[Music] [Music] you are hopeless okay we got time no you know is thinking um maybe you should bring Billy bytes you know like after you pick him up you can see him later oh I’m sorry you guys want to be alone or something jealous are you with the bikes away you bring out the best gotta get in the truck you mean to tell me I came all the way out here no one’s gonna run suicide hill oh yeah that Billy could do it if he were here don’t do it man you’re just gonna fresh up your bike can’t be done Rick you know that better than anybody [Music] Billy key Megan [Music] [Music] most about yourself always got to carry it back well I’m not helping them hey what’s wrong man’s a real VIP look I’m not supposed to stop this buttock suffering an emergency uh it’s going into Chino there you know oh hell just never cheat off your chance to be a part of history you don’t have a star on your bust all that well sure let’s go I got as good till the key because this is a bust and you know what a bus is bus folks memory of a small town and what is a small town a small town is a jewel in Accardi a necklace of America personally I think this grassroots promotion stuff sucks yeah well personally I think you should ride the bikes and let me ride the media thank you buddy I sure appreciate your help on this ride you party history now remember look at me I’ll give you this okay look at me okay thank but go what would you do with that kind of cash I heard he made over a quarter million a year when he was a teen Yamaha I wonder why I left to go with a little company like hurricane says here he has a piece of the action still I bet it’s not what he made with team Yamaha you look at this I bet he gets laid every night hey guys check this guy out you’ve worked on the curve business the news where’s the crowd are damn crowd I can man in the crowd scenes later you think to be an old high school sweetheart a damn divorce the ears oh yeah come on come on right out of the truck do your part of history frame idea we can put him on top of the truck I can’t even get the bikes in the shop – this man is a genius the before picture right it’s before they owned the best motorcycle in the whole wide world you’re gonna give us new bike what a buy The Wizard of Oz frankly she wish she was to give Wally a brain you got a nice face more what company in the movies down there we see the bus all right now if we wave to the bus that’s the American dream there comes Jericho wave I like it I like it Ravin supercross track for the world back Billy Robinson the best in the world yeah guy who wore a mohawk to the prom yeah okay now we jump down [Music] [Music] it’s been a while Rob seems like a sentry buddy got town looks bigger call it progress yeah mailman shop uh we told me you were coming I guess he was busy Yeah right well at least some things stay the same so you boys still do them dirt or what I need got it okay yes we need it’s okay now we’re going to the man in the cycle man what’s the soccer man Sam safe go into Sam’s okay let’s go yeah you guys mind going to Sam’s yeah Billy who is that guy that’s okay it’s my business partner oh come on yes how could I forget that oh look at this no wonder why has so much trouble learn how to ride America the sidecar the spirit of cooperation man this is what I call grassroots give us time of that arm get over here now that tell us how did you get this guy where’d you find it well the first race 10 years old and really just got his first amateur stand hey how’d you two guys team up anyway uh well Rick was the only guy I could find who’s dumb enough to let go wait a second maybe one of his with my friends for a while maybe we have a contractual obligation buddy I’m gonna get a start on the first kick [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] back [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] you’re calling do I get it already I bought a piece of the hurricane psycho always thought grant don’t believe after psych max I got nine bucks with 900 bucks what’s a hurricane cycles heard Cindy whoops company got separated a couple months ago really up and seeing her lately you really come up here she loved it up here she still does I mean every this son of bitch instill that Arius one of them all rattlesnake yes Oh kid anybody ever climb that hill not yet let’s climb back hill you wouldn’t you right now man you’re crazy just like old time for kicks to ride for Jason [Music] hey what you got cargo what’s up Rick what’s shakin buddy oh man now look this is great I got here huh no man had a spasm down hilarious okay you guys are acquainted let’s get the party in here all right behind me is the most beautiful motorcycle ever made in the US this is the hurricane the hurricane is an open class motocross racer that’s completely american-made [Music] all to remember that team hurricane will be doing their stuff against the competition at Indian Head racetrack tomorrow so it’s all to enjoy a day at the races get the winning edge I turn you the Japanese are out there everywhere