Lou Dobbs grills Azar in heated debate over coronavirus transparency

Lou Dobbs grills Azar in heated debate over coronavirus transparency


  1. I predict in one week the numbers will go from 100 to 300 or more because they wont stop all flights and close all borders but they are not trying to Quaratine this virus but just slowing it down because they feel the economy or money is more important!

  2. Lou is being very pedantic and obtuse. Azar is trying to make the point that one cannot predetermine the exact path this virus will take. The best that can be done is plan for multiple potential contingencies. Whether it is called a pandemic or not, the approach is the same. The declaration of pandemic is the prerogative of the WHO. Wash hands frequently, quarantine yourself if you have respiratory symptoms or fever,

  3. The Chicomm have 1st strike hypersonic warheads aimed at the USA, and the USN submarine fleet. First strike, I repeat. Yet the elites seek to do business with these vipers. As if, the Party will be any different tomorrow than they are today.

  4. Now follow carefully WHO!!If the all insurance company don't process the all injuries cases with the settlement and without wasting time ,I'm talking about the hard passions who are with the have medication and law immune systems,no food,no water,no therapy and on, we will see more faster spread of the virus and more deadly storys Lady's and Gentlemen!The hard passions will circulate around with the high potential of the infections and this population is 7 to 8% in the USA.Think world organizations think news and media and I hope the GOV will do something and push the richest one.!Thanks

  5. BTW, Lou didn't need to grill him about how many people will get it tomorrow. That's a stupid question based on too many unknowns about how many people are exposed and where and the contagion profile. If it has the same lethality as they've estimated in China, and if it becomes endemic to the extent the entire US population of 327m is exposed, eventually that 2 percent could translate to 6.5m deaths. Again, vaccines could help lower that risk, but it's STILL far lower than deaths from seasonal flu worldwide, but MUCH more than the 30-50,000 annual deaths in the US on average.

  6. This is why it's not being called a Pandemic yet Lou…Because it's NOT and there is no reason to cause a panic that would occur with some people…DUH…
    Pandemic: (of a disease) prevalent throughout an entire country, continent, or the whole world; epidemic over a large area.

    general; universal:

    pandemic fear of atomic war.

  7. @LouDodds ise you common sense and think about this sir… (when they leaked as they call it) the coronavirus by the Elite why would they release anykind of viruses without a cure for that particular virus just incase they would come into contact with it ……. so that's what you should be researching from all of this

  8. Lou, I agree with you on most things, but I would suggest that when to declare a pandemic is a bit above your pay grade. Furthermore, it is exasperating when you have an expert on your show, ask questions, and then won't let the person finish their answer. Keep your place and listen for a change.

  9. My, my, my!!! Mr. Azar sure has a lot of patience with Lou! Perfect spokesperson. Will there be mistakes? Probably. But what is really needed is someone willing to lay out the current facts and doesn't make unnecessary hypothetical projections. Keep up the good work

  10. Lou we love you. We so appreciate your concern for us. But we trust him. And we are listening. God Bless you both.

  11. Lou Dobbs is showing signs of old age , or stupidity, take your pick. Time to retire Lou, go home spend time with your grand kids and maybe you won’t get the bad dose. It is mostly old people like you who die. Stop taking your anxiety out on others, retire, stay at home , you know that’s what you need to do

  12. I couldn't even finish watching this. Lou has an irritating habit of stammering & stuttering while he searches his brain for the right words to make his point but this was crazy. Sorry Lou but I think it's time to retire.

  13. Lou don’t listen to these comments. They aren’t sharp enough to figure out what you were trying to accomplish. I get it, we are not being told the entire truth, that is apparently clear. That being said tho, we are never told about what we call the “common Flu” either. 30 to 60 thousand people die each year from the flu.

  14. Lou felt right off this guy was a crafty liar. And to be honest so did I. We went from 15 to 100 cases in just two days. That's a highly exponential trend. Which means it's not being contained.

  15. Lou rude and unprofessional this is fear mongering in your attempt to be right but let’s be united let’s be courageous.

  16. I like Lou Dobbs but he is acting like a scared little biatch and a hack on the Coronavirus and feeding right into the Democrat Party playbook…WEAK !!

  17. You are right Lou, they won’t take responsibility for their screwups. They had months to prepare but squandered the time. We want a doctor in charge, not a bureaucrat.

