Left Behind: America’s Homeless Crisis

Left Behind: America’s Homeless Crisis

We have to offer homeless
people two choices jail or rehab Seattle is experiencing a human
crisis right now Portland was known for a mecca
of the homeless to come in for the resources. But then the resources ran out
and so you come here and now legs to the homelessness issues
out of control at what point do the locals here say we’ve had
enough just look around with me we call this the skyline
of repression I feel like they’ve been talking
and saying the same thing for so long I don’t want
to see you on camera anymore. I don’t want you to write any
more articles on how much you care and how much you’re trying
to change things I want to see you doing it needs to
fix this it’s not just Portland’s problem it’s actually
two states you just can’t be only nice but there
has to be consequences so the conversation has moved
from displacement to banishment well let’s just put it this way
which Republican at city hall can you blame this on Yeah
I always want to come back and you know now that my kids
are grown and they don’t need my kids like they’ve
know I mean more do your kids know that you know
hallelujah here but you know the homelessness amnesty
is out of control. I would say the
majority of you that are homeless are not homeless
mentally ill slash drug. This is a question you need to
be asking why did the police let it go on right in front of
them is it because of that bill that they passed he it made
everything a misdemeanor even heroin simple possession of Meth
and heroin are misdemeanors now so it’s not worth the cops time
the Supreme Court gave a ruling that the overcrowding in the
California prisons was cruel and unusual punishment
and they threatened to cut off the
bed dollar if they didn’t do something about it. So that’s why they’re not
arresting everybody anymore. They can’t put them all in
prison because they’ve got a Supreme Court ruling against
them that called it cruel and unusual punishment how
crowded the prisons were the whole goal of prop 47 had
multiple aspects to it the goal was to be more helpful to
society helpful to the homeless issue helpful to the police
departments and the court system but as we saw that’s
a total failure at this point a connection between those who
are homeless and drug abusers it has a direct correlation in
a sense these who are homeless and in possession of drugs
are not going to be prosecuted and taken out of
a homeless realm and thrown into jail as long as what they possess is less than
$950 the intention was to help of course but what it really
wound up doing is it made San Francisco more attractive for
those who are all homeless and those who are drug addicts
to move here we’re now finding that homelessness is increasing
drug addiction is increasing and the number of people here
the numbers are increasing as well killing OK Si Si Si
homeland every day every day we have the clean Yes what’s
happened is that over the years before homeless this was the
crisis that we’re having now is that San Francisco
was always looked at as being a fun
use the called free or welcoming of people from all over the world. But now as we see that the city
has very much changed at what point do the locals here just
say we’ve had enough in other statistic them on buses and send
them here and now this is like a homeless camp what happens
if they’re building too many condominiums and kicking the
people out high cost of living which also pushes out affordable
housing initiatives which also pushes out homeless shelters
because those are like the first thing to go quality
of life laws have to be enforced urinating on the street
defecating sleeping shooting heroin on the street should be
illegal well some locals are clearly frustrated with the
homeless crisis others seem to be either desensitized or completely heartbroken I mean
I see it every day where I work in Berkeley there’s
a semi-permanent camp right on the block
where they’ll get cleared out every few weeks. And then they come back it’s
something that’s around that I see every day I mean, it’s
hard to get the logic on it in some of the
economic indicators say in general we’re doing better. And yet just to walk down the
street that’s not the case for a lot of folks just right
now where we are walking from city hall if I walk one block
that way I move from seeing rationals to see 10 people
in a row actively showing up and sleeping either in
tents war chest crash down on the sidewalk in the
juxtaposition of Union Square and like a weak economic shops
on one in government well from the other end it just doesn’t
seem fashionable the way that the reality is how do I engage
with fellow members of my city without feeling like I’m looking
it does appear to be growing. It’s a complex system issue
one perspective is just the economic structure of
capitalism right now is increasing the division between
the wealthy and the poor we’re seeing a here in San
Francisco one of the wealthiest cities in America so there’s
a few different schools of thought but one of them
