Is The US Prepared For A Coronavirus Outbreak? | TODAY

Is The US Prepared For A Coronavirus Outbreak? | TODAY


  1. How can the public prepare or protect themselves when corona virus spreads are rising because face masks are out of stock?

  2. I'm having a sale on my candy. Want to sell all of it. Especially because it's two years old and this virus.

  3. Coronavirus maybe come from some country ‘s flu, which already cause 1,8000 deaths in that country before the coronavirus was found.

  4. Masks are helpful as it is helpful to prevent catching bacteria or other germs. Because symptoms can be similar to those chan be caused by flu it is important not to be misclassified in the very beginning stage not to confuse doctors who will diagnose people in the frontline of this epidemic crisis. ONE WAY OF GOOD WAY OF NOT TOUCHING MOUTH AND NOSE IS WEARING MASKS!!!! So why is it not helpful? Ridiculous. I guess there is not enough stock of them because most of them might should be shipped from China and the country THE EPICENTER of all this crisis. Let them pay for all this.

  5. Travel bans and restriction get to doing it !!! It’s a pandemic?!!!?? Tell me something different ? God give the Doctors strong and healthy …😔

  6. Idk if anyone else is with me but doesn’t anyone else seem to think the government have something to do with it??🥴🤔

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