1. we want to be a free nation to we are a weak over run state n need of the nation to support us in less then a year . mud side and fire zones don't need federal tax dollars to support ,look in the mirror its your guys doing the stuff not the nation

  2. Climate change has been occurring in cycles long before we arrived. The present time is part of the natural cycle. We humans need to adapt

  3. Kimmel; Sometimes you talk like an idiot…Iron Man…this is serious business, Our Earth is on the edge of EXTINCTION!!!

  4. Climate Change/Global Warming is nothing more than a SCAM to rob America of Trillions of Dollars.  First, the Earth is cooling in this cycle, NOT Warming as the same Global Alarmist falsified through false data (cooking data revealed). That is why Global Warming was changed to Climate Change.  Note, NO Global Warming, and NO effect of man made causes but Trillions of US Dollars use to divert money away from USA to foreign Countries that are polluting more than Americans, will get that money….  Are you really a small-minded pawn of the global warmest?

  5. So many people who do realize that climate change is real are still driving that SUV or Pickup with one person to the store or work with no more cargo than would fit in a Smart Fortwo . Really sad. Love Jeff Bridges, great actor and human being.

  6. the planet will shake off, burn off, starve off the invasive species to save itself, humans are the problem by overpopulation, the problem no one wants to address

  7. How about 40 years of chemtrails (aluminum/barium) now ignited by the new weapons: Direct Energy Weapons. This is not climate change- it’s The United Nation’s Agenda 21.
    Those are not Forrest fires, folks. How does a McDonalds surrounded by parking lot get 100% incinerated down to ash while adjacent trees are untouched?

  8. Everybody knows it's AGENDA 2021 / 2030 – the so called Elite – they want to get the land and all people into the cities – never heard of this? Search for: California get's cooked or Direct Energy Weapons and you will see what's going on! WE have been all fooled. Nobody seems to notice….nobody seems to care…

  9. Overpopulation has plenty to do with climate change . Over 250,000 babies born every day that will need to be fed , housed ,heated and cooled with fossil fuel .

  10. Yeah, yeah climate change and lots of dead trees and law that forbids taking firewood and or clearing the forest. DEW? Climate change sure so goes California to a total inferno and the plastic garbage can and trees left intact. Bad stewardship of California law and water management. Also keep on spraying the skies with chemicals aluminum, barium, and roundup who knows yet the lines cross the skies. Fools will believe anything but that these tanker jets are destroying the earth and the rain clouds. This is done by the enemy to destroy the earth, trees, wildlife and mankind.

  11. I love his acting and strang behavior, but he is just another brain washed Hollywood elite. Climate change is not just from our cars and whatever else they say. There is more to the story. For instance why doesn't California having controlled fires like every other state. Good riddance Cali

  12. Wow, people here hating on California. Really? California is one of the most if not most open-minded, people focused states in the country. We are progressive meaning we’re paving the way for real, positive change that will affect our well-being as a people. We are in support of environment protection but the main reason there is so much chaos in our state weather-wise is because this current government is doing nothing to take this matter seriously meanwhile, Californians are caught in the crossfire as everyone will eventually be if serious measures aren’t taken. This state is doing more for climate change than the majority of the rest and is part of the reason why Trump is not welcome here (besides being a sorry excuse for a human being in general) He has done the opposite which in turn is a betrayal to this country’s environment as a whole but as the U.S. leader is causing the same upon the rest of the globe for not rising to this alarming environmental issue at hand. The list goes on and on. Also, California is currently the 5th largest economy in the world! In theory, we could actually be our own country which at this point would be great. California is a remarkable, one-of-a-kind state and I’m not just saying this because I’m lucky enough to have been raised here. It’s a prosperous place to be especially during this political climate And if you’re hating on this state, you must be jealous and a jerk anyway, for talking unnecessary smack period. You buffoons, bite me. Peace!

