Lisa is Homeless in Venice Beach, California. Rats Run Into the Bushes During This Interview.

Lisa is Homeless in Venice Beach, California. Rats Run Into the Bushes During This Interview.


  1. I blame the dirty Wall Street banksters for this .. this is unacceptable especially when we give Israel billions of dollars every year totally unsound . .. America first..

  2. I'm a pray for her, Lisa Rodriguez played Karla from Next Friday, she's a homeless woman, it's really bad, I don't want nothing to happen to her same thing with Angela Means as Veda from House Party 3

  3. Lisa is a beautiful soul. I enjoyed her interview so much and it is my hope and prayer that she has many more blessed born-days.

  4. I was homeless because of a bf in Santa Ana California cost of living is expensive everywhere especially in California life is hard and homelessness can happen to anyone so people need to get off the high horse and stop judging help the homeless.

  5. We need updates on all the homeless in these videos please I hope and pray 🙏🙏🙏 to God they find a warm , safe home and are off the street.

  6. Nothing she's saying is making sense, every sentence seems to be composed of 3 different unrelated subjects. I hope she finds help soon though.

  7. Okay! As I feel sorry for u, but u too have responsibility to gather your life together. Ppl are not at fault for ur life. It looks like she is blaming everyone.

  8. I'm really surprised about how bad the situation is in California. Why cant they build some shelter for the homeless people.

  9. The cruelty of judgment and shunning, on the homeless , causes them to suffer so much. They have to use anything to fight against the pain and depression of being treated badly, talked to badly, having their possessions removed and persecuted in SF at least chased from place to place not allowed to sleep.

  10. Hi from the UK can anybody get me in contact with Lisa, I want to help her send her some money to get her of the streets, A person like Lisa should not be going through this she's amazing and can do a lot good things in our society,

  11. Mark I lived in Jackson Ohio for 4 years. The heroin is bad everywhere in oh,ky, ,,, but in Jackson the amount of people homeless or on drugs was unbelievable. I hope this lady gets out of the streets. Best of luck to her. Thanks Mark for all you do.

  12. I'm a damn good detective ask anybody that knows me, and my gumshoe gut instinct says something is OFF, 🤔 way off with this woman and what she claims got her in that position. There's something omitted, something she's not saying or sharing with us, cause NO I'm sorry I've never seen a homeless person in such up kept condition, you'd need four legit walls sheltering you from the elements. Another thing if you are an activist that'sreally involved with all these organizations to help peeps like such as yourself, why haven't they set you up with something that's inching you towards getting a place? 🕵 I don't wanna see an update till she shows us what were the things that she kept going about, I mean i bet your sweet ass she's got a 📱 by the looks of her, I'd love to see her pull up all the "stuff" she claims to be involved in currently and the past as well.

  13. Please lord God 🙏🏻keep this woman safe😩 she is so vulnerable and sweet in a very tough situation. God bless you mark for what you do!

  14. Your lawyer ripped you off took million for himself under the table that why he settled for 2000 cuz he knows he would olny get 10,000

  15. Great to hear the voice of the homeless, thanks to yourself. May God smile upon you and bless you all the days of your life.

  16. This lady is amazing, beautiful, very well spoken, highly intellegent, good looking, empathetic. She would be an amazing teacher/counsellor etc.

    Homelessness can happen in an instant, your partner cheats, leaves, all of a sudden your homeless. All in a day, it happened to me, but thankfully I had a good friend who helped me get back on my feet.

    I am praying for you my dear.

  17. So I am glad when people KILKED the police,many deserve. They are paid to protect us not the elite WHO robbing us EVERYDAY. THEY protect the parasitewho are paid from our taxpayers.

  18. Hmm…this other video kinda raises some questions, think I'll watch the Dateline special that I missed.

  19. She is THE hottest 51 year old I’ve ever seen, if she is hot while homeless, imagine when she’s back on her feet!! 🤘🏽🙌🏽❤️

  20. Even white homeless looks beautiful in the US. Crazy.

    I am unemployee, no money however i am living with a relative but I look like shit. This women looks amazing.

    Anyway life is shit.

  21. They aren't "homeless", they are vagrants. Homeless implies they want a home, these folks do not. Record low unemployment, yet California's "homelessness" is at record highs & rising. When offered help, it's turned down. One homeless sign I took a photo of says it perfectly; "I don't want your money to fix me, I want your money for my next fix."

    I have firsthand experience, having taken in a number of truly homeless people who wished to improve their lot, and those who do not.

    You cannot help people who do not want it. The fastest growing population of vagrants are young people who will not work and just want to party (get high) & hang out. The rampant, long term drug use will rot their brains & they will be the mentally ill in a few short years. YOU are paying for it.