and they are beating us every which wise now what are we gonna do that’s what I started to kick ass no you an ass kicker this little model is just for you a special promotional discount if your wimp please please All American made completely 100% All American May that’s right check this out this engine is Japanese 125 forks yes ma’am this woman knows Japanese right just like the rear shock their stock car you place an order no I don’t even buy one of these well this gentleman right here I think it’s here to play snore he has that looking design I think you’re right in his line of sight would you mind do you mind you know I don’t mind ever a woman who doesn’t really know what she’s talking about you have a real nice day come on bucket write it it sells itself piece of shit yes now this is what I call a proper introduction yeah anything Billy let us take it for a spin tomorrow guys yeah well I just have one question man what are you doing on my bike this is your bike you bet your wimpy ass it’s mine get off it part of the display yeah okay now we’re friends of Billy’s hey Kenny oh yeah Johnny stand by me see we don’t need any pencil neck geeks and a tub of water jinx in our bites couple of wannabe geeks well you guys got a special time about you too man come on Punk do something come on [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] these are my teammates Jesus everybody relax hey you okay alright huh you okay fine hey boys all right everybody’s fine maybe we should just cool down for one yeah maybe so buddy let’s not let this shake it between us okay all right aren’t you gonna invite me in so where are you gonna go next go to Seattle Pontiac Miami and then Dallas Supercross sure would like to see those places can I go with you you’re still just a damn groupie you’re still an egotistical son of a bitch so what else isn’t it well folks it has been an absolutely beautiful day for racing here in Indian ethem as the third race on today’s schedule is the ladies open class that’s right guys I said ladies and I’d like you to take a special look at number 35 that’s Judy McCormack in that hot red uniform she just moved to California but she has really been tearing them up in Colorado where she is the number one ranked lady racer [Music] doing real well [Music] we put that in for me buddy sorry babe I don’t get you on your side oh come on man I’m just here to see a friend you know pass no entry come here to race have fun what you think checkered flag and everybody places okay I want you to have champagne not real pain it’s caviar has no politics right sir yes sir anybody can do this you’re the man huh hell yes in my hometown red yes cerise it’s mine Rivera do you know why my name is printed on the back of my ass so you know who to follow do you understand me Wonder Boy [Music] yeah stuff I think it’s frayed but it ain’t got a spare oh man you should check this sooner looks like you’re out of this race lady you mine she’s right Rick grace are you gonna listen to what some chick thinks don’t forget folks in that today’s event is being sponsored by hurricane cycles do you want to go on challenge you will ride hey buddy old times Robinson still gotta have it all what are you talking about and it looks like we have a slight disagreement down on the track between hurricane rider Billy Robinson and one of our own local riders Rick melon come on fellas can’t you guys save that for the racetrack the hell is that friendship [Music] [Music] [Applause] that’s right folks even with your champion your best friend doesn’t pay attention over the spectacular right now [Music] [Music] Arica Marin independent [Music] with some real fresh burrata let’s see [Applause] [Applause] [Music] stay away [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay I’m here with champion supervisor Billy Robinson now Billy you were favored to win today’s race you finished third first place went to your own team members during Rivera what happened why did you lose today that’s just the way it goes it was only qualified and that do you think that Johnny will be the next champion wait a second one race does not make anybody a champion okay definitely not make anybody ladies and gentlemen team owner just a moment now you are 24 years old this is a young man’s sport do you feel that your skills and just watch me four years old yes that does not mean I’m over the hill I don’t know why people keep asking me that I’ve won the LA Coliseum I’ve done fine that’s not bad absolutely Patterson is prime you can see this is a man that even when he loses he wins losing is everything see knowing how to lose the man satified today Frank thank you very much so live from Indian Raceway this is ray Jenkins returning you now to the Channel 10 News room hi Rick Mills room please hi could I speak to Rick mom please could you just tell me if he’s okay no just just be on set I’m sorry miss said any what you said he is yes okay thank you so what’s the news it’s gonna be okay he asked for it what’s that supposed to mean you