specifically goes back to the early 1960s that was
when the last Republican mayor’s administration finished
up and voted in a democratic mayor which has been the
situation all the way till today and so before this in
1964 so we’ve had a whole string of Republican conservative
mayors ships then after that when the Democrats were
voted in we had the poverty homeless everything as you see and that has never changed
unless there is a fundamental change in getting
more conservative, more centrist candidates
elected to office elected to the mayorship
elected to the city council or board of
supervisors there’s not going to be a change. And the latest change the local
government has come up with is an interesting one to say the
least the latest homeless count in San Francisco reached over
8,000 people and they say about 35% of unsheltered homeless
citizens live in vehicles while the number can’t be precise
there’s a good chance as far beyond 30 I’m intrigued by
some of the experiments with guaranteed income you know,
sometimes I wonder how much both private and government
money is spent on paying people to come up with solutions, and
provide services and intakes and referrals if somebody
actually had a meaningful amount of money
that wasn’t the kind of money that lets
me imagine getting through the next few days, what if somebody had $10,000
and can imagine making a deposit you could imagine setting up
with clearly the mediating of services can’t be the
only thing they allowing day the rich to get richer and
never stop them Yes if they don’t stop their rent control
that they’d be offended that the landlords increase
their rent the most they can they’ll continue to do that
and when they are going to be in the streets do they get it I
don’t think there is one answer because I don’t think
it’s one problem a portion of the homeless community which
are people that are working in or around the area
that just can’t afford to live someplace the answer to that isn’t the same answer as
the people who have been failed by our mental health system
there’s a lot of work to be done in a lot of places
policies that the government is enforcing and promoting is
the problem with homelessness the more you give homeless
people to try and help them the byproduct of that is more
homeless people and more people trying to take advantage of this
and probably more businesses that are non-profit trying to
help popping up and their whole intention is to keep
more people in this cycle because they’re getting money
for it at some point this people have to realize
you just can’t be only nice and only try and help what you should but there
has to be consequences has people get ready there’s a train
breaking up passenger Ron Paul allowed to say and I
think my songs I have a message what’s your message. The message is on the Yes
there’s a lot more people struggling you’re seeing a lot
more homeless than you used to see what do you what do
you attribute that to since you’ve been here and one word
greed we see a lot of folks living in tents and other
structures along the freeway under the freeway in really
unsafe conditions we’re a very tech Century City now with
Amazon growing and of course Microsoft being here and other
tech businesses real estate has gone up rentals has gone up
people can’t hardly afford what do they do when they
can’t afford to pay their rent many of them
end up on the streets sadly this isn’t a new phenomenon in Seattle it’s just
a problem that has gone excuse me I want to say something
to you I want to say this the other sad beautiful
city a the problem with the homeless
well guess what you will bill so by people. They know what was going on here
and it was paying me Seattle is experiencing a human
crisis right now Seattle is experiencing a crisis of what
happens when people have have more and more and more and it
makes people who don’t have less and less than nine what
actually is happening people are struggling people have been
suffering for a really long time and it’s pouring
out to where now you can’t ignore it anymore. And now it’s the city’s
problem but it has been these people’s problems and these
people’s lives in reality for a very long time. And so surprise there are
no places for the mentally ill to go anymore. So where do they go
they’re on the streets I see it every day
walking up and down here while I’m working. I work you know in the building
across the street and you know there’s shootings I see people
as I walk between buildings dealing drugs they’re in
the middle of the day police standing right next to you not
doing anything I literally saw a woman smoking crack in her
wheelchair right by my bus stop I’ve also seen this same woman
selling drugs that’s her life and it makes me really sad we
see too much crime we see too many folks using and dealing
drugs on the sidewalk we see folks with
untreated mental illness not connected to services. So it’s all of that and we need
to break apart all those issues because of strategies and
interventions are different and what we need to be smart
about how we’re applying those strategies. So we can really be effective
