1. The loyalists sycophants will keep worshiping the state. But for 2 years we have shown them to be wrong in every possible way. Resist #blueisis, stand for your neighbor and be free. This is just the beginning, Please join our channel and thank you all for your support. To all my friends and activists I left behind, please, do not wait too long.

  2. Bienvenidos a Mexico 🇲🇽 I’m so happy for you and your beautiful family you will be an example for more people seeking freedom.

  3. Just becareful in Mexico with the corrupt cops..Mexico is a more free country than the U.S but for your info , there's new problems in a new country..it may sound like Mexico is a lawless country…just becareful there.

  4. U S is a joke!!!!!!!! Freedom!! To do what your told or go to prison !!! Taxes, permits, license , you don't have rights!!!! What constitution it gone!!!!!!! Gaven congratulations you and your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Just refound your channel and got reinspired by you brother. Next week im leaving to el salvador to make arrangements to leave once and for all the usa
    , i have grown scared of this place and i will be following your story from anuwhere i go.

  6. I am so glad to hear that you guys are doing well. We are also living in Mexico out of our ever growing uneasiness with what is going on up there. We finally opened our eyes. Once you realize everything you were ever told is a filthy lie it makes walking away and not looking back very very easy. We are free here. Viva Mexico! Look us up if you are ever in GTO!

  7. Respect for making the ultimate sacrifice for you and you family of leaving behind home and relatives to keep your beautyfull wife and children safe,
    and as stated in the comments i too do really think you should make this story a headline news item in the US.
    The US wage war all over the world and at the same time inslaving their own people, might be time for a new civil war wich i think is allready in the making.

  8. Nice to be able to have the choice to flee, I’m held prisoner to Canada because I have no passport and never will from this horrid slave country.

  9. Señor Seim, sea usted bienvenido a México, su casa.
    Por Ley, y desde 1857, México concede asilo SIN RESTRICCIÓN ALGUNA a cualquier persona del mundo, siempre y cuando cumpla con dos obligaciones: Respetar las leyes mexicanas, y, no involucrarse en actividades políticas. Hemos recibido a refugiados españoles; chilenos: argentinos; cubanos; nicas; guates y de lo que sea. Hasta Trotsky estuvo aquí. Bienvenido.

  10. Damn Man! Havnt seen u for awhile n now ur a refugee in mexico. Most fucked up thing ive seen this year! I wish u the best bro! I cant get anybody to listen for half a second about whats goin on and i almost want out too. Problem is no matter where u go- there U are. Meaning u may find more wrong with mexico. Hope not

  11. May God Put his mighty hand over Mexico and change it from within let the Mexico rise above all obstacles and rise above the super powers of the worlds greatest Countries bless them God Guide them to Show them that the U.S.A. is not entitled to Gods blessing because of a name or location. The government Of The U.S.A. is Corrupt The officials are corrupt the politicians are corrupt and the women in the U.S.A. who have been given authority are walking psycho paths

  12. All I can say is I’m proud for you bro ! It must be nice but the average joe doesn’t have the financial backing to up and move that far away and then hang out for two years until you get your status cards😐

  13. Shame. America can use patriots. The armed government agents are taking more and more power and their unions are running more and more PR campaigns to turn the citizens into sheep.

  14. I have seen your video and can't get over how much you and the rest of these people who are not doing this for our rights but just to be heard and some just to make money off of.and what you and your video friends are not seeing is the disrespect of the ploice is putting all of us in a bad light.and when you go running down to see what they are doing on a call you don't know what it's about or why they have them stop.it could be anything.and all I see is you are getting in the way of the ploice. And you can say what ever you want to about me.this the biggest waste of time and I will not be watching any more

  15. Its sad this man had to leave the USA because of its shitty government and public servants who think they are in control… What a SHAME… Good for you Galvin

  16. You weren't kidding about the profit thing I went to trial and still got put in jail .but I was granted immediate Work Release where I had to pay almost $700 a month just so I can go out to work on top of that I had to pay cable that I didn't have control over for a TV I barely even watched that I couldn't even control.ill never get that time back or my humanity and moral respect for the law.i dont get it.why is nothing being done about it.

  17. You are aware that mexico super corrupt. I'm Mexican living in Mexico and here nothing works, bunch of idiots in government.

