Judge Jeanine: The Dems’ impeachment inquiry has proved nothing

Judge Jeanine: The Dems’ impeachment inquiry has proved nothing


  1. Nancy wants to charge President Trump with "Elusively Evading High Crimes and Misdemeanors!"… Because in Nancy's world, everyone she knows, including herself; "is guilty of High Crimes and Misdemeanors!"

  2. Great show again,, if only half of that happens I would be surprised,, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,, just say'n!

  3. The Democrats don't mind corruption and lies in order to get to what they want.

    If they were honest, they would take Joe Biden to the court since he did admit to his crime of bribery.

  4. You're 'stable genius, Donald Trump just called the U.S. military part of the 'deep state'. Is there anything lower for this imposter?

  5. Adam Shiff and scatterbrained Nancy Pelosi just made complete fools of the entire Democratic party. This whole thing was a complete joke. They're so deaf to the American People that they can't even hear us laughing at them right now! Also, what's going on with Shiff's face? Especially the eye area of his face? LOL!

  6. The left knew slandering the pres wasn't working, so they fabricated an empeachment story for the public to believe because they have no chance of winning.

  7. We should call it for what it is. The real treason are left wing Democrats trying to overthrow our government.

    We have seen how they have no regard for the Constitution. They want to continue changes created by Obama, and Republicans, especially Trump, get in the way of the Establishment.

  8. Judge Jeanne you are the best, can't believe these last 3 years. It wasn't for you I would have gone. Thank you! True patriot. And beautiful!

  9. Jeanine , your a dish….you can be my judge , jury and executioner ok .? How many lashes will I receive ,and be you be careful with that whip now ? ? I'm yours..??

  10. Thank you Judge Jennnie Poro my Fiance and just love you I agree with you 100% !!! President Trump For Office 2020 USA Amen let's Continue to Drain the swamp In Jesus name Amen USA Nancy Pelosi Adam Schiff Chuck Schumer Maxine waters the Quid and eany of the others doing the dirty stuff to our Great President Trump Needs to be removed from Congress Immediately USA Amen

  11. So now that he's stopped committing perjury for our team, Sondland is a deep state bureaucrat that doesn't care for Trump? You must think he personally gave Trump one million dollars because he doesn't like him? This "deep state" you keep blaming everything on, is it now so shallow that it's operatives include a former businessman who has worked for the state a whole year and a half since being awarded his pay-for-play job as diplomat? I'm struggling with your logic, Your Honor.

    I thought you were supposed to know a thing or two about a subject in order to be a pundit.

  12. These Democrats are paid puppets of the treasonous deep state who will be exposed by 2020 election and it will be written in history that they committed the crime of treason and their families will be shamed forever

  13. This whole thing is bringing the truth out about a lot of people at the expense of the Americans who love this country and in particular the president.

  14. Aren't incoming and outgoing White House calls from the president office recorded?!
    Put that on the witness stand! …then cross-examine those "witnesses" who testified on hearsay, especially the one with the "long-range-hearing"!

  15. Hillary is behind all of this I believe. Schiff and Polosi are just her puppets. They got paid to perform the show. Who will get the most benefit out of this if Mr. Trump got impeached. Even though this is all baloney, any damage to Mr. Trump's image will help her in 2020. Remember Sanders got paid to give up his seat during the 2016 election! She has been behind all these chaos after she lost to Mr. Trump because she wants American to see that Mr. Trump can't handle the job. I kept telling people that Hillary will come out and run in the 2020 election; however, no one believe me… …God blesses America!

  16. This is all well and fine judge, but nothing ever happens as a result of all this knowledge. That's the really depressing part of all this… Uhhggg…

  17. I agree with you, Judge. You know exactly why the democrats are pushing this impeachment mess, They are trying to smear Trump and trying to get people to vote for another person for president. There are a lot of people in our country who believe in CNN, MSNBC, and the mass media who are not truthful in their news. We are not stupid. Hillary Clinton is still being ignored! She has done so many illegal things. They should be concentrating on prosecuting her. Our Congress is wasting so much time and money on this impeachment process. It is shameful. Other countries are watching us. They probably think our government is full of a lot of democratic fools. It is a ridiculous situation for us in the USA.

