Mike Pence Coronavirus Briefing: We Have A ‘Whole Of America Approach’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Mike Pence Coronavirus Briefing: We Have A ‘Whole Of America Approach’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Lmao! With the failure of our government, the CDC and the FDA to allow testing for all with symptoms we now are well on our way to having an uncontrollable epidemic across the US. Leadership? Lmfao There hasn’t been leadership in this epidemic!

  2. A Key To Nothing

    No more doors, no more locks, no more windows, no more box.
    No more, no less, no more six foot digs, no more hypocrites!

    No more emptiness, no more consequence, no more puppet strings, no more disease.
    No more growing up, no more happiness, no more lying down, no more complacence.

    I have, I hold the key to nothing… it's a small killing.
    Murder, murders in the hands of motion, as it seems to be.

    No more nothing, no more anything, no more you, no more me.
    No more posturing victories, no more nations to defeat, no more speaking truth, no more deceit.
    No more holding down, no more pushing me, no more new world order, no more anarchy!

    I have, I hold the key to nothing… it's a small killing.
    Murder, murders in the hands of motion, as it seems to be.

    I'm washing my hands of the whole thing.

    I want no more nothing.

    I have, I hold the key to nothing… it's a small killing.
    Murder, murders in the hands of motion, as it seems to be.
    I'm washing my hands of everything, of everything we are.

  3. Nellis air force base what horrific experiment are you performing on Jahmela and Karee Macon and my grandchildren and why? And with whose permission.

  4. School should go on internet instruction only, as they already do through common core. Kids cough all the time while in the classroom. Some have not been taught to cover their mouth. The regular flu goes through a school like wild fire. Why are school administrators not taking real action against the spread of covid-19???

  5. So for 14 days NOBODY from China or Iran can come into the US
    We have 14 days to destroy them before they destroy US. Tick Tok, Tick Tok Banned.video

  6. Nursing homes already deal with infection control – has nothing to do with the President's vision. You'll have to keep family members away because that is most likely who brought it in. Good that they are doing something but not enough and too late. How about rehiring all the scientists that have been forced to leave. How is "small gov't " doing now.

  7. what he saying is. you're free to do what we you want. I feel sorry for the guinea pigs. try to make it seem like they rushed a vaccine out there so much what's the matter with these people

  8. Sickening… They've got to stroke Trump's ego even when he's not around. Yeah, he's done sooooo much for us. )(Sarcasm)(

  9. Instead of pointing fingers, taking stabs, and studying on what hasn't been done or what everyone thinks is really going on; why don't we ask this… Hey, Mike…what can we do around the country to help ease the panic and stupidity going around that is more dangerous than the virus itself? Listen people…when the time comes to act, we must stay sober, vigilant, and use self control to help one another with compassion and the strength the Lord provides. Look up, and stop looking down your noses.

  10. Bit of a late start buddy ! Where are the test kits in the mail??? So much B.S. Can`t trust this govt. as far as I can throw it.!!

  11. Pence doesn't even believe in evolution.
    This SOB needs to GTFO of the way and let someone competent take over.
    I'll bet Trump is planning an unfortunate "Quarantine" in Blue states in late Oct/Nov.

  12. F the test it's not a cure! They are out of there mind. It went through China like a wild fire. It's about to go down

  13. This clown is ignorant to what's really happening. Gain knowledge mother loving pence😩. Next……..🤔

  14. Im waiting to see which pharmaceutical company will bank the billions in vaccine money from this manmade flu…. All sheep please line up and get your shot !! No thanks, i trust oir "leaders" 0%

  15. When leaders in California continue to mock Gid and then adopt stupid policies that allow cruise ships to continue to import disease ridden passengers,. The corona virus will be the wrath of God upon them!

  16. Whole of America… Yeah they want the whole of America infected when the CDC drops people off at malls in Texas after releasing quarinteened patients to early

  17. What part of asymptomatic people can carry and spread this virus this idiots do not get??? Aside from actual test all their measures are useless!!

  18. How come no one's talking about strengthening the immune system more vegetables or fruits get plenty rest more water take care of yourself America. Inward and outward care isneeded. Dah….

  19. OMG ( Chump ) i mean Trump got his flunkies mentioning his name at the beginning in the middle and at the of every sentence they say praising him for doing nothing. Mean while the clown is in another room blaming President Obama and his administration for something that never happened and his supporters know he's telling a lie but they still believe in him and helping him spread the lies.

  20. Bipartisan effort at such a time is compulsory. It is in everyone's interest to succeed. Glad Trump has been kept away from the microphone.!

  21. The behavoiur of those women behind him remind me of the toy nodding dog on the rear window shelf in cars.

  22. Why aren’t passengers in the US being tested before getting on an airplane?! Give me a break! You look at the USA and we are slacking compared to what other countries are currently and HAVE BEEN doing! Pathetic! One of the greatest nations in the World and we’re not taking this serious! No leadership!

  23. if any of you americans get infected. its your duty to go find trump and pence and give them a big sloppy kiss on the mouth before you expire

  24. I don't believe 1 word, 1 syllable, not even 1 letter or punctuation mark this man says. No one can contradict him or say anything that may conflict with any of the info he presents. ONLY HE, is in charge of "messaging."
    Sorry, folks, feels like we're being handled. If you hafta control the message is it bc it doesn't intersect with the Truth??
    Are these 'facts' that can be trusted when YOU are the only one allowed to state what they are?!???!
    How freaking reliable are your statements when the subordinates must first serve as asswipes, 2nd as obedient subjects, 3rd as rubber stamps?
    Point is: the only time I've ever known anyone to be worried about an alternate story or set of facts is when they are LYING.