said so yourself he was out of his League just get in the car okay Jesus come on don’t be so down you know what Sam will take care of it for you I get on it right away I’m in no hurry Sam and it’s fixed put it on the lot son that’s your business isn’t it [Music] don’t you ever stop clowning around late no Rick you know we’re gonna clean it up I’ll lighten up when you stop taking everything as a joke man ever since you crashed your bike you just been a pain in the ass can sick of it no one’s begging for your company hey we didn’t crash your bike and we’re not sticking Cindy ah don’t worry about you still ugly [Music] how you feeling and even have racetrack frayed throttle cable yeah yeah the master mechanic right then you got off hard that’s too bad you you look like a winner didn’t look that way to me look the only thing that Billy Robinson’s got over you is technique that is it oh yeah you learn to take the whole shot work your Hill jumps maybe shut the door a little better lady I can shut the door just fine thank you you know some writers are afraid of losing and others are afraid of winning which one are you [Music] I’m sorry about the other day you mean what you said about what you really think I could be a winner with better technique that an attitude you went from the start not the end [Music] how come you know so much other riders they can’t see about themselves that’s some yeah that’s so what do you think you’re the only one that knows how to ride [Music] supposing I was gonna race Supercross in Dallas Dallas Supercross Wow you gotta be good you saying I don’t have a chance no you got a chance but you’re gonna need a good trainer and a good wrench in the pits I suppose you know someone yeah you’re looking at her I’m serious so am I look I was never able to ride factory but if I coached you and you won it would be like kicking their chauvinistic butts Hey what the hell we could give it a shot confidence is overwhelming you got a name trainer Judy McCormack it’s good to meet you Judy McCormack Rick melon oh look I get a third of everything you win okay you gotta go get back to work right [Applause] my bike Sam alright get in some testing room with the one set four parts parts sell my bike for parts shit where’s well you know I just figured with the Dallas Supercross coming upwe you might [Music] can a guy apologize to his buddies for acting like a dumb obnoxious jerk it could I’m sorry I’ve missed you guys pissed about getting punched in the nose buddy I’m going to super cross you interested well you’re like you’ve got to stick it I’m racing you wanna but I’m going and things are happening and I got a coach now do you want to come or not are we a team [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay look for you one score after turns type sitting up further up on your bike for the gas tank put your elbows up up in the attack position okay just wanna attack those turns you scant square up to turn any tighter [Music] I get a deal with this [Music] I’d like to do that again [Music] what are you doing here I think we had plans remember Oh Carl I completely forgot I’m sorry I have we’ve been riding and I forgot I’m sorry yeah I know what do you still we still go out now okay could you guys take my bike in my truck and stuff yeah sure you okay all right see you later bye see you later I guess mr. GQ doesn’t like us much huh yeah I don’t like him much either I’m sure he’s all broke up about that [Music] right I keep telling you guys not all right look there’s the jump that super cross the Himalayas three jumps gotta let that power give you distance height understand what jokbal three Hills that’s almost impossible where’s that winner’s attitude huh all right let’s do it [Music] think we’re ready [Music] thanks any time what it takes what it takes to make a book you know I heard some something crazy I uh you know who’s entered super girls can’t imagine Rick melon won’t make it past qualifiers that’s exactly what that’s that’s exactly what I thought then I started thinking I said me and this make it makes my job doubly doubly hard cuz not only do I have to worry about every major team competitor in a race I got to worry about some hometown boys snapping at your heels that’s your problem Frank you worry too much yes okay a word that this kid is what you used to be he’s hungry I can still kick ass but you don’t know sir you do not you haven’t place consistently all season you’re slipping like a young girl and their first pair of heels now you don’t have to be a financial wizard to see we are in bad financial shape you lose this race you might as well think about retirement I cannot believe those Nimrods first they forget the pepperoni on the second of all shut up you know I didn’t do nothing I wasn’t even sure [Music] [Applause] [Music] many people you can get in [Music] [Applause] [Music] aha [Music] [Music] [Music] mmmm it’s awesome yep it’s different from anything you’ve ever raced before – all right look now remember today today’s only the elimination heats you