Miss USA Winners Bare All and Say NO to Fur

Miss USA Winners Bare All and Say NO to Fur

Hi, I�m Susie Castillo for PETA
Hi, I�m Shandi Finnessy for PETA Hi, I�m Shanna Moakler for PETA
Hi, I�m Alyssa Campanella for PETA [Music playing]
[Susie Castillo] The reason why I wanted to get involved with
PETA is because I�ve been an animal lover all of my life and the more I learned of the
torture that animals go through in the name of fashion I just think it�s so unnecessary.
It�s unbelievable to me actually so I thought if there�s something I could do to get my
fellow pageant sisters together and for us to take a stand, united, and to tell the pageant
industry not to support the fur industry. I feel so blessed that they all agreed and
here we are, making this happen. [Shandie Finnessey]
I am so thrilled to be involved with PETA and taking a stance that I would rather be
naked than wear fur because I�ve always grown up with animals and I consider them
my best friends and for us to put them through so much torture and cruelty just for fashion,
I think is so horrific and we need to raise the awareness because a person needs to learn
to be comfortable in their own skin, not the skin of another animal.
[Alyssa Campanella] It was important for me to get involved with
PETA because animals are just always a passion of mine. When I was growing up I always saw
a lot of ads, for PETA. I saw a lot of celebrities bearing their skin. I would like to use my
voice to promote anti-fur. [Shanna Moakler]
When it comes to the anti-fur campaigns it�s really close to my heart. Being in pageantry
I�ve been awarded fur coats and I�m hoping to stop it in our pageant community.
[Susie Castillo] When I first heard that some pageants in the
United States give fur coats I was appalled. I couldn�t believe that it was still going
on, knowing what we know today, what happens with animals and how they�re tortured in
the fur industry. [Shandi Finnessey]
I had won a title and was given a fur, and was asked to sign autographs at the trappers
association and people started coming in with photo albums of animals that they�d trapped.
So I�m looking at these pictures where animals are gnawing through their own paws in order
to free themselves from traps and they�re trying these desperate measures just to fight
for their lives, and I was so disgusted that I would wear this skin of this living being
on my body and consider myself beautiful. [Alyssa Campanella]
Throughout my reign I was offered a lot of gifts, you know, either they were fur shoes
or fur coats. Sometimes [inaudible] sponsors of course want me to wear their products but
I would always put my foot down because it�s just so cruel and I don�t want to be a supporter
of that. I don�t want to show anyone that I support what they do to animals for the
benefit of fashion, it doesn�t make any sense to me. [Shanna Moakler]
I always tried to get people to go to the PETA website because it�s just so much information
and such wealth of information, and so many different videos. [Susie Castillo]
I saw those videos and they were horrific, and I watched the videos of the animals who
were skinned alive and then they�re thrown onto a pile of their other brothers and sisters
and they�re still breathing, and they�ve just been skinned alive and I can�t imagine
the torture and that pain that animal has to go through, and for what, for fashion. [Shandi Finnessey]
What would happen if it happened to a human being? We would be outraged! So what�s the
difference? Animals are so similar to us and they can feel pain and embarrassment and humiliation,
they feel the same feelings that we do. [Alyssa Campanella]
The pageant supports the fur, they support the animal cruelty, but I think if they really
took a step back and realized, OK this involves harsh treatment of animals, maybe we shouldn�t
promote fur, maybe we should be more of an anti-fur group. [Susie Castillo]
So I strongly urge people to educate themselves and the more you know the more you can do
to help yourself and the animals.


  1. how… how do you skin an animal… alive… are you fucking serious _- why is it so hard to put it to sleep first.. atleast… ugh, I hate people

  2. As a nudist I still find it silly and bemusing how even when they are naked they still aren't naked there is only slight glimpses because God Forbid we see the human body nude! There is a place online and via catalog called "Fabulous Furs" where they can make any fur you might like out of synthetics so why isn't PETA mentioning them as an alternative I purchased one for my wife and it looks just like an animal fur without anything being harmed!

  3. im vegetarian. saw that top comment.

    we are part of the food chain. we all have our abilities and health needs. if you can be vegan then wow, if you can be vege good on you, if you eat meat consider eating less or eating organic/free range if you can afford it or both. there is a more ethical way of eating animals. what we have feeding us right now is horrific and absolutely unethical.

    i support anyone making the switch to eating less meat and/or eating organic etc. that's a good movie.

  4. Check out PETA's website for more information on animal cruelty and easy things you can do to speak out for animals!

  5. Eating less meat is definitely a good start, but beware labels like "organic" and "free range", as many farms know how to get around treating their animals well while still getting those labels. The only realy way to make sure your next meal isn't cruel is by leaving meat out of it!

  6. This video has nearly 300,000 views. We do these types of ads because they reach people who might not normally watch a video about animal rights or fur.

