“My 5 favorite weekend getaways in Southern California” by Alli Cherry – EF Guest Vlog

Hello everyone! I’m Alli Cherry, a YouTuber
from southern California. My channel is linked in the description for you.
Today, I’m guest vlogging for the EF channel. I know many of you are
interested in studying abroad and maybe some of you are interested
in studying right here in California. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity
for me to share some of my favorite – actually, my five favorite weekend getaways
for students that are close to L.A. , but far enough to feel completely new. This is not to say that L.A. has nothing to offer.
It’s quite the opposite, actually. It’s an incredibly diverse and interesting
city with tons to do and see, but, if you’re staying for a while, a day or weekend trip to one of these five
places might be a great change of pace for you. Up first, we have Joshua Tree. Joshua Tree National Park is
located in the California desert, 150 miles from EF’s L.A. campus
and roughly three hours by car. I’m sure some of you won’t
be able to drive when you’re here, or won’t have a car when you come to L.A., but maybe you can rent a car or travel
with a friend who has a car or can drive. I know that the EF school also offers excursions
out of town in busses or minivans, so that could be a good option for you, too. Joshua Tree is higher and cooler in temperature
than its neighbor, the Mojave Desert and because of this, the Joshua trees thrive there.
These trees, mixed with the huge bolder piles, create an otherworldly expanse of landscape
that’s just incredible to explore. Keep in mind that there’s no food or running
water inside the national park itself, so you’re going to want to stock up at one of the
local places on 21 Palms Highway before you head in. Also remember to check out some of the
local art installations or galleries there, too. Up next is Laguna Beach, around 56 miles and
just over an hour away from the EF campus. You may be familiar with Laguna Beach because
of the MTV reality show in the early 2000s, but I can assure you, it has so much more to
offer than what was portrayed on that show. The coved beaches in Laguna are
what really make it unique. There are technically close to 20 of them and
each has its own unique tide pools and views and they’re just absolutely incredible. The beaches in this area feel much more
private than other beaches in California, which is pretty interesting. There’s also a lot to see there other than beaches. For example, the Laguna Art Museum,
which is close to the beach, has a huge, permanent collection of California art
and it costs only 7 dollars to get in there. The city also has a vintage-inspired trolley service that you can hop on and ride around
to different shops and restaurants. Another beach city that you might
be interested in is Santa Barbara. It has more of a sweet, small-town feel and
there’s an EF school campus there, too. It’s located up the 101 freeway, about 106 miles
or just over two hours away from Los Angeles. Santa Barbara has really unique shopping and eating,
and beautiful seaside hiking trails. State Street is a really popular area for shopping
because you’ll find both local and chain stores. If you’re able to drive up north
a little bit, maybe 30 minutes, you’ll find El Capitan State Beach. It’s a great area to walk around
in and just enjoy the scenery, and maybe spot some wildlife,
like sea lions, dolphins or migrating whales. My hometown, Long Beach,
is the next destination on my list and it happens to be the home
of another seasonal EF school. It’s only 16 miles and about 32 minutes from L.A.,
but, once you get there, you can pretty much get around by bike,
depending on which neighborhood you’re visiting. Long Beach has really cool bike-sharing
kiosks located around the city, so, once you drive down there, you can just park
and rent a bike for the day, which is really cool. One of my favorite areas in Long Beach
is the East Village Arts District, specifically on East Fourth Street between
Cherry and Junipero Avenue. This area is dubbed “Retro Row” because it has tons of incredible vintage shops
and really unique places to eat. The Queen Mary Aquarium and Shoreline Village
are also great spots with a more touristy vibe, but still really fun if you’re in the area. Keep in mind that because the break water,
which is about a mile off shore, keeps waves from coming in,
the beach isn’t really a beach, but there’s so much to see and do
there that you won’t miss it anyway. The last stop on my list of weekend
getaways is Idyllwild Pine Cove. It’s 125 miles or just over three
hours east of Los Angeles and it’s a great place to relax
and let your stress melt away. It’s a quaint little mountain town, much calmer and more laid back than Big Bear
or Mammoth, which both have ski resorts. Those are great places to visit, too,
obviously, but I prefer Idyllwild because there really isn’t much more to do there
than enjoy nature, hike, and spend time in a cabin. Speaking of cabins,
there are tons of affordable cabins that you could rent if you wanted to spend
a weekend or a couple of days there. I recommend getting a group of friends together and
just chilling out and enjoying time in nature. Then, when you drive home, you can drive the backway down the
mountain and stop in Palm Springs. That’s it! Those are my top 5 weekend
getaways for students near Los Angeles. Spending time outdoors is so important for
our physical and emotional wellbeing, but it doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment. I hope this video inspires you to get out there and explore some local spots or
the neighborhoods near you. Have you been to any of the
places I mentioned in this video or do you have any ideas of
other weekend getaways? Make sure to let me know in the comments
below and thank you so much for watching. Bye!

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