    Kids can no longer use parks because of the dirty needles and human feces. It's a bio-hazard and environmental nightmare. There are constant 911 calls and responses to drug OD's.

    Life is only valuable if you value your life and respect others. These people could not care less about theirs or yours. If you want to help them, by all means, go out and get involved, but government needs to stop enabling bad behaviors at our expense. "Truthsayer"

  22. Even though I can tell by listening to her that she has a really good heart, I can also tell that she has or has had a drug addiction problem.

  23. She is intelligent and articulate. She can absolutely work if someone would just give her a job! Probably half of the working force has some kind of medical issue. She doesn't need benefits. She needs a job and a place to live.

  24. When I run into homeless people that are sane and can hold a coherent conversation, I start to grow increasingly concerned that one paycheck not received is a pathway to homelessness.

  25. Hi How is Lisa Venice 2018 beach …..she talked about st josephs food kitchen in Europe We donT spit on vunerable people…EmpowermenT & RespecT to working HOMELESS & any1 HOMELESS.

  26. Venice is all about people that refuse to have a job because they prefer to have no Responsibility in life and party all the time. Gypsies

  27. She has a boob job too! Sexiest homeless 50 year old lady ever.
    Edit: I’ll gladly take her in, what is her number/email? I want to contact her

  28. Keep voting Democrats in and that's what you'll get it's in every big city that is run by democrats they have rape all the money that should have been going to these homeless people and of the schools and the children to house and feed them well they sit in their multimillion-dollar homes like Cummings thank God he's dead and I don't say that lightly but he was worthless over 3 million in back taxes which we will never see in his wife's told I think a hundred and fifty million or 1.5 million it really doesn't matter was supposed to go to the children never did haven't heard anything about it so get these people out of office and maybe your life will get better. Not maybe it will get better you need to get these scum out of these offices that bleed you people dry. #walkaway from Democrats make America great again and keep it that way get rid of all these commies who say they're going to give you free stuff from stealing the money of hard-working Americans how is that free?

  29. This woman is the real deal!! She is not acting cutesy or flirty or silly! She's acting like an intelligent woman which she is and she really is pretty considering the Hat she is on and no makeup! I would love to see her with her hair fixed and a little makeup, she would be beautiful! And she's not looking for a GoFundMe or anyting extra that some of the people try to pull off and actually do!! I believe she really cares about other people!! I wish her a lot of luck I really believe that she can help other people in many ways!

  30. Are any of the stories these ppl tell actually vetted? Or are we just supposed to swallow whatever they decide to tell without question? Not trying to be mean but I seriously doubt some of these tales…and why no family willing to help her? Hmmm…

  31. I could end up homeless. I let a old homeless man sleep in my walk in closet. He has health issues and i feel sorry for him . He has lived with me for 4 years now.

  32. I found this video amongst many others on here very heartfelt, I am a support healthcare worker from England, homelessness is a worldwide problem, I took a few trips to America when I was younger, it was my fulfilment or childhood dream, I see first hand the underbelly or forgotten souls that L.A chooses to ignore, society and it’s basic structure is cruel to men and women alike, not everyone is there because of their own personal choice, our lives can change in an instant, be respectful to those whose lives changed around them with little to no choice❤️. On a superficial level yes Lisa is very attractive, but that has no bearing on her circumstances.

  33. God Bless. Heidegger thought about the big picture like you: "We are attempting to trace in thought the nature of dwelling. The next step on this path would be the question: what is the state of dwelling in our precarious age? On all sides we hear talk about the housing shortage, and with good reason. Nor is there just talk; there is action too. We try to fill the need by providing houses, by promoting the building of houses, planning the whole architectural enterprise. However hard and bitter, however hampering and threatening the lack of houses remains, the real plight of dwelling does not lie merely in a lack of houses. The real plight of dwelling is indeed older than the world wars with their destruction, older also than the increase of the earth's population and the condition of the industrial workers. The real dwelling plight lies in this, that mortals ever search anew for the nature of dwelling, that they must ever learn to dwell. What if man's homelessness consisted in this, that man still does not even think of the real plight of dwelling as the plight? Yet as soon as man gives thought to his homelessness, it is a misery no longer. Rightly considered and kept well in mind, it is the sole summons that calls mortals into their dwelling…"
    -Martin Heidegger, Bauen Wohnen Denken – Building Dwelling Thinking; 1954.

  34. Beautifully spoken, beautiful eyes and a beautiful woman. God bless her and anyone reading this comment. 🙏❤

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