  7. There are so many farmed animals because we breed them. If we stopped breeding them, there would be far fewer. No one should not go veg becasue they fear that animals will take over the world. We can promise you, that will not happen!

  8. Hey Alyssa, these four women were brave enough to stick out their necks to help animals, and we think they should be applauded for that. We do videos like this because they reach people who might not normally watch a video about animal rights and fur. If you'd like the real story on the work we do for animals, head to petasaves dotcom. Thanks!

  9. That's not true, as the meat, dairy and egg industries are one of the top contributors to global warming.

    Also, by cutting animal products out, you're cutting out cholestorol and a lot of fats, drastically reducing your risk for heart disease and obesity, regardless of where the food comes from.

  10. There were ancient societies in India and Greece that were mainly vegetarian, but veganism is a fairly new (and rapidly growing) way of life. There are blog online about vegan mothers raising vegan kids that might interest you. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  11. The only thing not naturally available without animal products is b12, and that is available in fortified foods like soymilk and OJ. Meat is not essential, just ask Gandhi, Paul McCartney, Morrissey, George Bernard Shaw, or Rosa Parks.

  12. PETA thinks that being a responsible guardian of companion animals is wonderful, especially when those animals are adopted from shelters!

  13. Came here for the boobies too. And was so revolted by the images of animals skinned alive. Sickening!!

  14. PETA over-sexualising things on issues that are simply unimportant in comparison to many things going on in the world. I'm pretty sure this comment won't be approved either.

  15. We create content like this to get more exposure for animal issues, but we also try to keep a consistent and balanced image as well, which is why our icon does not contradict our message. Let us know if you have any questions! (such as how to mean what you say)

  16. While videos of the fur trade are absolutely appalling and have opened my eyes to cruelty, nothing will convince me that people weren't meant to eat meat. All the evidence you need is in human teeth. We have canines and sharper front teeth to rip and tear meat like all carnivores. If humans weren't biologically inclined to eat meat, all of our teeth would be grinding teeth like molars, which is evident in herbivores.

  17. What does peta think of the native american tribes such as the Sioux and Comanche who relied on fur as a way of life?

  18. There are very few, if any, communities that still need to skin animals for their fur. We do not advocate for skinning animals under any circumstance. There is another way.

  19. Our teeth pales in comparison to actual carnivores like lions, and doesn't even stand up against the teeth of omnivores like bears. Eating meat also raises our risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, obesity, and diabetes (some of our biggest killers in that list). A vegetarian/vegan diet is better for you, the planet, humanity, and animals.

  20. Eating meat is bad for us, the environment, the human population, and animals.

  21. We always encourage people to adopt from shelters, not buy from breeders and pet stores. 3-4 million animals have to be euthanized every year in US shelters alone because there just weren't homes for them, so we don't need to be breeding any more.

  22. 5 months ago, I saw a bullfight video on YouTube and almost died of rage. Within a week after that, I started losing my appetite for animal foods. I ended up a strict vegan. I can't even keep a duck feather I find off of the ground without feeling like a monster. At first I had a hard time finding vegan friendly foods, then I visited your "Accidentally Vegan" page and my life got better. I look up to you wanting to join PETA to save animals from torture. Can I still join if I have pets?

  23. Thank you for supporting animals by going vegan! PETA sees no problem with people having companion animals as long as they are treated compassionately. Check peta.org/action/default.aspx for more ways to help us take action for animals. And let us know if you have any more questions!

  24. How terrible! Im absolutely disgusted with this behavior! They dont even have the descency to put the poor creaturevout of its misery before violating it, appalling! These men should be locked in jail and trailed for animal cruelty!

  25. Let me rephrase the question, what does peta think of the past where native americans relied on fur as a way of life?

  26. i was shocked and brought to tears by the short animal cruelty clips, it was much too graphic. I cant believe people can be so cruel to animals

  27. This video should come together with a warning about the horrible scenes inside of it.
    People think they gonna see naked beautiful women but they get animals getting skinned alive along with it.

  28. Peta where do you get your facts.. if eating meat is bad for you then how did people back in 300 B.C eat do you think they all died because they weren't vegetarian?

  29. And by compassionately you mean you have 5 acres for the animals to live in on their own without humans being involved at all. So basically it is a wild animal. PETA wants animals to be free.

  30. Omg i cried, its just so sadistic i cannot believe people think its OK!! WTF! if i was famous i'd do this campaign too, so i can raise awareness of this horrifying cause!

  31. How does showing tits give Peta any more credibility with their message? It's sad when people go away from statistics and objective facts and instead use pretty faces and naked bodies to promote what might have been a seemingly noble cause. Give sources and statistics and maybe you'll change some more minds.

  32. Would you look at that. All other videos have what, 20,000 views. And what a surprise, this video has 540,000 views.

  33. I can't believe normal people could do this to animals. I can believe that a worthless scumbag with no soul could have done this

  34. why you are eating cow meat and say this is for animal ''peta''…… you are meterialist selflover bat people i think you really don't feel the hungar and coverless in your life just. I am happy to sometimes there is a hell and a month of such people go there.