want to ride just hard enough to qualify you want to save yourselves and your bikes for the Supercross well nice hey we’re gonna make it we’re gonna make it all right Rick right right [Music] nice to meet you me and my husband are in the camper back there I’m having a little trouble with my wheels have you got a spoke wrench I could borrow oh great I really appreciate it when we got such a late start I’m surprised we even remembered to bring the fine thanks I’ll bring it back we have a ton of chicken on the barbecue would you like to join us food yeah all right go ahead [Music] [Music] hi Ricky I’ve got nothing to say to you I was just trying to be nice hello Cindy how are you yeah I’m fine it’s nice seeing you again goodbye well you don’t say that do you well that’s easy right to be a smartass what did I do wrong what’s what’s so bad about wanting to go places it’s not one of Rodd in that nowhere town with those nowhere people right back okay I want to be somebody Wow but holding on to Billy shirttails I suppose you haven’t sorry you’re having a private conversation right hey Judy where are you going boy Rick you taste the sure gone downhill Cindy do me a favor get lost what’s good hey what was that all about I don’t want to get involved in your private affairs she means nothing to me I’m sure gonna take your eyes off around jealous no no I’m not jealous what the hell have I got to be jealous about we’re not a couple all riders inspection on the track why are you gonna go inspect the track do you want me to do that for you too hey guys let’s go check the track shooting yet thanks very much you’re welcome come back I know honey I know why you gotta be tough don’t be afraid of your feelings [Music] hi honey hi beer love you peg oh man David Bailey good luck Thanks oh they were the best in the world man look how clean he is I didn’t fall once you have to go against that guy [Music] all right what don’t get pissed off never get pissed off just get even let me tell you something I love to show you cuz I got a little something for you send this to you take good care you hurricane okay and don’t unweight on your jumps keep in control all right okay I’m telling it down man go home [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and there he is my number one man I can see it’s that on the 11 o’clock news 70,000 cowboys and cowgirls cheering during orgasmic scream Billy Robinson across the finish line to a heavy a climax how you doing buddy gonna cook or how long you might give me Johnny money for me you can answer me what are you giving Johnny money for just an incentive you using my money to give him incentive if I don’t put money in Johnny’s pocket somebody else will they’ll be racing with another company well fine then you’re gonna break us up as a team this was never a team sport I didn’t kill him tomorrow night kill him [Music] [Music] it’s my say hi Mangal hi mangrove favor oh come here I’ll see you later hey uh how do you guys make it to the finals we didn’t but he did kill my little funnel Wow super [Applause] [Music] don’t mind me I’m just like [Music] Wow it’s just it’s a special occasion I thought I’d I’m gonna I’m gonna change no you look nice very nice Thanks go to the champagne hey you gotta race tomorrow okay which a steam hurricane all the way from Chino California – you can see her this if we read our buddy in the hospital and they still his girlfriend there’s snakes man snakes come no I guess I gotta walk your turn virgin motocrosser good luck what about him hey I’ve got an idea um why don’t you let me do that okay [Music] hold on go ahead while you can [Music] by drunk am I seeing double who’s I like to introduce you to Amy hi goosey goosey Amy come on come on bro you gained my respect and admiration and piercing we’re talking a big bra [Music] [Applause] now I’m ready for the Russian circus [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Laughter] yes [Applause] [Music] I still can’t believe we’re in Dallas you did it no we did it we’re in Supercross pretty good huh it’s the best so Rick what’s after Supercross I don’t know I hadn’t thought that far ahead what almost makes me want to laugh now that I think of it I did it because of Billy Robinson oh because he stole your girl Billy and I were best friends since the sixth grade and he was always better than me at everything after a while I kind of accepted being second-best it was like I didn’t know who Rick was anymore I was just Billy’s best friend I even dated Cindy when he went on the circuit so that I could have something that he’d had know what I don’t want it I guess all this trying for Supercross has made me feel okay about me win or lose that’s great after Supercross I was thinking shit I guess you and mr. GQ have plans Carl no we don’t have anything in common really yeah that’s too bad I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you okay so we could maybe keep in touch go riding sometimes oh yeah sure maybe go to a show or something yes I wanted to be with you [Music] [Music] [Music] shit in history they’re gonna blog it back assholes that’s what they are io2 crush every last one of them but still won’t get us in the Supercross flu Team hurricane we just put together another machine you know your swing arm is cracked but your frame is still straight hey I can fix that I’ve got a welder out in the van I got a set of white brother shocks I was saving for the finals I got some nabis it’ll stick to the track like glue hey I got some olan fork springs and a new set alloy rims no way [Music] all right you guys listen up regarding the flags the yellow flag you know what means trouble up ahead now that could mean a bike or worse a rider is down heard about what happened that designation mark by cross flags watch yourself alright I want to see all riders in the staging area in five minutes let’s have a good race okay good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the supercross event of the year the dallas world championship Supercross the finals tonight of the mini cycles the ATVs in the main event the race you’ve been waiting for the riders the absolute iron men of Supercross Ricky Johnson David Bailey bad Billy Robinson aj whiting Erik Kehoe George Holland they’re all there the track a man-made dirt battleground of high-speed straightaways frame break and whoop the news and humongous jumps I’m telling you this track makes Death Valley look like a children’s playground [Music] 42,000 people here at Dallas Stadium the Supercross Championship and they are rooting for team Honda for some reason the hurricane team has the bad boys on it they’re rooting for you tonight Oh me and Dave been riding really hard all year but the hurricane team you can never count them out they’re there all the time you know like the banner says unchallenged but hopefully will challenge them tonight best elect both you guys there’s a lot thank you with Larry Huffman and the stage is set ladies and gentlemen for the race you’ve been waiting all season long for [Applause] [Music] Redmon you holding up the race either get that bike started or scratchy old probably needs a little kick by the bear [Music] [Music] baby [Applause] [Music] [Applause] outside people try to get in and get the new seats before the start of this rain a lot of attention folks [Applause] incredibly good brakes [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] what’s your name [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] shit [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so here Japan is a really beautiful country it’s very beautiful you’d like very much all right people here it is pending further investigation the following individuals and teams are hereby suspended from any further sanctioned races until otherwise notified the entire team hurricane shit Rick melon Bear Nolan Wallace brisk ‘n goose Trammell there goes the career what career Judith McCormack Danny Selman Bob Parker DZ garrison it’s all the man done to give your best shot just wasn’t good enough I had to beat you tonight and you know bullshit you have never had these even not tonight not ever I’ve got nothing to prove to you let you walk away Rick that’s why you’ll never be a winner oh shit you guys are a joke the has been and it never was still trying to win a dumb race shut up okay we should have brass you man just like address your bikes [Music] you want to take me on wait a minute Rick you don’t understand I understand everything you want to finish it Rick hey you want to finish it bun-chan huh you know the place all right I’ll be there he won’t be the only one man [Music] you broke your arm [Music] this place reminds me of the outback tell me where’s the finish mate better at this book Judy hey hostile aren’t you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] where’s up winners attitude come on [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you’re right [Music] hey case on me go [Music] Thanks just like old times come on let’s get back in the race [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah we could be one hell of a team here I wouldn’t hold the team so uh nobody ever climbed that hill huh yeah me right now oh hey probably knows but how come he happens to be one of my specialties [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you


  1. Remember seeing this at the theater back in the day. Was awesome at the time to see real MX pros like Rick Johnson and David Bailey that were my idols, never liked Broc Glover and to see the cheesy part he plays as the BF Carl(42:29) was so hilarious, talk about bad acting lol. Thanks for the memories 🙂

  2. I wouldn`t mess with that blonde , melon just finished awhole race then she takes the plug out with her bare hand

  3. Partly filmed in my hometown. I remember riding my bicycle to downtown and watching them film the tearing through town on the tandem cycle scenes.

  4. Anyone else notice how much hotter the chicks in the 80’s were compared to the fat pigs of today!

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