  25. Pence has to cover up the incompetence of Dotard Trump and the corrupt administration he cobbled together.

  26. With the Spirit of not see colors. See if you realize that every colors have this same right. The attack in Corona ViRuS it is done it have to be worse before it get ok

  27. Remember when the swine flu killed a whole bunch of people and they criticized Obama for it?? Yeah me neither oh that’s right he was a Democrat.

  28. They are lying to you about everything but first the lie about masks, this is an airborne virus and a mask will protect you, the only reason they say to not wear one is that they should have started mask production in January but only started making masks a week ago. Over 90% of our medications come from China and we will run out of antibiotics, we will not have enough ventilators or ICU beds. This is a cluster F%#K and only getting worse under a horribly incompetent administration.

  29. Tell the truth VP Pence. The coronavirus is mutating and spreading. The Trump Administration and its actors are screwing up. Pence is not a Doctor, not a epidemiologist, and cannot any way shape or form come to grips with the reality of the coronavirus. Stop the nonsense Pence, Trump, who are just bad phony hearsay actors. When are the supporters going to get real and wake up to the dangers of this so-called administration. Testing? The virus is mutating. When is this administration going to get real?

  30. Now! You create a task force to attack this virus. Spinning it as he is in control, laughable!

    You have no choice but to follow protocol cause its in killing mode!

    This is trumps virus he created this virus by not believing in science cause this monster's existences.

  31. Pence. Will be tjrown under the. Bus with all trumps other crooks and low lifes. Bend over america trimps got a virsload for u

  32. There’s a brand new Royal running around
    He’s not very big but he wears the Crown
    As well as any villain from History
    He infects his subjects with COVID-19

    The New Corona King will change things up
    From the way we all work to the way we all sup
    Isolation, cancellation and quarantine
    Decontamination, Social Distancing
    The new-norm now thanks to COVID-19
    Four out of five good doctors may say
    The mostly-mild sickness will go away
    When one in five needs urgent care
    Most of us will start to wonder where
    We’ll find the extra money to make up
    For closing all of our workplaces up
    Will we partake of our last offered cup?
    When we all have COVID-19.

  33. The result of an inept president appointing an inept administration with the sole reason to protect his ego from truthness.Thoughts and prayers wont help with medical bills or mortuary bills for older peoples.

  34. So the House voted to approve relief funding that the Trump administration has slashed from the budget. At least someone is countering the Trump disinformation campaign. Thanks, President Pelosi!

  35. What city will Trump be throwing out boxes of Kleenex to first?… If I hear Pence say, "thanks to Trump's leadership…" one more time …omg…

  36. Even in this corona virus White Hous mess, Pence is calling Trump name in every sentence. To praise the big leader. F&@king moran.
    When all of this is over, Trump throws him under the bus.
    I can’t wait to see that happen.

  37. They are going to lipstick this pig until the pig dies.

    Where is the guidance for those that work with our countries most vulnerable? We dont even have social boundaries agreed upon. We wont have any idea how bad this is until testing is happening everywhere and results are quick, not a few thousand kits here and there. We are so behind. What about prisons? What about homeless shelters? What about elder care facilities? Migrant facilities? What about Schools? What about the sewer workers? What about public bathroom cleaning? What about concerts? Nobody wants draconian measures but were going to get them but worse than what would have needed had we been more prepared.

  38. "as the president directed" / "as the president said" / "as the president instructed" – working on his plausible deniability?

  39. Hello? Excuse me, VP Pence, havn't you heard, COVID-19 is basically Worldwide? It's not isolated to just S.Korea, China & Italy. Makes NO sense to place restrictions on travelers incoming from only those locations. By the way, have you been tested?

  40. You mean America is in a Hole, right? Or maybe America is a shithole? Or America as a whole is in a shithole.

  41. Flu shot 48% effectiveness. 80% resolve spontaneously. Making 👑 corona beer most effective treatment KNOWN TO MAN. Your listening to Pence. Lots a luck with that

  42. Let’s be real these companies are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts… all they see are dollar signs

  43. So if your 65 and over this virus might be life threatening… and if you're young and healthy you'll probably be ok, but you'll be hospitalized for a while. Sorry to sound money oriented, but if you haven't got insurance, what's that gonna cost? If this thing ends up infecting 40-65% of the population, will anyone not wealthy even be able to get into a hospital? Thank goodness Don is giving those pharmaceutical companies the hurry up… they were obviously sitting around drinking coffee all day.

  44. He may have beeen a horrible governor, but these days I'm just impressed that we got someone speaking in a manner fitting the office, seems like they're finally listening to the experts.

  45. Pence didn’t look to good. Kind of flushed. Hope he doesn’t have Corona because if so he may have to wait till they get enough testing devices made.

  46. Look at all those Russian bots in the comments. Only dumb people let their vote depend on social media commenters. Watch out! This incompetence can continue for another 4, 8 or 20 years! The crowd was shouting it. Trump is hinting an term limit extension! Trump Jr. wants to be President one day. If possible, even dumber than his father. Pence is a complete danger to this country. But most importantly, the THOUSANDS of blind followers needs to be woken up! This is 1930s all over again.

  47. Pence: I want to assure you that smoking is fine and does not cause cancer. President Zi is doing a great job and there's nothing another tax cut to the super rich elite GOP donor club wont solve…if anything goes wrong just remember to blame Obama.

  48. Pence is so partisan that during a Coronavirus briefing he STILL calls it the "Democrat caucus" instead of "Democratic caucus." What a POS.

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