  18. @Lou COVID-19 is highly infectious with an R0 of 6+.Don’t take the toxic antiviral meds. They are worse than the disease and as the virus mutates will not be all that effective. Build immunity and do the other precautionary recommendations.

  19. What's up with Lou!?!? He's acting like a scared old woman! There have been far more deaths from the flu THIS YEAR!!

  20. Sometimes Lou it's better that the people including you, should never know things that could turn everyone into a crazy person like the Democrats and the fake news. Have to do what the health department is asking us all to do, wash hands thoroughly every time you make contact with others or doorknobs and anything else you might think is a danger

  21. Oh Lou…. this was difficult to listen to, you're moody during this interview. Mr. Azar answered your questions effectively, at least he tried to over your rude interruptions and chastising. I always enjoy listening to you Lou but you should lighten up on Azar.

  22. “We would want to ensure that we work to make it affordable, but we can’t control that price because we need the private sector to invest,” he told a congressional committee on Wednesday in response to a question about affordability. “The priority is to get vaccines and therapeutics. Price controls won’t get us there.” ~ Azar

    AZAR the piece of human trash that has been paid millions and millions by pharmaceutical companies such as Eli Lilly. This guy the the WRONG person to be dealing with this crisis as he is more interested in protecting his bill lined pockets than millions of vulnerable people. Thanks again Trump for picking a non biased winner of a dirtbag. Dirty and even more dirty all the through this "white" house.

  23. Azar doesn't have a clue or rather he does but its a calculated response, keep the panic down.
    The flood of infected in Italy shows what is coming. Everybody should perpare. The authorities have been behind the curbe all over the world.
    Having doctors to plea for tests is unbelievable and screening less than 500 people is ridiculous or rather incompetent is the right word

  24. Azar: "This is new. There's many unknowns but we are exercising procedures accordingly and keeping things at bay as best as we can. No cause for panic"

    Lou (Batman Voice): "WHERE'S RACHEL!?" punch "WHERE WERE THE DRUGS GOING!?" punch "WHERE WA- (inaudible)" racket*…*silence

  25. So pathetic. South Korea and Singapore are testing tens of thousands; while our nation can't test a handful of people. There is no excuse for this. Azar offers no concrete information. He is just like Trump, claiming all they are doing, as the the virus catches fire. You can't even begin to take control of an outbreak, if you are so incompetent, that you cannot come up with a reliable test. A lot of empty rhetoric, and no immediate attention to the problem. This virus is spreading all over the US. There are cases being diagnosed as flu. All this administration does is blame Obama for everything. Obama isn't President, Trump is.

  26. The problem is we don't manufacture medicine and medical supplies in the U.S. anymore,all are made overseas.

  27. I think Lou wants less sell and verbiage and more straight person to person facts. Mr. Azar is probably so used to P.R. spin he doesn't get what Lou Dobbs is asking.

  28. Azar talk too much, I don't trust a person answer a simple question with long winded answers. I can feel frustration from lou about this guy.

  29. The real question is who's going to be held accountable for releasing this? Are we just supposed to get used to new man made viruses. BS people need to be in prison for life or even worse.

  30. 18,000 flu deaths this year. Not big news. Why isn't that a pandemic? If the Corona scare materializes it will only be bc of the pathetic incompetence of the CDC. Trump has told us for years our agencies are corrupt, to much derision and opposition. They're no different. Politically infected liars who'd purposely fail and even spread it. And Trump would be blamed.

  31. Good job lou hold them accountable they need to be honest we can handle the truth and know how to prepare

  32. Lou Dobbs upset about COVID-Corona virus explains about his input as concern of foundation of COVID outcome.

  33. Lou is a bumbling bafoon. No true conservative. Fox should boot him back to CNN. He is feeding the liberal's narrative and is honestly just disrespectful to his guests, even the guests he agrees with.

  34. Let Dobbs redo this interview with Trump, watch him roll over for a belly scratch from Cadet Bonespurs.

  35. Dobbs did great. Asking tough questions doesn't make you a traitor. The public has the right to know the truth and the government the responsibility of informing but not alarming to keep normal life going and prevent a big disaster. It's a hard balance. God helps us.