  35. I have a tip for you, but I have no idea how to send it in to you considering I don't know the address of the slaughtery or anything else.
    But PETA, please take a look at this video: (youtube link) watch?v=bq52bDd2H9w and see if there's anything you can do. As far as I understood all of these horses are about to be sold to slaughterhouses etc.

  36. I know somebody who actually used to work at a slaughterhouse. At one point, he realized what was going on, as if they were brainwashed. He just threw down his equipment and left.

  37. You do know that many domesticated animals can no longer support themselves without human involvement. Lions will actually start eating it's pray before it's even dead as well. They don't care about the well being of the animal. All they care about is that they stop moving. Snakes will actually it it's pray before it's dead as well. Komodo dragons will bite their pray then fallow it as it slowly dies of infection. The lizard will actually salivate from the rotten smell of infection.

  38. They do it for a living. Way back in the tribal days it could mean the very survival of their children. How could normal people do this? Given the right situation you could do it too. Making a living is a powerful thing. Not to mention the people that are the most in touch with nature are the people that can live off the land. That means killing animals.

  39. On the Last Day, you who do these horrible things to animals, or other humans, will face the Judgement. It will descend upon your very souls. You will wish you could take all the suffering you caused upon yourselves, rather than face that. Mark my words. And you WILL take all that suffering, all condensed into a moment of time, and then you will be jettisoned into oblivion eternal. You "think" you are getting away with this, but you are very wrong.

  40. Its good to see positive support among Canadian non-profit organizations helping to END the fur trade, we are a non-profit organization, RAPE OF THE WILD FOUNDATION Inc.

  41. Hey Michael, ducks and geese are often plucked alive for their feathers, and even birds who are plucked after they are killed are exploited for the cruel froie gras industry. For more info head to PETA.org. Thanks!

  42. It's either a fake post or somebody that has had testicles removed. Yes there is unspeakable cruelty against animals. Buy fucking cotton shirts. Who the hell wears fur but the mega rich anyway? I'm not giving up eating fish because your guilty millionaire conscience woke the fuck up to the clothes you have on.

  43. I fully support PETA for doing this. Jeez i wish all videos with blur-censorship were this shitty at censoring videos. You can see the Hispanic chick's nipples uncensored multiple times and can basically see straight through the other censor-circles. Good shit.

  44. I can't stand it what they do to the animals. I break down. One second of watching the under cover fur farm footage and I begin to sob. People please don't support the fur industry. Please buy fake fur.

  45. BULLSHIT. Susie Castillo the same bitch protesting about TSA violating her body and now she sells her body to a organization with a bullshit cause.

  46. And I want to call bullshit on animals feeling embarrassment and humiliation. That is a false statement proven by psychologists. Way to go peta for skewing information. You know my solution. Kill the animal then skin it that way it won't feel pain. problem solved. Indigenous people have been doing it for centuries.

  47. Why would they skin the animals alive? What possible benefit is there by doing this? Surely these animals could be raised and killed in a humane way?

  48. 1:55–2:05 traps are actualy very humane ex

    footholds i will put my hand in one of these thay dont hurt until you get to the bigger ones and the only way they chew there paw off is if the circulation gets cut off and it goes numb

    conibears  (the square ones) are ment to kill the animal instantly that coyote was fallowing the trail of a squirrel/possum/other and thought he could get throgh

  49. Is anyone else bothered by the lack of diversity in these presentations? Where are the different body types and trans and gender non conforming people? Not all vegetarians and vegans look like this.

  50. I signed up to be in an anti-fur PETA campaign in my area and when they did not pick me I asked why and they said, "you don't look like what we are looking for."

  51. you some a-holes  if you like animals getting skinned what if you were getting skinned alive? then you would feel what these animals feel

  52. That's fucking cruel as hell….those are some extremely sick and heartless bastards!!!!!! I'd love to skin them ak

  53. Anyone ever think PETA is using their organization to get attractive women to strip for them and all othersorts of things? Because I don't really see how this helps animals in need.

  54. u r not from peta peta not from peta u guys protest shell and after the protest drive home on shell gas when u get home count the incects in the ratiator all of God's creation who suffer as much and ask why don't you change da bumper sticker to clone da endangered species instead of save da whales just put on da fur leather shoes cars with crocodile seats at dinner have the mike vick special oysters live lobster shark fin soup with veal ps save a homeless vet next time you go through the park on the way to a peta rally

  55. People seem to forget we are animals and the fact that people are prepared to put other animals through so much torture for money makes me sick

  56. women are not background props or plot devices. Women are life itself, they are the human species the intellect, and lotion it intuition and the hand that evolved so that humans can call themselves and intelligent creative species

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