the decriminalization of drugs in and of itself is a problem
we’ve had our political arguments in Seattle of how
to go about solving it we had a proposal last year to tax
all jobs in Seattle that we thought was not
the right approach and neither did the public. And so it was repealed problem
is everybody has a different idea about how to attack
homelessness having city council county council and the
mayor’s office get on the same page about what a proper
approach has been almost impossible in any city people
have different ideas people want to throw money at it but
where to throw money do we throw money into resources do
we throw money into buildings it takes a while to build buildings
how much money actually is going to take to house everyone
that’s homeless right now what do we do in the meantime, do
we need to build more shelters so many questions
like leave could bite this apple 15 directions. But the energy it takes to
bite in 15 spaces is the energy that’s lost actually biting at
15 bites directly to the center and add another we believe that
our faith in Jesus Christ is actually the core of where
healing begins we provide an environment where people can
stabilize and we actually have steps that they can
move forward and get jobs and careers and houses
and all those sort of things. But really at the end of the
day, it’s about God showing up in their life and then
surrounding them with community we plug them into local churches
that are the long term support for them all of our ambassador
positions in our cleaning program have really been
oriented around folks coming out of homelessness that are
living on the street one day and then a week later they might
be cleaning that same portion of the street but now they’re
getting wages and benefits I got a retirement plan. We make an intentional effort to
go to organizations and places where we can directly connect
with folks who are homeless sometimes they find
us because they see an ambassador
in uniform working out on the street they say, how do I get one of those jobs
and so you’ll talk to a lot of folks on our team and that’s
how they got connected to us and they’ve been cleaning the
sidewalk for 10 years that they used to sleep on Seattle
seems to have more than enough services for the homeless
community which makes them rather close to solving the
issue what they need to do is find a way to gather their
services to create one goal to help the city they all do
seem to agree on one thing though well hopefully in five
years the money that has been given to help create
places for the homeless to go those people will be at home and people don’t feel
unsafe to walk in the streets because I’ve been here all my
life and it’s very hard to see we have some approaches that
we know work housing first and we’ve been leaders
nationally with some of the nonprofits here
they’ve developed that model and we’re expanding that effort
with a lot of investment from the private sector in some of
those campaigns and nonprofits are leading the building for
affordable housing has not kept up at all with the building for
high priced housing at the rate that people are being displaced
because they can’t afford to live in places like Seattle
there haven’t been alternatives built at the same rate. And so I think that has a lot to
do with the homelessness issue in Seattle so I just think it’s
a very complex situation that it’s going to require
complex answers and people have a very complex situation. And they want simple, fast
answers and that’s just not the humane way to respond I
guess I’m ashamed of what this president is doing I’m
not shocked by it we have a homelessness crisis here
taking all these people and putting them on the street
and this president his last two budget request has tried to
completely eliminate the CTG program cutting out all
housing funds he’s been cruel and unusual to the immigrants
who are part of the engine that grows this country so I’m fed
up most of those in places who should respond to
the crisis are just saying don’t worry I’m going
to have another survey. I’m going to do another
research project. And by the time that thing
is over I’ll be out of office there is not a single individual
that I talked to in a local government who does not see
this as the moral and political crisis of the time has been
this myth that house listeners in Los Angeles is off the
Richter scale because people come to Los Angeles because of
the weather and so it’s this idea that house listeners here
is not a homegrown problem if it’s not a homegrown problem
you really can’t blame it on structural inequality that
policymakers should be paying attention to 80 percent of
those who are households in Los Angeles come from
Los Angeles Los Angeles manufactures its own house list crisis many folks’
house households in Los Angeles now are households in the
communities that they used to be housed in so my name is
Peter Lin I am the executive director for the Los Angeles
Homeless Services Authority we are a governmental agency I have
been leading Lhasa for the last 4 and 1/2 years I think
