K9 Teams Compete in Front of Sticks from Live PD | America’s Top Dog (Season 1) | A&E

K9 Teams Compete in Front of Sticks from Live PD | America’s Top Dog (Season 1) | A&E

are in for a special treat. We’re joined by our very
special guest tonight, Sergeant Sean “Sticks” Larkin. You know his work. In studio, there was Live
PD each and every week. Thanks for coming up in
the cheap seats with us after being down
the front row there. Pleasure to be
here– pleasure. You’ve had a chance
to kind of watch this competition here
through a couple of runs. Your impression so far? Amazing. I mean, to see police
canines, and then to see a civilian dog
out there with it, just it blows me away, honestly. You had to root for
the bulldog, right? I did root for the bulldog. SPORTSCASTER: But
this little dog has some big competition,
like our next team from North Carolina, Team Demi. Demi’s speed and laid back
demeanor was what sold him on partnering up with him. I’m Jarrod Backie. I currently work at
Fayetteville Police Department. And this is my
partner canine Demi. And she’s a three and a half
year old Dutch shepherd. People might
recognize me from Live PD presents Women on Patrol. I remember meeting Demi
for the first time. And I said, that’s
the one I want. And she’s turned
out to be the best decision I could have made. Watch out, because
Team Demi is going to take this trophy home to
Fayetteville, North Carolina. All right, Sticks, you must be
rooting for this Live PD team. I think they’re
going to do well. The work that they’re doing
back there in North Carolina is going to pay off out
here on the obstacle course. SPORTSCASTER: All right. It is time to see what our
Live PD team can do as they tackle the canine combine. Demi needs to beat Blitz’s
time of 2 minutes 59.83 seconds to guarantee a spot
in the next round. Come on. Good girl. SPORTSCASTER: So far,
off to a great start here on the car slalom. As you know, Sticks,
these canine units you generally don’t
have issues getting in and out vehicles, right? That’s everyday
part of the job. Exactly. SPORTSCASTER: On the fire
escape in under 40 seconds– fastest time so far. SPORTSCASTER: Uh-oh,
she losing focus. It may be cute, but there are
no points for adorable, Kirk. SPORTSCASTER: If the dog can’t
pull down the door after 30 seconds, the handler can do it. Oh, what a bummer. SPORTSCASTER: When Demi goes
back and looks at the tape, she’s not going to like it. After another
30-second struggle, Officer Backie
pulls down the door. SPORTSCASTER: They can’t
escape the fire escape. SPORTSCASTER: And, again,
30 seconds on level three. Demi’s struggling here. SPORTSCASTER: I would
ask you what you would do in this situation, Stitch. This is not my territory. I can tell you my answer.
I’m going to get on the radio. I’m going to call
for K-9 officer. [LAUGHTER] That’s what I’m going to do. They lost time on fire
escape, now over two minutes. That a girl. SPORTSCASTER: Can
they make up the time? Good girl. Come on. SPORTSCASTER: There’s
that Dutch shepherd speed Quick through high jump. Good girl. Hey, no problem
with the rope bridge. That was their
best move just yet. SPORTSCASTER: Demi’s found her
focus and is making up time. SPORTSCASTER: She’s
loving the water, maybe because it’s not a fire escape. Now a strong doggy paddle
sprint to the finish. Team Demi finishes
the combine in a time of 3 minutes, 9.93 seconds. We’re all wondering, who
will be that fourth dog? Moving on to round two, will
it be Team Demi, who just ran, or might it be our
final team coming to us all the way from
the police department in Montgomery, Alabama? It’s our youngest team
tonight, team Skoot. They’re here to prove they’re
just as wise as any other team, and age is just a number. My name is Officer
Alex Lindsay. I work for the Montgomery
Police Department in Alabama. This is my partner Skoot. He is a Belgian Malinois
and we’ve been partners for a little over a year now. Whoo! Look at that dog. Skoot just likes to run full
force as fast as he can, which is amazingly fast. Staying young and competitive,
team Skoot’s going to obliterate the competition. [COUNTDOWN BEEP] SPORTSCASTER: To avoid
elimination, the time to beat is three minutes, nine seconds. SPORTSCASTER: Oh, how quick
was he out that window? Oh, my goodness, through
two visuals in 10 seconds. Wow. SEAN LARKIN: Holy cow. SPORTSCASTER: What
do you think, Sticks? Can you keep up with him at all? SEAN LARKIN: No, no. SPORTSCASTER: With
less than 20 seconds, and pulls the rope down
on the fire escape. This dog has a chance to maybe
have a record run tonight. SPORTSCASTER: Great job. Yes. SPORTSCASTER: You
can’t stop Skoot. You can only hope
to contain him. SPORTSCASTER:
Skoot’s laser-focused on Officer Lindsay. They clearly have a connection. SPORTSCASTER:
Watching their run, if I’m team Demi in last
place, I’m getting nervous. Looking good. Good job, Lindsay. SPORTSCASTER: Officer
Lindsay is burning some time to refocus this young dog. Oh, beautiful. Didn’t even– wow. Whoa. Skoot’s running like he’s
got a plane to catch. SPORTSCASTER: Right
over the rope bridge and now into the splashdown. SPORTSCASTER: Oh, no. This is Skoot’s inexperience. He’s not listening
to Officer Lindsay and looking for the easy way in. SPORTSCASTER: He has
to go back to the start because you have to
go in the proper way. Now we’re seeing at the
end where a three-year-old, high-drive, high-energy Belgian
Malinois can be a disadvantage. SPORTSCASTER: There we go. Now that he’s in
the pool, it looks like they’re going to advance. [CHEERING] Despite the hiccups, 2
minutes 22.38 seconds. This is the second fastest
time tonight, and only three seconds slower than Tim Murphy. Unfortunately, that
eliminates Team Demi.


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  2. My dad said, “ Your dog will destroy your shoes but never your heart, so trust your dog but beware of humans! ''

    I have since learned that the love of an animal never lies!

    Thank you dad, you were right! R.I.P.

  3. Me gustan todo lo video del juego perfecto esque seguΓ­ haciendo eso tipo de actividad bendiciones para todo πŸ’ͺ

  4. So good to see, after all the millennia dogs have been on this planet, they are finally being recognized as the loyal, unconditional loving, and protective animals they are. I especially thank our military and law enforcement, for giving them the recognition they so richly deserve. You will never have a better friend, than your dog.

  5. I live in Montgomery, AL. Way to go Team Skoot! He was like why not jump in the water from the middle? πŸ˜‚ Work smarter not harder lol.

  6. Now Imagine if there was a wall in the pool…. Skoot woulda killed the pool part too! Just the way he went over those walls!!

  7. I am so happy to see people's attitudes changing towards animals.I remember when I was young the older ppl would say oh that's just a dog they know how to take care of themselves,I realized early on,not if we domesticate them they dont. So ignorant.Stiffer penalties for animal cruelty! Let's get rid of the evil abusers.Thanks for videoπŸ‘

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