Live PD: Best of Salinas, California Police Department | A&E

Live PD: Best of Salinas, California Police Department | A&E


  1. I honestly don’t see why he wasn’t able to do his business outside… it’s night time and he did it in a corner in a bush ??‍♂️

  2. Wait wait wait, is this a California thing? Dude stashes meth in his pants in plain site. They find it. He asks for it back and they LET HIM GO???

  3. At first I wondered why you would rob Little Cesar’s, I mean what would you get, PIZZA? Then I was like “OH!” The cash register, right?

  4. Guy: I didn’t pee in public

    Officer: I can see it right there…

    Guy: It Rained in that one spot

    Officer: oh ok got it man

  5. Apparently, if you live in Salinas, all you have to do is accuse somebody of threatening you (with zero evidence or proof) to get them arrested.

  6. Harley hombre seemed to be distracting the officers with his personality hoping they wouldn't ask him to get off the bike….which might expose a lack of coordination i.e. drunk or high.

  7. @13:40 I got pulled over only one time for no front plate in CA, and I didn't get a cop looking like that . I got one near retirement & a frequent donut eater :

  8. The Meth Pipe freak wins the Darwin LivePD Award of 2019. Did he seriously thought the cops were going to give his meth pipe back to him?

  9. Cops
    We’re hating on the landfill operator ? dude makes three of their salaries .

    Pulled over for loud music .. really bro lol

  10. Poor guy, just gets back from the bank and gets arrested ???

    Famous last words: "you don't believe me? That's sad, hey"

  11. 5:30 "people buy weed with $1 bills" bruh I've bought weed with nothing but $20 in quarters and gotten quarters for weed as well. dealers only care about the right amount of money

  12. Now we understand why he wants the wall up..? Peeing in public is obviously normal for them back home!? He can't comprehend why that's a big deal!???

  13. At 16:40, they claimed they pulled that guy up because of loud music. They really pulled him over so they could check that Bike out. It is slick I will say that.

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