the challenge that we face on the local government side
is that some of these factors are major systemic issues. So for example the aftermath
of mass incarceration well we as a municipality are dealing
with a lot of people who have been incarcerated but the
legacy of that trauma and those stigmas and the records they
have lives on for people so you know there is enough of a
challenge that exists at all different levels but there is
not a single elected official in Los Angeles I’ve ever spoken
to doesn’t see this as urgent and a massive
humanitarian and moral crisis I first moved and lived
on Skid Row when I was 15. My family moved and we moved
to the Union Rescue Mission and it’s difficult, especially
when you’re a kid to be living in shelters and go in and
living on Skid Row and going through these sort of things. And you’ll have to like go to
school and be like hi everybody you know so so I know a number
of people that actually have full time minimum wage
jobs and still have to live in their tent because
the cost of affordable living is so ridiculously high. The average amount
that a person makes a year is about the same amount
as a one bedroom apartment, you’re making exactly what
you need to pay your rent but that’s not all you need
to survive the money is being dished out in other areas
instead of housing specifically you put more beds in shelters
you’re still homeless if you’re in a shelter that’s
temporary living you’re putting money there whereas you could
be putting money for permanent housing it’s the way the
money can be spent l.a. has about the least affordable
housing market in America and the pressure is felt most
acutely on the poorest Angelina so people are being driven into
homelessness by this housing market moving much more
rapidly than the poorest angelenos income so
that’s really what we’re seeing last year we house 21,000 people and more people
became homeless every day than we were housing that’s a massive
systemic challenge for us we need to get upstream and
make housing affordability a priority that way we can get
ahead oh Yes so if you all look around with me we call this the
skyline of repression there are cranes everywhere there’s
a building boom going on in downtown Los Angeles
there’s a 12% to 14% vacancy rate in downtown Los Angeles
that’s scandalous how do you have informal settlements
and encampments cropping up everywhere and at the same
time as quickly as a skyscraper goes up 10 more
encampments spread out it’s a vision of l.a. that leaves out those who have
built Los Angeles politicians also seem to be afraid they
don’t have the language they don’t have the visceral
understanding of what the communities I and aren’t
thinking in ways that are creative and aren’t thinking in
ways that are relevant when I started to work it was a
conversation of displacement because this placement suggests
if you can’t afford to live here, you could potentially
afford to live somewhere else in the region with
gentrification happening at a feverish pitch
from Skid Row to Manhattan. We’re not talking about a
conversation around this place because all subsidies around
us and all places in the county are doing the same things so
the conversation has moved from displacement to banishment I
feel like they’ve been talking and saying the same thing
for so long I don’t want to see you on camera anymore. I don’t want you to write any
more articles on how much you care and how much you’re trying
to change things I want to see you doing I think it’s
completely understandable for people to be frustrated
angelenos need to take responsibility for accepting
the kinds of changes to our community that are
necessary which means that we have to build more and we need
to accept more density and that I think is something that was
a conversation at all levels of community in the neighborhood
planning neighborhood councils at the City Council District
level but in city hall we need to build more if we don’t
build more we’re not going to get ahead of this crisis in the meantime, as we prepare
to build more we need much more serious and robust renter
protections there are no protections statewide against
rent gouging you talk to people you hear stories about you know
somebody is rent moving in you know a few different jumps
so they get a 35% rate increase in less than a year. Those are the kinds of
rents that drive people into homelessness those are rent
increases at that absolutely watch out people
you know and those are the kinds of things that you
know we can enact immediately. So I think there are fundamental
activities that need to take place at all levels of
government Blair absolutely right to be frustrated. But part of that frustration
needs to be channeled at positive communications
in their city council meetings to say we
need to build more housing. We need to build it now friend
close to 90% of us are mentally ill and that’s why you got
garbage everywhere they’re not normal man we live with him
out here then poor bastards is there any help for them do you
think I’m here just call people that don’t want to do