  13. it wasn't climate change / global warming , it was miss management of forest lands/prairies caused by enviro wackos nutjobs , that's a really simple  simplistic way to say it I know.  basically the mindset of these nuts is hands off the "natural world is better".so all the people that died due to accumulation fuel on the natural forest floor can thank god as they meet him  that they were killed for the righteous cause (enviro/religion) .im trying to be sarcastic btw , there is no natural world if humans curtail the natural human way of controlling our surrounding environment . CLEAR THE GODAM BRUSH NEAR TOWNS BUILDINGS FER CHRISAKES

  14. I say this as a Jeff Bridges fan – "Man made" climate change is a hoax. The events you see is just "news." It's been occurring since the earth was created. Sad so many idiots have been indoctrinated. It's a scam, designed by powerful people to control the masses thru behavior and taxes. When rich people stop consumption, then we should pay attention. Until then, these hypocrites know it's a scam and don't cut consumption.

  15. Californian's continue to vote in Socialist Marxists who implement policies that don't manage the natural undergrowth and burn cycles of the forests and then when they have catastrophic fires they say, "Climate Change". No, you're government you have instisted on did this.

  16. The fires are part of agenda 21. All the planets are warming, not only earth. Scientists who agree with global warming are bought off by the corporations. Time to wake up people.

  17. Now go watch "The Great Global Warming Swindle" on YouTube I don't want liberal theology taught in my schools. We don't need any advise from this ole' Boomer hippy.


  19. The fires are due to no forest management. The moronic politicians that chased away the timber industry are responsible. The forests have huge amounts of fire fuel that if timberland management were incorporated by the state by way of allowing the timber industry the ability to thin the forests, that fuel would not be there and this fire would have been much more likely to have been controlled. Instead of truly wanting to do what can be done in our lifetime to make the California forests safer the moron celebrities and climate change radicals talk a bunch of bullshit. If it weren't for the "environmentalist protecters" and politicians eliminating the timber industry there, these fires would not be NEARLY this far reaching and deadly.

  20. Then Hollywood needs to be gone. They're one of the largest users of resources on the planet, they have no room to be talking down others who live with little.

  21. Hollywood thinks they're so intellectual. They play make believe for a living folks. Why are you listening to this man's bullshit. Blah blah blah.

  22. Ever notice how no one mentions the 200 million dead trees in California from the evasive bark beetle…Nope, facts elude leftists.

  23. No one denies climate change. Climate has gone up and down for centuries. You just cannot quantify how much of it is natural vs man made

  24. Humanity serves no purpose to the planet, Jeff is talking to the wrong people about love, white liberals are nothing but pure hate

  25. Fires that burn houses and cars into ash…but leave the forests and bushes intact– unscathed.

    Climate change?
    Nigga please

  26. The solution is to get humanity off this planet. You have no idea how many other worlds there are in the universe that we can burn.

  27. fools, or denial of the Truth. WHY b.t.w. would anyone have SOO much respect for someone they never met? MAD respect?

  28. you know what you could do about it…if every one of you "actors" gave 1 million dollars out of your how ever much it is that you have …i garauntee that the world would be a better place

  29. I started to write this big long paragraph about climate change and humans involvement and blah blah blah….but I'll start and end with this fact which I know is futile bc nothing will change as far as corporations have the same rights as citizens and money and greed control EVERYTHING in this world but here we go….it would take just 11,200,000 acres to generate 4,000,000 GWh of clean energy. The continental U.S totals 1.9 billion acres. That's only 0.6 percent of the surface area of the continental United States to power the entire country with renewable solar power. AND THATS A FACT! ( AND that doesn't include Alaska, which if you're paying attention is the biggest state in the United States of America) think smarter not harder!

  30. Amazing how once you become a famous actor you become expert on environment. How large is his footprint on earth how many homes he owns, how many cars, how many plane rides that load up 60000 lbs of fuel. I live in old home built in 1938 been remodeled several times. I haven't flown in 15 years. I ride motorcycle 6000 miles a year. Look at CA it's known among excavators as the scraper state they level hundreds of thousands of acres moving millions of yards of dirt for subdivisions rather then working with the landscape. All for the sake of more money. Actors have to have huge groomed mansions destroying more. You have water and sewer lines and paved roads to get to these. If 1 home on five acres your footprint is huge compared to 3 homes per acre. They don't care about environment, they care about comfy lifestyle. I was born and raised there so glad I left, way to many phonies.

