Mugabe’s Scary Prophetic Speech on USA and Iran Upcoming War

Mugabe’s Scary  Prophetic Speech on USA and Iran Upcoming War


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  2. They took all the words from Yasha and Yahweh and turn them around to suit their fancy and turned it into their Bible and their white Jesus

  3. I am sorry to say that I didn't like it because the title says something else. What Mugabe said is true but it doesn't support the titles message. It is a lie.

  4. The solution against we Africa problem is that,we should respect our black colour …………………………………………………

  5. Ummm this guy is an imbecile. He just said when Saddam was leader Iraq was peaceful . Ya sure buddy. Why don't we ask the young girls Saddam son would hand pick from the streets and rape them. Let's take this guy's claim about America going to Iraq for oil . If this premise is true, then please explain why gas prices went up and not down. Clearly if their is more "supply" coming into the world markets then the price must come down . How come he didn't tell us exactly how many barrels of oil America got? America didn't get anything from going to Iraq . This guy is just leftist propaganda idiocy.

  6. Afrika needs to unite and speak with one voice if We expect to see any improvements in our conditions. The covert machinations of the west have been brought to light, we know now how they operate but how we react to it collectively will matter going forward. Nothing on this earth is everlasting, we will triumph one day. Bless Robert Mugabe, a true son of Afrika!

  7. in an Imperialist's mind:
    What is mine is mine
    What is yours is mine too
    US regime is a Terrorist genocidal criminal govt.
    US and Zionists are cancer to the world.

  8. This late Mugabe has no moral authority to speak or even remembered. We all know on one is perfect even Americans are not but did they ( Americans ) stop that late Mugabe to do something important for us here in Zimbabwe, He left Zimbabweans divided coz of his horrible leadership…

  9. Who has missed this great African Legend?👍✌️ Though he wasn't 10% perfect, I can boldly tell the World that President Mugabe was very intelligent, knowledgeable and full of wisdom and man of justice ❤️ ✌️ May his soul rest in peace again.🙏

  10. kkkk….he was afraid they would come for him!…..he was also a dictator hiding behind fancy speeches this son of a bitch

  11. Well Mugabe was very very very correct we are proud of him.All countries involved should be content that on its own will promote great great great peace in the whole Jesus Christ Amen

  12. He makes a point. 100%

    However you killed your own people. You stole their future. You hurt Africa and not helped it overall. You made decision that might have been moral but could have been done better and wiser. But you didn’t.

  13. you see, whatever damage america has caused to the world, it will soon face it.. its just a matter of time. how can they be so selfish like that? they think we are too damn not to see whats going on..??!

  14. Now the man was old but they went and finish him off through bacterial illness to speed up his demise..he would have made it to 100..but they would have none of that.."get rid of the old bunker"..

  15. How is it 'prophetic' when they have been tensions between the US and Iran since before Zimbabwe was even a country? Thank God this thing is dead

  16. Hello Africa's problem is not the west anymore its the east. Wake up people China Russia the middle East are all coming for our African land all the while making us fight the west for them. They bribe our leader and our so called leader are selling us away piece by piece. look at Angola look at South Africa. Chinese and Indian companies are taking over. Wake up Africa Forgive the west forgive the East Stop the Hatred. Dont let them not use us in their wars.

  17. Western world always fighting the middle east an Africans coz of there resources…. We shall never have true African leaders who speak there mind like Mugabe. RIP sir..

  18. If we had 10 or more african leaders in africa like mugabe or gadaffi africa would be a different place probably better than uerope

  19. Mugabe was to educated for this new world tyrants that's why they distabilised the break basket of Africa.

  20. Rest in peace Mr president ,May your soul Rest In Peace As we shall Never Have Anyone Brave like you In our Entire Life.

  21. we ride together we die together rip cde RG Mugabe hope to meet u in the after life as u will be telling us the wisdom of the after life # zim hero forever

  22. I have run out of words. America has always been our enemy and it is slowly sucking our countries dry as we celebrate their television programs and infrastructure, not knowing that the very same infrastructure is funded by our mother land. The propaganda goes deeper than this,as the written world now has managed to use black people (Black-Americans) to program Africans without them nor us being aware. Black Americans lack the knowledge of their upbringing and thus act as sponges to whatever products are being sold to them. This lack of knowledge is than used as a weapon by allowing black-Americans to sell us the western products they have been brainwashed to sell and thus making us unaware of the reality aspect, which is WE ARE EXPLOITED. How is the richest continent, the one with the most poverty yet secret organizations are extremely wealthy? What secrets do young Africans still need to know before we can act.

  23. Shut up old man, they have taken more than enough, and you and your fellow African leadership fools still give them African capital as compensation. Then before you die you grow little sense.

  24. Mugabe you forken idiot, Talking about the rest of the World when you, your wife and her siblings stole your citizens country to its knees. May you NOT REST IN PEACE. DOG

  25. Now Mugabe I do like you because you are a lover of Africa in the people and you are tired as all of us with melanin skin about Africa being exploited however my friend you don't know the facts we Americans can be a little arrogant I don't agree with it but as far as our International policy Iran Southern machine he ever who's the enemy of free-living people should be put down as dogs brother stick to the building up of Africa get rid of those Colonial change around your neck but let us do what we do here in America without us I'm afraid to even think of where the world would be in the last hundred years it goes without question our politicians yes they can be assholes they are liars cheaters however we have a constitution a rule of law in the majority of us believe or not believe in theGOD of Abraham Isaac and Jacob I say all that to say this I stand with you shoulder to shoulder it hopes and aspirations of building Africa breaking the chains of colonialism you stick to those concerns and allowed the United States to do what we do best our hearts are in the right place tactics well

  26. United states- Britain are very cruel countries. They are the countries that are causing instability in the world. It's high time to address US with all truth and honesty. They lie about what they tell the world. They are thieves. The world should open their eyes. They say all evil about other people who have a right to defend their sovereignty and those who resist US imperialism and colonialism. The world is a shame. They should open eyes. Think of Saddam, Think of Qaddafi, US just goes to countries where there is OIL to loot in the enemy of peace. Right now I am in Libya and Libya has no peace at all since the death of Qaddafi, while US and it's allies are looting oil.

  27. US has to leave Iraq. Let's unite against USA people to stay in their own country. They should leave us with our own problems. USA shall suffer and suffer.

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