their god got Portland was known for a
mecca of the homeless to come in for the resources. But then the resources ran out
and so you come here and now way a lot of these
people who are mentally ill and they’re
not getting the kind of help that they need. I think the problem is it’s
very hard to access help from the street how do we then
address that issue if you have larger numbers of people that
are living on the street how are services getting to them as
opposed to how are they getting to services we’ve had people
come in from out of town saying what’s the problem in
Portland what’s going on here at not feel safe
or feel comfortable coming downtown because of it. I’ve literally had people
running into my stores and I do not feel safe that’s one thing
that actually flip my switch and like Portland needs
to fix this it’s not just Portland’s problem it’s
actually the state’s problem put blinders on a lot sadly it’s
become the norm and when you see stuff enough and all
of that it’s it’s like oh there’s a garbage can with
all the stuff pull now I’m at the bus stop I set my
backpack down to get a bus pass I look behind the bench
and there’s an Uncap needle I can see both sides of it. So as a business owner I work
really hard and I see people sleeping on the side of the
street and it’s extremely frustrating to see that and I
want something to be done right away and I see the other side
of it you know what is the most effective way to handle this
issue these are people and they should be treated as such we’re
trying to break out the normal scene homelessness is a negative
stereotype where it’s like every single homeless person is
drug addicted or mental health or something like that that’s
not right because that’s just picking on one group of people
what are the issues what’s that Yeah it’s a mental health drug issue so I’m Julia Orlando
and the director of the Bergen County housing health and
Human Services center so Bergen County is the first
community in the country in our nation to
have achieved the end of chronic homelessness. There are people who are living
on the street who have mental illness who don’t know they have
mental illness that issue is very profound and Yes
medication helps that absolutely and peoples they vary. Sometimes there are more
reachable and then other times they’re not reachable but
we should be doing that from housing we had a woman come
serious mentally ill when she came to us she’d been
living on the street she had been in a domestic
violence situation she wasn’t making any sense. After a couple days of sleep
and food her symptoms were much better and I realized that
her being outside was really exacerbating Yes there
was mental health issues but they
were not as profound as we were seeing you then. So what we know is that once
we’re providing basic needs. Once people can go to sleep
and they’re not afraid someone’s going to put their
hands on them or they’re going to steal their things we see
people can stabilize a lot people are saying we
need to get houses for the homeless
there’s some people just do not want to help. And it’s sadly the drug abuse
and so the mental health they’re actually the ones that
are causing this issue I think the city, the state, and
also the county need to work as a cohesive group to actually
help these two problems I think the solution does need to come
from a systemic change of how we’re dealing with this they
can’t lay on the shoulders of any one group police business
owners citizens anybody it can’t just be on any
one person’s shoulders or the government
it’s very important that care is coordinated
with law enforcement, with treatment and with the
outreach folks who work with the homeless when you have
systems that are doing this wonderful job in themselves
but they’re not coordinated you really struggle to make a
significant difference skip one lie take skip one after work
beer for the day for someone else even when it comes to
politicians in big ways that want to like you don’t have to
donate all of your luxury cars all of your fancy homes let’s
think about giving up one but just trim the fat you
know you still get yours but you’re helping someone
else out too so maybe someone to guide them or more
government resources officers that come out and actually help the problem as opposed to
arrest people and throwing their insulin Finland has
done this successfully, you can Google it they have
a clinic where you can go in the morning at 7:00 AM
and get drugs then you go to your job high then you
have housing provided for you and what they have shown is that
these people stop doing drugs over time there’s one or two
folks that continue to use drugs that when you have
a purpose and a community and a place to sleep
the problem goes away at the end of the day it’s
housing that ends homelessness. So how are we going to
get people to housing. But what happens is when funding
gets cut that a lot of these really innovative ideas aren’t
able to be sustained in other words, if we’re
going to send people to housing we have
to have communities that are welcoming that.