  31. C02 is plant food, renewable energy in Australia accounts for 7% of all energy needed, it costs and takes far more fossil fuels to build solar panels and wind turbines which are backed by batteries which cost millions and millons more to maintain. The acreage used for solar and wind destroys more natue than fossil fuels. 30,000 Climate Scientist recently signed a letter after doing research explaining the benefits of C02 …..I ask that you research the facts not listen to individuals who know nothing. The earth is Not Overpopulated. We have massively vast areas across the globe that are unutilized. Global governance however wants megaregions to hold humans in urbanized areas to better control the earths populace. Google the facts people.

  32. It's a fair metaphor to say we are like an ant hill as regards to our big developed situation, or as Jeff says- we are devouring our source.

  33. Thank you Jeff Bridges, for informing the rest of us with your Hollywood facts. What should we have done without scholars like yourself…

  34. Climate change caused by CO2 gas is not a valid point, as long as the U.S. Air Force sprays chem-trails now for 20 plus years with aluminum and other metals making the whole State of California highly flammable. and the government has been weaponizing the weather, building directed energy weapons (DEW's) for decades and the US government has these kinds of weapons and the power to use them covertly on unsuspecting people. The CLIMATE CHANGE ARGUMENT IS BOGUS and is mind controlling.
    By media deception it allows them to take our unalienable rights to pursue life liberty, happiness including the right to own private property away from us.
    We are ruled by pagans (like Jeff Bridges) who worship Lucifer, the an androgynous fallen angel who is the Devil.
    We need to put the fear of God in them, and we do that by turning our light on (our faith in Jesus Christ) and expose their evil deeds. Once we do that they are defeated, because Jesus Christ is with us.

  35. Two of the biggest brainwashed idiots ever,climate change is normal it doesn't mean that the world is going to come to an end,however all the spraying in the skies is making matters worse

  36. Maybe instead of wasting money trying to fight “global warming” why don’t we manage our forests and clear shrubs and overgrown trees to prevent wild fires, what do you expect to happen when you plant more trees than there naturally should be in a dry climate and then just leave them be.

  37. Very interesting. I am going to look for that film.

    My old colleague moved to LA years ago and was caught in one of those mudslides. He lost his mobile home but saved his baby, his Datson 240Z.

  38. Unless the Planet ? <Us get's Obliterated by a Space Rock, it Don't Give a Hoot about Us either it will keeP on Spinning Long after We make Ourselves EXTINCT , Intelligent But hoW STUPID , thinK about THAT ". . No replies it's Boring ". .

  39. jeff,I love you ..but they control our weather and global warming is horshit ..C`MON JEFF do you not know whoever is screaming global warming is either afaid or has deep pockets!!!!C`MON!!!!!!

  40. Water water everywhere, Kimmel, take your 15 minutes in the shower. Your house sits on top of water in the ground, no shortages, flooding everywhere. ?❄???

  41. "CA Wildfires" = Media BS. Research "DEWs" Direct Energy Weapons. Oh, btw, research The Club of Rome if you care about the environment, as we ALL should. It's the 1%–Bankers who OWN Hollywood, OWN Corporate Media, OWN Hillary, Romney and Kimmel who DRINK juice. And, if you're a Facebook sheeple afraid of other sheeple calling you a "conspiracy theorist" then you DRINK juice, too! So, stay asleep and keep drinking the juice! Or, research this stuff yourself before you start believing everyone you don't like(ie; ppl you really haven't a clue as to what they are REALLY doing but prefer to watch fake newsotainment and drink the juice they ram down your throat every goddamn hour on the hour) is a "Russian agent" ffs. Yes, "I'm mad as hell and can't take it anymore.." to quote someone who was AWAKE! I like JB, btw.

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