  36. Natural protection against ALL disease attacking the body, even coronavirus and cancer is a mixture of 1/2 squeezed lemon juice mixed with 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 10 ounces of water.  This POWERFUL Alkaline mixture raises the PH level in the body from an Acid environment to an Alkaline environment.  Diseases cannot live in an alkaline environment.  This powerful drink cured my wife's father
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  37. All I can logically deduce is the Chinese government will be printing paper money like there literally is no tomorrow to plug the gap caused by lack of production due to the quarantine. The people in Chinese quarantine areas have run out of food and when they finally get out they will find the shops empty and they will then be slightly weakened and vulnerable to a 2nd wave of infections.
    Then finally they might…… And it's a big might stand up on their back legs and get rid of the oppressive government that will be powerless due to the attrition rate of the virus.
    The west will be in the 2nd depression like the 1920s.
    More than that I can't predict.
    But the silver lining is a lot clearer air from so few planes flying
    And so little Chinese factory pollution
    And all the animals used in Chinese medicine have a 2nd reprieve
    The property market will plunge due to the elderly mortality and we will still be here in about 80 percent of the present population and bounce back and repeat history. Because man very seldom learns from history and will just breed up the population and rinse and repeat.
    Nothing else to do but enjoy the ride
    We're on the roller-coaster now

  38. I usually agree with Lou but he along with everyone need to chill. We have always had viruses with much more deaths then with this one. Everyone get a freakin grip.

  39. "We are seeing some limited community spread"………Yeah, just wait a few days.
    I'm still trying to figure out why the CDC has been dragging their feet on the testing and being "transparent".

  40. Normally I appreciate Dobbs, but Lou ought to be ashamed of himself over his egocentric and unprofessional interview. Azar towers over him in intellect, and though polite, would not submit to Dobbs' pointless bullying. We were prevented from gaining what could have been critical information because of Dobbs.

  41. Did the secretary say the U.S. Government is going to approve for-profit private facilities' ability to create their own kits based on CDC recommendations? This gets better and better every day, there will be zero standardization on outcomes if every private facility creates there own test. Which vendor will have the best test kit? Based on what standards? What independent government agency will validate the kits? I would not want to develop a test kit, it's going to be a liability waiting to happen if the test kit misdiagnose the patient. The Null Hypothesis is Covid-19 will spread exponentially if too many vendors create their own proprietary test kits. By the way, I thought most medical devices need a FDA 510K or 510K SE which also takes time to submit. If "X" is unknown you can't state the risk is low.

  42. Even if China under reported their infected by a factor of 4 (300K versus 80K infected), the infection rate in that area is still far less than 1% (50 million live in the Wuhan area). The media (including FOX) are ALL blowing this way out of the water all for AND ONLY for the all mighty dollar…….

  43. Not at Pandemic status yet Lou listen to what the guy is saying – In fact what would bee a better question would be how many deaths do you need for Coronavirus to be called a Pandemic.

  44. I agree with the guest. Lou just wants to whip everyone into a frenzy. Crappy interview from Lou. This guest was first person I have seen who could talk thru Lou. WTG!!

  45. I love Lou…. But, he seems to be a tad bit panicky tonight. I was always taught to Be prepared, Stay calm and cross the bridge when we get to it …..

  46. This is my first time listening lou dobbs but I have been following this coronavirus very carefully and this azar guy has been bullshiting the whole Time just talks and talks but never gives a real answer! And this lou guy can also see that !

  47. Lou you're out of line for your impatiens, and anticipation of action. Leave it to the experts that have everything under control. The same goes for accountability of deep state enemy pedovor cabal members, justice is coming. Be patient, and relax for it is coming. It's going to be biblical, and many will NOT be able to handle the truth. It goes beyond treason into heinous, and horrific crimes against children. Against Humanity it's self of a demonic nature. Be VERY scared if you know NOT Jesus Christ (YHWH). We are fighting a spiritual war. ALL must pray for all you're worth, time is very short.

  48. I suppose you realize that this (although a threat) is a distraction from what else is going on, like the push to overthrow the Syrian government via the US proxy Turkey and the Turkish backed jihaddi factioins that the US is also protecting in the Idlib area under attack by the "elected" Syrian government. This corona-virus story is looking more and more like a manufactured crisis. The threat is real (less deadly than the flu, if you check your statistics), but thanks to the media, it has come to the forefront of most coverage….ask yourself WHY?

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