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  25. Many of the youth are not homeless, they just dont want to have parents. Many more are those ones who were thrown on the streets by the Reagan administration when they closed down the safe places for those who are mentally challenged………it's natural to want to collect together……..

  26. The reasons for this herding of the homeless to this area at this time is to provide the clandestine groups with enough humans for further experimentation. Also. This allows the game of politics to use another tool in its work to divide the people, isolate the people, and cause them enough stress to become susceptible to the 5g 4g radiation waves … thereby synching the populations symptoms and illnesses. Lastly. This provides the perfect environment for testing the spread of cdc confidential and secret bacteria and disease strains. OVERALL. No matter what you see if you dont see the rest of the picture as i have described it … this HOMELESS thing is a smokescreen to hide the actions of the political body from you by keeping your focus on this. An issue that can be fixed in 6 months. I COULD FIX THIS IN SIX MONTHS GUARANTEED. Because thats all it takes.

  27. Twenty One TRILLION Dollars missing from the Pentagon? 650 BILLION Dollars for US Millitary this year.
    Fifty Seven Million Dollars per day for NASA? Thirteen Billion for one Stealth Air Craft?
    If WE don't clean our house all the space you can imagine will do you no good.

  28. A variety of pretexts to halt the use of land and local regulations that are a bottomless pit caused the cost of shelter to rise above its correspondence to income. The gulf to home ownership is continually widening and getting further and further beyond reach. The current climate change campaign is directed towards further restricting the use of the land resource. In the 1960s it was global cooling followed by several decades of warmer than usual winters. A few years ago this was changed to global warming that was followed in its wake by a series of colder than normal winters. They never get it right, as nature ignores mans declarations.

  29. All politicians and government representatives are completely useless as long as
    Americans are slaves to the Federal Reserve.

  30. It's time to reinstate mental hospitals with commitment status for those who refuse to take their medications and/or who refuse to care for themselves. Mental Hospitals back in the 50's and early 60's provided not only shelter, food, and treatment for the mentally ill but also gave them socialization and activities to engage them. Throwing money and services at the problem only sets up another bureaucracy hiring more people – not those on the street and the street people still have no shelter.
    In addition, living areas could be adjacent for the homeless with facilities to train them how to care for and work in the mentally ill areas,

  31. Look at the cities with Huge and un-managed Homeless populations. They are all Democrat-controlled, and have been for generations. The Democrats want homelessness. It gives them a large-scale situation they can manipulate and inflame, and claim they are working hard to "help" people. But if you look at where the actual $$ goes, it flows to the pals of the Dems in office. It flows to service providers who make huge contributions to the Democrat party. They can afford it, because of the river of Gold the Dem legislators funnel to the Dem-controlled Cities with the homeless problem that only grows, never gets better, no matter how much money is sent to them… Are you seeing a pattern?

  32. I believed mostly are in a bad mental health situation….mostly are drug related problems…how can san francisco government help these people??

  33. 50 YEARS of DEMOCRATS running these cities has destroyed them and the people KEEP VOTING for THE DEMOCRATS to rule over them!!! Vote OUT all Democrats in LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS! They are all thieves life Nancy Pelosi and Adam Shiff.

  34. Clean your own respective city …do not wait for the national government to take action.,,it is the responsiblity of each respective local government unit to act on these problems…you are there because the people has chosen you..and of course it will be a composite team from different agency in your local government…..help your own people……..

  35. Thank GOD for the -20 degree weather we have here. All the homeless druggies move to where it's warmer….California…Oregon and Washington state.

  36. Their "guaranteed income" would just make sure they could buy higher quality drugs. Round'em all up..put'em in work camps… and put them to the task of cleaning up their own messes.

  37. Democrat run cities and states with crime, homelessness and the highest tax rates cannot solve their problems…where’s all the money going?!!!

  38. It starts with the drugs and also the mental health and also the rising of the rents. Where are the drugs coming from ? Where are the mental health facilities and outreaches, and the rent need to be regulated more honestly.

  39. Clifornia , Castle Keep. Peasants homeless and suffering from a potential plague. The elite Hollywoodians, Hi tech companies , all in their walled and guarded mansions.

  40. You make the bed you lay in….gavin Newsom, nancy Pelosi, do i need to go on. YOU ALL KEEP VOTING THEM in and now CALIFORNIA wants more from the rest of the usa….no way civil war is looming….i have the answer why dont you get GOVERNMENT OUT OF THE WAY. You mentioned finland worked yep with our taxes.. we are out of money so how the hell do you build housing. The trouble is all theses pipe dreams socialism is fun till you run out of other people's money. We are there you think you have problems now wait till you can't feed the animals…… anymore…… where do you think they're going. Pelosis door step………?? And that will be a good day.

