1. Good.. they should be gutted. the only people who like gig jobs are rich business owners. The workers get nothing no benefits no unemployment no pension no nothing. And these rich fox news pigs thinks that is bad.

  2. Democrats living the dream destor California. No work = to no 401K money for retirement. Just more homeless people
    Trump 2020

  3. She is probably right about most of what she says, but wearing the world's ugliest dress and showing those pudgy arms doesn't help her cred.

  4. Did she say “bitchin” skills? Either way, how in the hell did this bill get passed? On another note, I thought Fox Business was a neutral channel, fk happened?

  5. It's complain about this stifling work jobs … or complain about workers giving shitty service because they don't care and them having no benefits or rights. Which is it? Which is worse? A gig economy makes the rich richer and leaves the casual workers with nothing.

  6. This is actually a good thing. The people that use it as a for fun after work or a hobby taint and overflow the gif economy. This will allow more people to have these jobs as full time jobs. The only people that will lose their jobs will be the inactive people that use them for fun. Read the laws and become educated. Don't listen to these morons.

  7. so they pay the ones that do a better job at a decent wage. anyway, there's a reason pizza places are still turning a profit while Uber and Postmates continue to head towards bankruptcy

  8. Heavy CHICOM troop activity in Mt Shasta area. They are driving black unmarked Humvees. Wake up America. They will move on america soon.

  9. "Independent Contractors" are awesome. Hire some, don't need to pay for medical insurance, or provide any other benefit. Pay the minimum wage for the hours worked and let them figure out the best way to live.

  10. Best thing for California is for the citizens to target Corporations Administrative Employees making them victims. Especially, the corporations that get US Federal Contracts / Money.
    Make living in California unsafe for the Elites… Wink wink.

  11. Why is she yelling? And talking like a blue collar high school graduate, sometimes she puts on a little southern twang. Wonder who she's trying to appeal to with this act. Hmmm. For as much as they loathe California, they talk about it a lot. Instead of talking about other things, like Trump screwing up a simple political hackjob he tried to pull in Ukraine with Rudy The Human Handgrenade Giuliani.

  12. I know you love how clever you are, but could you tell us what the bill actually says? A quick definition would be “Uber” helpful. (See how clever I am?)

  13. This lady obviously doesn't know the difference between a Fascist and a Commie . Does she know the difference between a Nationalist and a Globalist ? A Republican and a Democrat ?

  14. The law needs to be challenged as unconstitutional. The pursuit of happiness, the freedom to choose one's own path to prosperity, and the freedom from government intervention in their lives should certainly be enough to challenge this stupid, progressive overreach of authority over the individual.

  15. Wait, Your prospering and happy without our help ? We can't have that, You have to be screwed and miserable to see how much You need our help. Watch how this works and Your welcome.

  16. When I first saw Kennedy decades ago I thought "Treehugging hippy Oregonian". She has proven me so gloriously wrong. Have a great day/life Kennedy. You have became one of my favorites over the years.

  17. What a stupid law. . . So now even people in-between jobs that drive for Uber and Lyft, . . That's gone now? . . How stupid this law is.

  18. Gavin Newsom and the rest of Californian Democratic legislators want modern day “bread lines”. Everything from the freeways and roads…to the Gig economies, they want 20th century style Soviet control.

  19. When the person who runs your state likes putting his ……In a place where it wasn't designed to go, the bum……What else can you expect??

  20. Maybe he's mad Pelosi won,t give him any sugar tit Pelosi sweetie pie corrupt gov California no common seance just dumb pass hell

  21. Welcome to Hotel Commifornia! The sad part, those fleeing California are now ruining other states with their uber blue pill mentality. Voting for the same laws that have RUINED California.

  22. A fewox…..you are 100% correct and I'm with you. Communism sucks and I have a friend from Russia who will tell you the same. Capitalism and the 2nd ammendment are the reasons America is better than all other countries. Check out how the communist Democrats have done in Baltimore, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland etc. etc. They are dumps that people either are or have already ran away from.

  23. Yeah! Free college for illegal immigrants. Of course your children won't be able to go to college because of the increased taxes but…..look at the bright side.