  18. Gaving in Mexico there is no freedom of speech or second amendment. There's a lot of crime that haves noting to do with drug cartels

  19. He's just looking for views from you tube …no way mexico is an option to move .I know I been here 15 years since I left the USA but good look .

  20. Brother Gavin Seim and Family you all rock great to have you in Mexico and you are a true American in my BOOK God Bless now Mexicano as well saludos desde Puerto Vallarta much love carnal welcome to Mexico

  21. Mexico gave you refuge lol,and now the corrupt drug human trafficking gun runners can rape,kidnap and kill you and your family lol don't drink the water and dont go out at night.

  22. Ya I'm pretty sure thousands of people are lined up each day to seek refuge in Mexico from the USA, keeping your request tied up so long.
    So basically you do t want to live by the laws of the land so you would rather live in a basically lawless land like Mexico lmfao.

  23. I'm a national Mexican living abroad. I salute you and your family. My homeland welcomes you. Our people will treat you well and protect you.

  24. So what are you going to do when doesn't work out there for you? They have laws too that you will have follow and penalties when you don't. What makes you think the U.S. won't decide to just ghost you back. Their probably just glad to see you gone.

    You're no safer from government there than the U S. So when does the U.S. revoke your citizenship or do they leave it so they can arrest you if you ever return?

  25. Good for you Gavin!! I want to leave the US so badly but my husband won't part with his guns. I may still decide to leave one day. So proud of you guys 🙂

  26. 10:44 Mexico may have a corrupt government and a lot of bureaucracy, but one thing they will not do is to easily bow down to the US and act like the US. They actually love gringos like you!

  27. hey Gavin im here in mazatlan mexico….we are friends….im an expat …ive got similar events happening same as you….kind of……call us at 669 193 2692…..hope you are well and god bless you….daniel sanchez

  28. congrats hun, u an yr very pretty wife an beautiful kids, i wish more of our young had yr guts and smarts to go with it, good luck ,,be safe and keep up the good fight . from NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR.CANADA

  29. 16:07 By coming down to visit you, isn't your family taking a huge leap of faith that some manner of BS won't be leveraged against them either at the border or within the so-called "Constitution Free Zone" to try to force your hand? If they can't easily retaliate against you directly… what's to stop them from usurping your family's rights to get what they want?

  30. I am a mexican living in the United States, I spent part of my time in Mexico and United States. Believe me, whatever you are running from, Mexico is nothing better. All you saying in the beginning of your video. In Mexico is even worst. The only way to be in peace here and there is to take it easy with the authorities. And with the cartels, you can be kill in Mexico and nobody find your body.

  31. Gavin, I'm sure you and your family will be an asset in Mexico. I miss your audits about America. You seem to be very happy and that's what life is suppose to be like. Enjoy your new life. I'm a follower and always watch whatever videos you put out, LARS

  32. I was deported from USA know I feel better at home and like many Mexicans say my home is your home… Welcome to Mexico you will love it and it's not like they show it in the news . I lived in the USA for 30 years so I know….. Welcome brother love from jerez Zacatecas….

  33. Way to go gavin congrats. A Honduran living in New York for the past 35 years about to retire, hope to one day shake your hand for your courage, thank you very much for mentioning honduras here we are 7 million of us behind you and wishing you good luck and your family in mexico great country and good people.

  34. What are your thoughts bro corana virus an the fact that thousand of people just died an we as humans are going to pretend that this shit ever happened

  35. Man you do what you have to do for your family to be happy and thats what it matters the most.

  36. Gavin your wife is bangin hot!! You must be packing some serious dong to keep that shit locked down!! Good for you bruh

  37. Pretty sad this idiot is doing this to his family over what equates to a speeding ticket … and his wife is falling for it … He thinks the US has issues … I hope he tries this shit in Mexico … They will shoot his ass and go back to finishing their lunch. Of course they are surprised at his request … They know he is an idiot and when he gets done playing this game he is putting his family through, he will still end up in jail …. which is sad, because he needs to be in a hospital for mentally ill people.

  38. Welcome to Mexico! It's alot free than you expect! .. but it's a danger! By some not all military personal and cartels! Good luck brother! Wonderful family you have !

  39. You need too watch your wife! So she doesn't run off with some Mexican!! She seems like the type!! No offense brother!

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