 miles away from Earth. What else is there? Well I'm sure you're a believer that the moon is 230,000 miles away from Earth correct? So in this sequence here NASA forgot to add the moon back into the 12 alleged photos it took as the shadow of the moon traversed across Earth during the alleged eclipse of 2017.

    Furthermore they forgot to account for the alleged Earth's spin of 1,000mph, also as Earth orbits the sun at 66,000mph, then our solar systems orbit around the Milky Way at 660,000mph and finally the Milky Way's orbit around the Universe at 1,000,000mph all these rates of speed while the E.P.I.C. just sits perfectly still and snaps 12 photos of the moons shadow on Earth, without the moon ever entering the shot of which would also photograph the ever so evasive far side of the moon as well and that's it I'm done with you and I have no more time for someone who doesn't do their own homework.

  18. Humans need to be a Multi planetary civilization For Mars we need to Start by sending Surveying missions Then giant rhumba like robots that have the ability to do 3-D printing To create habitats for humanity and some landing sites for spacecraft.

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  20. 月も人工…太陽も人工……素粒子…を錬金術とか変換てかで作るんですかね…もー漫画ですね?…ぼくの人工知能が宇宙で一番……

  21. Hey nasa instead of pumping out propaganda videos how about you put some men back on the mood since it was easy enough in the 60’s with calculator technology

  22. is NASA lying to us ? I mean, they have to justify the vast amount of money they spend every year in some way, but the thing is that they don't. The quality of the videos, images and the information they offer to us is really poor. I guess they are trying to hide something. Why ? cmon NASA, tell us the truth. 🙂 I think the big secret is the Antartica, and they know that! cmon guys, share your knowledge to the people and tell us the truth 🙂 peace and love.

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