1. The advertisement break is getting ridiculous. Ten whole minutes of crap. I skip all the advertisements because it just takes me out of the moment so much.

  2. I think we can empathize he felt it was a racist encounter, but because he felt it was isnt to say it is. Whos to say that man wouldnt of been rude to any one else under the same conditions. Understanding this is important for progression and connection.

  3. I have never listened to one of these and only did to have something to clean my room and listen to something different than useual and i love Keith.I am blown away how much this helped me .Thank you three so much .You guys have no idea how much I had to hear what you said.

  4. The guy at Ralphs was definitely rude af and an kind of an asshole, but from what it sounds like it doesn't really seem racist. Assuming he was a racist just cuz he was white (and a prick) is a little….racist?
    That being said, I wasn't there so idk lol.

  5. An amazing podcast guys! Keith is a national treasure and I loved how Steve got so aggressively positive. This is the positive mental health talk I'm living for!

  6. See?!, What's this podcast?!
    I love it, but totally different to last week's, and the week before that, and the one before that.
    It's hard to get hooked on something that I may not get on the next episode.
    Can't wait for you to find your niche.

  7. seeing words like SMOSH and Roosterteeth have me worried for the future here guys… just gonna be another channel at this rate. =[

  8. At Ralph’s… plus… what the fuck is the deal with hot food… I seen that with the whole shebang about kids and their hot food lunches…

  9. When I was growing up, you didn’t make your own lunch you fucking went without… and I went to a fucking private school…

  10. I am 35 and I don’t need to tell you that I still don’t know how to make a goddamned sandwich and I am thin as a mof*cker…

  11. depression and happiness are waters drawn from the same well, just as a hand might draw an angel or a demon..make good art with emotional waters

  12. Im so sad that the commercial cut didn’t start with “ Keith leak jr actually walked out” I would have laughed so hard

  13. I feel therapy is not that advanced in my country. They just started maybe 2 years earlier to normalize it or even talk about it. And even if you go to the health center and talk to a general doctor they will ask you questions that make you feel that you don't deserve to be transferred to a therapist, that your situation is not that severe …

  14. I'll have to disagree with Steve on the wokeness of media. Your characters have to be realistic so they might be horrible people. Your art shouldn't be pc

  15. Could it be that the maturation of the subject matter of this podcast as of late — i.e. education reform and confronting racism — is a direct reflection of the process through which our beloved heroes are experiencing within themselves due to the gravitas of their recent decision? Or nah?

  16. I just realized that Elliott always needs his headphones turned up, and Mike Falzone hates loud noises and sits on that side of the table for Dynamic Banter!

  17. The term Light when referring to god means the sun. The ancient Greeks (at least in Athens) somewhere around 400bce believed the sun to be associated with a god. Interesting factoid, Christianity borrowed heavily from the philosopher Plato and his theories on the soul and the world of the Forms.

  18. I just looked up Joe’s role with Smosh cuz I knew I’d seen him there a lot but I wasn’t sure, and in the family section it mentioned Hayden Bereta (daughter); Son. ?

  19. Earlier in the podcast: “there should be a certain age where peeing on people isn’t ok and is now just weird”
    Later in the podcast: “peoples kinks shouldn’t be considered weird”

  20. on the ad read for quip where elliot asked if anyone gets good reviews of their teeth from the dentist: I LOVE going to the dentist, had the same dentist for 12 years, we even have a secret handshake, went on this past monday and the only thing they said was “your teeth look great, but you have thin enamel so you should look at getting sensodyne”

  21. Thank you for mentioning the standardized tests because growing up I always wondered why do I need to tell you why I'm hispanic? And why is it that if I'm hispanic I can't both hispanic and caucasian, it's "caucasian/not hispanic". Like why?!

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