  41. Since the laws go against the police being able to enforce the law, why don't the cities do these things: 
    1) Why can't the cities of the homeless put out porta–potties so the homeless aren't forced to defecate & urinate on the streets and sidewalks. That would definitely ease upon the filth and disease causing dangers. 
    2) Setup places, maybe next the porta-potties, with containers that are labeled as containers for the disposal of used needles. That should have been done the day the cities began handing out free needles to the streets addicts.  
    3) Distribute large dumpsters for the homeless to put their trash along with containers for the used needles. The cities could setup somewhere somewhat central to these homeless camps for these dumpsters, porta-potties and sharps disposal containers. This would make it safer for the police and the city employees who have to clean up the streets. At least, if there weren't any needles, poo or trash just thrown anywhere because the homeless have nowhere safe and sanitary to dispose of these things, the streets would be cleaner

    I'm sure that the city employees, businesses, and pedestrians would be thankful that they don't have to be exposed to all the risks of uncontrolled litter everywhere.

  42. This was pretty accurate for the most part. HOUSING is the answer to ending homelessness. DUH. However, I don't agree that progressive policies are to blame for the homelessness crisis. CRONY CAPITALISM IS TO BLAME. Both parties are controlled by corporate interests. The idea that conservative leadership would do anything to alleviate the problem is laughable.

  43. This video just shows how stupid everybody is because few can recognize the cause of the huge increase in homelessness so I'll try to explain it.

    There were always mentally ill and drug addicted people.
    The difference is that until the last fifteen years most of them could be housed, if only in marginal accommodations.
    Now with the snowballing effect of rent increases these marginal accommodations are no longer available to the poorest of the poor, who are now the homeless.
    The major cause is that incomes have not risen with costs and many jobs have been exported to China because the corporate class has sought an even lower cost of labor than is available in America, and has, in effect, betrayed their own working countrymen. So nobody's job is secure.

  44. I just love it because the lefties brought this on themselves, and now they don't know what to do, except what they've been doing to exacerbate the problem. So they'll get more and more and more poop on the sidewalks, more tents, more drug addicts, and they only have themselves to blame.

  45. The USA will fall to great evil soon … Most of the comments here are so incredible hatefull, inhuman and greedy that I guess most of the souls are destroyed anyway by worshipping money for to long. God will come to collect them.

  46. Well I say that the elites that profit off the drug money should be held responsible for the problems they cause ,its the wealthy peers fault for they control our governmemt and our laws period and anyone who says different is a selfish lier pr their just blind to all that is around them because they just dont care because it doesnt effect their family???????.!!!!!!!

  47. We used to be able to take care of people like these. The problem is financial. People simply aren't making enough money. Even those that had a bad habit where able to survive even if it was staying at different people's homes on couches. We had enough to take care of ourselves and our friends. Now we make so little it's difficult to financially care for yourself and your family. Government taking and taking more and more is what happened. Government giving back (but not until there's a full blown crisis) is a weak attempt to put a bandaid on something that needs stitches expecting the bleeding to quit.
    What needs to happen is Congress needs to get the country on track with theses greedy corporations and social media corporations not paying their fair share so people can life there best life's as productive citizens. Free the wealth, will free the people. Free people are not censored. Free people are not under constant recorded servaillince even in their homes. Law have been broken and nobody has been held accountable.
    In order to restore the country and her people. Wages must increase to a livable range Nationwide. Freedom must be reinstated for people to relax and take care of themselves and each other. This can not be done by government giving people housing with cheap rental prices.
    That's a bandaid on a hemorrhage.

  48. Not all homeless are mentally ill,also not all homeless are on drugs. Most people on this planet are one paycheck away from being made homeless.

  49. They guy at 10:17 hit the nail on the head. The more free stuff you hand out the more homeless people you will have.

  50. The radical liberal welfare: don’t work don’t save don’t marry ( to get welfare benefits)

    ….Ms Star Parker ??

  51. the white-liberal-family dynasties that own fake news….get to live and educate their children in safe-orderly-gated communities…while the masses get broken into matriarchal chaos.

  52. 25% of the homeless are mentally ill, vets (incl. with PTSD) or addicts.
    These "meek" need help, not punishment.
    Jesus would be pleased…

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