Marine pulls off massive Christmas surprise for mom | Militarykind

Marine pulls off massive Christmas surprise for mom | Militarykind

I’ll see if I can text mine what do
something need someone on Christmas night Nathan was supposed to come home
on leave and he told me he wasn’t able to get leads so at midnight on Christmas
we were supposed to FaceTime and Skype each other and his buddy Nick he’s the
one who did the video was bringing over my present from Nathan and we were gonna
be opening up our presents together via like Skype were FaceTime she’s up the table with like the
Christmas present on the table try the video chat me because without
her present I gave her so she was gonna open it up during video chat and I was
gonna open the present she sent me everybody was messing with me they’re
like how did you not see him what is wrong with you or you why I was like it
was dark and I just woke up and he was very stealth like he used his marine
qualities and snuck in on me it was killing me
trying to not being able to hug your everything in there because I haven’t
been home in a long time it was about seven months since I’ve seen them you
know we just felt whole yeah I mean like it felt like Nathan was supposed to be
here it was his first Christmas away and when he finally like it was it was empty
all day long you know I mean through sad you know we wish Nathan was here Nick
was home and you know we’re like it would just be fantastic if Nathan was
here and stuff and it just it just finalized Christmas night it was just I
mean it was the ultimate Christmas present you you


  1. Fake news with this military kind bullshit. Most veterans would know this is bullshit. Its damn shame yall turned this into propaganda. Sick ass people.

  2. I think a little Hi Mom would have had a lot more impact. instead it was like get that phone outta your face and look around!

  3. I wish I had a stepmother like that,,my stepmother would wake me up not with hugs and kisses ,but with a belt or a hanger in her hand ragely whipping the shit out of me

  4. This is really cute, but like why was it posted in November, should have been posted when it happened last year, I don’t mean to be rude tho

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