  18. Pelosi Vested the illegal Con man into the White House, Barry Soterro,Borack Obamba, an Imposter to take the Presidency. Has Pelosi reported the money she got from "El Chapo",the Drug Lord? NO. Pelosi needs to be Investigated, along with Biden and son,Hunter. all Corrupt.

  19. ?????GOOD morning JJ. Your Sharp mindset is definitely a Blessed asset owned by you. It's TIME for you to GO FORWARD for the Congress House speaker and or possibly the Supreme court when Judge RGB retired in the near future. AMERICANS will stand with you in an UNANIMOUS DECISION to VOTE you into Congress. USA needs many more PEOPLE/INDIVIDUAL WITH INTEGRITY, RIGHTEOUS, TRUTHFUL, IMPECCABLE CHARACTER AND PATRIOTISM (Law Abiding) that upholds the Supremacy of the Federal Constitution of USA.Just keep up your good works, you'll be rewarded in due time. Blessed are you, Lady, an Inspired woman indeed.????????????

  20. I think the democrats should have to pay back the American taxpayers all the money they've wasted trying to frame Trump, then be hung…

  21. When a true genius appears, you can know him by this: that all dunces are in confederacy against him”. Jonathan Swrift.

  22. Love you Jeanine and you are absolutely right about getting these people their day in court, but one correction I would like to add if you don't mind…"They are being 'allowed' to tear your country apart. Where is the accountability and when is it coming? But on the other hand the more this goes on, the more it is revealing the Deep state players.

  23. Judge the dems owe us out taxes back gal.
    If not lets strike an not pay anymore TAXES.

  24. silly dum dum demonRATs are a joke!!!!! more amerikans are waking to the hoax of these phony out of touch loony liberal loosers!!!!!

  25. Hey Judge Jennie . Does Adam Schiff or other democratic house of Representatives has stock or financial interest in the company involving joe Biden and HUNTER Biden company ?

  26. This world is greatly threatened by the ruling class CIA swamp crew. Schiff is overplaying his hand and just red pilling more Americans to be aware of mainstream lobbyist liars. Trump is a ruling class con man but Marxist traitors who have the nerve to red bait must be squashed. Protect and restore the capitalism that is guaranteed by law of our Constitutional Republic. We need to decentralize corporate lobbyist control of food, healthcare, military and our money supply. Restore regional organic farming, rust belt manufacturing and other mom and pop interstate commerce. Allow regional supply and demand to permanently determine the price credit, goods and services. We can fragment consumption in the private sector to rebuild the middle class and still keep consumer spending at 70% of GDP if we all work together like our lives depend on it. Guess what? It does. Wake up. Fight to decentralize lobbyist control and stop these genocidal ruling class CIA propagandists from funding and provoking both sides of every war debt boom, bust and bailout cycle with lies. The public speeches from Eisenhower on 1/17/61 and JFK on 4/27/61 were not the words of crockpot conspiracy theorists. These were back to back presidential warnings of what has been playing out ever since they made an example of both JFK ad RFK!

  27. dems are trying to cover their own corrupt and crooked trails that they left behind….dems pointing fingers and their the corrupt evil shitdumpsters themselves

  28. Biggest CLOWN SHOW in the Dumbocrats history since they murdered 620,000 in the civil war defending THEIR slaves and starting the kukluxklan

  29. Cant wait for the AG Barr report and finally (hopefully) see ALL of these hacks start to fry in a court of law and then burned at the stake!

  30. The only thing the impeachment hearing has proved, once again, is that the dems are beyond plain stupid. Their ambition, greed and personal animosity towards Trump have affected their ability to think clearly. They are becoming mentally unbalanced. Schiff, with his bland, expressionless face looked like a waxwork figure.

