Joanna Gaines Talks Life With Baby Crew: ‘He’s A Gift’ | TODAY

Joanna Gaines Talks Life With Baby Crew: ‘He’s A Gift’ | TODAY


  1. I miss their show so much! They are my idea of the all american family! They love deeply, laugh a lot, work hard, and bring so much positivity to their community. So happy for them! But please do another show! It was so uplifting.

  2. People make too big a deal about having kids. Savannah lived a long time without kids. She did not need them especially at her age. If Hoda wanted one so badly, why didn’t she adopt an older child? She adopted a newborn in her fifties. I mean come on, Hoda. As for Chip and Joanna, y’all should have been thankful for the amount of kids you already had. Five is greedy.

  3. Oh congratulations on Crew Joanna n Chip adore watching on you n Chip n Family on FIXER UPPER here in Australia on 9life such talented couble n the love you oooze ??
    Your beautiful people oh thetrs chip aww!!
    yes Chip "special cargo"?
    great interview oh can see your other 4 children my haven't they grown im extatic ❤❤ you special family ftom Waco USA..
    love n best wishes frm yhis grandmother Merry Christmas all…..????

  4. Why do we keep talking to them? Who cares anymore? They quit the show and left why are you putting them in the Limelight we don't care anymore let them go raised five kids who cares!!!

  5. I just love the Gaines family! I love how Joanna and Chip interact with each other and their children. What terrific Role Models they are!

  6. oh my God i didnt even know she was expecting a baby. what a beautiful surprise…i love surprises! May Gods light shine on your family, and continue to bless you in every way, shape and form! Congratulations !!

  7. I absolutely love the Gains family, The silos are so much fun to go visit. Can’t wait to get her new book ? she is such an inspiration.

  8. I love your show, it has the perfect ratings for my innocent eyes, thank you for the upscale knowledge ????? ????? Congratulations Life is Beautiful because of you and your family

  9. Much as I love their style, I have no respect for Chip and Joanna. I'll never forget the episode on HGTV where Chip claimed that he takes care of these calves from a dairy farm and stated that their mothers don't want them. That's a lie. The truth is that cows used for milk are not allowed to keep their babies. This causes a great deal of emotional distress for both baby and mother. The boys are sold to be killed. The farm keeps the girls and uses them to replace cows that will be killed for crimes like not getting pregnant. A cow must have a baby every year to continue to produce milk. She'll never get to feed her baby because human beings refuse to wean themselves off of food that only babies need. Animals born into the dairy industry suffer a great deal and it is totally uncool for Chip to make claims that these animals cause their own suffering and to present himself as a hero who saves animals when all he's really doing is fattening them up to be killed. Being parents themselves, they should reject any violent system that harms mothers and their babies.

  10. I dont like the way she treats her husband. If she is bad on tv, i can imagine how she treats him off tv. Ive lost respect for her. Chip is such a nice, funny, easy going guy, and she looks at him, talks down to him.

  11. ugh i love them soooo much, did anyone see Joanna's Boomerang on instagram of Chip banging on the glass from outside ? ? ? ? ?

  12. she has got such a pretty face like native american Indian i know she has ecuadorian heritage tho. She ahs great repoire with her hubs too on the show.

  13. Joana has NO range when it comes to decorating or staging a house. Nothing but black and white EVERYTHING, color me shocked. Who puts a vase on a mudroom bench in their entry way?

  14. Lord, how many interviews can we hear about this lady as if women since the BEGINNING of time never had babies over 40…so what…geesh. And how many people decorate houses for a living, 50k?

  15. Love Joanna and Chip got great ideas from their show miss it that was hilarious the way Chip came on the show ?and the baby is so cute

  16. That baby is sOOoo cute ??
    I Love their show, Joanna has the best taste in decor, & knows how to make each home feel warm, inviting, stylish but livable. Happy they're coming back

  17. "Trial and error," my butt! It's SO obvious God gave her an extraordinary gift. Nobody has talent like her. Even the celebrity designers whose work features on the cover of every magazine aren't as gifted as she is!

  18. I love when I see parents just enjoying their children. Not just regaling all the time about how they are stressed, or how their kids are insane. I think people tend to forget, along with the stress, there is also a lot of beauty in having kids too.

  19. This family is blessed! I love watching them… there’s so much positivity and love in their presence (even watching online) ❤️

  20. Go away pls. Yall are greedy and money hungry and we are tired of hearing about all your businesses and ventures to get more money

  21. Alo today unos y unas padre pío. Me a padre kaduri le escribí yo algo. A hora. No. Puedo. Ya. Diré. A me. Una. Canción. La gallina. Turuleca les a circo este año te a cuerdas en verano ya diré bueno. Luego uy. Emilio aragon gracias por venir. Te llege. My ok alto. Claro donde. Estoy. Yo oí d ya. Dire luego uy. Si no. Ok. Grc. Rueda.

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