  24. San Francisco just passed a new tax of 3.25 percent on all Lyft and Uber rides and the money goes to MUNI, public transit that no one other than mentally ill homeless and the old Chinese on welfare all use for free.

  25. If young people care so much about global warming why in the world are they having people driving around delivering them one meal all day and night? None of them are using public transportation in San Francisco, they all have cars and they will order one meal from a fast food restaurant and have someone drive and deliver it to them. It seems like a huge waste of gasoline and bags and boxes, plastic, etc.

  26. You big dummies! The 'gig economy' is what's been used by business owners as an excuse to underpay their workers for decades now. ?
    Don't you support workers rights?

    No, I don't want 5 underpaying part time gigs! I want ONE steady paycheck that gives me a living wage.
    The only problem with this bill is it seems a bit too broad based on interpretation and not industry specific enough. It would be way easier just to empower unions more and let them do the negotiating on a per industry basis with companies.

  27. This also impacts the Truck drivers who own their own trucks but lease onto other companies. California will not let those owners operate inside their state lines and have to move out the state, will not even let them register their big rigs. California, your food and goods are about to skyrocket.

  28. This is about siphoning state tax and that is all that it is about the greed of Betty T. Yee and the board of directors of the franchise tax board

  29. Yeah i kinda wish the "gig economy" was either much better or nonexistent. Really it's just ways for employers to not have to deal with payroll, to not be required to pay employees a real wage or provide insurance benefits. I see soooooo soooooooooo many jobs advertised that are "gig" style, forcing people to be 1099 contractors & then paying them the equivalent of like 7 bucks an hour with empty promises like "make $2k guaranteed!" Without specifying just how much time and work goes into earning that amount

  30. I don't understand why more people aren't bringing up the fact that this bill is a clear violation of the 1st amendment freedom of speech???? it ACTUALLY curtails the number of articles you can write for a publisher?!?!?!? If THAT is not a clear proof that a US citizens freedom of speech is being curtailed, I don't know what is!!!

  31. Wow, this is bullcrap. Companies like Uber and Vox abuse the people that work for them, not giving them benefits because they're forced to be "private contractors". I think I heard that Vox doesn't even actually pay for most of their stories, just saying being published on Vox lets their writers be seen. It may not have been Vox; may have been some other online publication. And Uber drivers barely make enough money to pay for wear on their cars.

  32. Guess what! Keep em poor and wanting and then the government can run roughshod over them. Take away the peoples $5000.00 a month private job and make them live on a socialist, communist income of $1000.00. Oh, churches have food pantries and soup kitchens. JUST LEAVE CALIFORNIA BUT DONT TAKE THIER IDEALS WITH YOU.

  33. So you thought it was up to you to decide what makes you happy? Competing with each other allows our greatest selves to challenge the status quo! Challenge ourselves and inspire!

  34. Is it really necessary to have reporters act like they're angry when they're not affected by the things they are reporting about?

  35. Stinking taxi? I drive a taxi in San Francisco and my taxi is spotless, c'mon, I'm a Conservative, but you don't know what you're talking about. You want stinking? Try riding Muni here today, the bus went from something worth riding to taking a risk.

  36. I miss when the news used to be biased instead we have this lady yelling at us telling her way is right give us the facts and let us come up with her own decision

  37. Good, the tech industry loves underpaying skilled labor and dumpings them. People need actually jobs, and rights as employees.
    Also Fox news is trash.

  38. It effects all subcontractors in all fields,they either don't know or don't care how many people lose their jobs/livelihoods over this trash . I err on the side of they don't care about the working class judging by what they've done to screw the workers the last several decades

  39. Trying to watch this segment and understand the workings of the bill but this lady is shoving her agenda down our throats. Just be a reporter and tell us the pros and the many cons of this bill passing. Not everything needs to be so animated and hostile.

  40. Freedom from Govt. regulations: Mexico. a Cath. crp hole
    overpopulation, poverty, corruption, violence: Real freedom in Mexico. move south experience freedom from Govt. Poverty wages, slave wages: Mexico. mcg-truth.blogspot
    licensed taxi drivers, not so many rapists.

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