  31. Nunes is so full of BS re the BS FISA/coup abuse cover up – he's pushing the Trump BS line about one low level dirtbag Clinesmith while Horowitz the deep state left coast dirty cop LIES "no political bias" and no crimes in SPYING on a US campaign. He called Jeanine an idiot to her face, that too. Repubs are FECKLESS lying dirtbags. Coup goes on and on …

  32. Judge Janine should take the place of FBI Wray, he has not cooperated that much with request to documents. I think he is apart of the deep state. They also need to get rid of all these employees, Obama holdovers in the DOJ, FBI and The State department. All these leaks have become ridiculous. I think after President Trump's 2nd term in office, CNN will end up filling for bankruptcy.

  33. Trumps a genius. He could decide to be a serial killer and there is no evidence in the world I would ever believe , being how the left/media has screamed wolf so many times .

  34. Could Trump be impeached shortly after he takes office?

    It’s highly improbable, but everyone from law scholars to political junkies are speculating about it.

    By DARREN SAMUELSOHN 4/17/16, 2:10 PM CET Updated 4/18/16, 5:52 AM CET

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets supporters at a campaign rally in Albany, New York | Eduardo Muñoz Alvarez/Getty Images

    Donald Trump isn’t even the Republican nominee yet. But his incendiary rhetoric,

    most notably about killing the families of terrorists and bringing back torture,

    has critics on the right and the left discussing the most extreme of countermeasures

    at an unusually early point in the race.

  35. Has Con Don Trump already asked his friends Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud or Béh béh Netanyahu to have Rudi Guiliani commit suicide and cut themselves to pieces and then hide in suitcases ?


  37. Bowels?

    Who is this Fox News talking head?

    Oh, that's right… heavy sigh.

    So, howz about a song for the old biddy?

    ?? Well…….
    A horse is a horse of course, of course.
    She'll give you Trump answers that you endorse…
    Talk to Ms. Jeanine! ?

    BOWELS!! ?????

  38. I do not agree that our President should take the seat of questioning. I love him and they will try to say he lied to make him go to jail. As for you Judge Jeanine, I love you. I feel you speak for all of us who love Trump.

  39. All this is, is me passing the message along I can't tell you who it came from but I can tell you it is very real. There are a lot of Americans that want their money back. We pay taxes for both Democratic and Republican parties. We pay their salary with our taxes. Like I said this is not me personally I'm not making a threat I'm passing along a message Pelosi doesn't resign and Adam Schiff doesn't resign. It won't matter the President Trump is the president in 2020 or not. The next Congressman or congresswoman to step up to that microphone on a national stage will be our Target and if it means a hundred two hundred plus, Americans have to give their lives up to save our constitution, then I along with thousands my brothers. Mostly ex-military, but all Patriots. Will go through whatever barricades whatever National Guard's whatever military CIA you name it it doesn't matter there's millions of us in our lives at stake we understand when we realize the sacrifice that we have to make to stop this coup against our president our leader. This is just me passing a message along DHS CIA FBI everyone of you and shut me down come to my house I don't give a f*** I'm not the one you have to worry about like I said I'm passing the message along the two of them need to get out of the country and they need to go now before it's too late all I'm trying to do help them to save their lives stop wasting our money. In my eyes if you go against our president you're going against our government in our constitution and for that shake the oath that I swore to end it all are you police CIA and FBI for 2 so if you guys come against me you might as well be going against God cuz that's the next one you'll be talkin to

  40. In 24 hours on nationally announcing the whereabouts of Nancy Pelosi all her residence at home and abroad we will be tracking her she will be the first atom shift will be second get the f*** out of our country now. You hate America you hate her values, your soul is rotten to the Core you will be removed to that burden very soon trust me

  41. Bernie keeps screaming that the impeachment was proof enough to remove trump. Even tho the inquiry proves him wrong.

  42. Isn't the Democrats socialist? They want high tax, bigger government control, and less jobs if you support Democratic candidates and want these taxes and or enslavement then you are a "German socialist workers party" member because that is what the Democrats want you to believe is communism but it isn't socialism isn't just communism its the worlds enemy because they want German socialist workers party not Marxism. Look it up asap "German socialist workers party"

  43. I learn a lot from Judge Jeanine.She put the salt in the Dems wound. Sooner the Dems will be exposed and justice will prevail.

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