Is Hitchhiking still possible in USA – 2018! | Story of Indian backpacker

its 7:30 pm For me, this is the longest ever wait for a ride This is the my first attempt of Hitchhiking in USA The sun is about to set Weather is getting cold It will be dark in sometime Though I am still not hopeless… It seems USA is no more for hitchhikers now Its tough here Its 7:45 pm and now I am tired I have been standing since 5 pm Its not a good idea to hitchhike at night It will take another 4 hours to reach New York from here I don’t know where I am going to sleep tonight I tried many tricks to get a ride, but everything failed I am back to this petrol station I am not feeling good now Dead tired I asked the Petrol station’s people for a place where I can sit and relax for a while Also I want to charge my mobile phone, camera and gimbal They said, you can sit inside the store or even outside But they do not have chairs to sit inside, so I have come out its 9:30 pm I have got a place to stay tonight Thanks to internet for letting me know about this There are a few stores and restaurants around which are open 24 hours its 9 degree Celsius righ now So I was looking for a place which should can protect me from cold and also to charge my gadgets So always use internet to get information Many Starbucks are open for 24 hours I am in Allston So I found Star Market which is nearby and opens 24 hours I found it is quite a big marketplace I can get fruits, vegetables, bakery products and many more things So I am also thinking of purchasing these things from there I called Star Market and found that they also have chairs for customers to sit and relax I asked them – Is it ok if I stay there for a few hours? He said ‘no problem’ its 6:30 am Thats Boston University Over here is Star market I am ready for a new day I have purchased Banana, Cookies, Salted Almonds from the market I also refilled my bottle from the market’s water dispenser Its still cold I am well equipped and ready to take up the challenges now its 7 am I have reached the same place where I was asking for the rides yesterday There is a forecast for rain at 10 am I have written few more things on this board to make it more interesting for the people Some people offer rides just because of interesting stories from hitchhikers So I mentioned ‘World Tour’ to give them a reason to stop for me Finally i got ride I am not able to speak properly because of cold I can express how I was feeling when I got this ride I never felt so happy while hitchhiking I was trying to get a ride since yesterday 5 pm I tried everything Yesterday I kept standing for almost 3 and a half hours I stopped only when it became dark I slept in a super market Today I started it again I wanted to start early as it rain was forecasted around 10 am I was standing here since 7 am no one stopped I am so so much thankful to Mr Vinayak Let me share an interesting thing Yesterday Vinayak’s friend Lohit saw me asking for a ride He saw my placard mentioning about New York Then he conveyed this to Vinayak Now I have come quite far from Boston We are driving at the speed of 80 mph approx 128 kmph US highways are fantastic They are meeting my expectations People are meeting my expectations I expected Hitchhiking not be easy in USA… US is living up to my expectations I don’t know why USA is still following the old imperial system! They drive on right side of the road But it leads to a lot of confusions They measure petrol in gallons They call petrol as Gas I don’t know what do they have a name for gas like CNG or PNG!! Petrol is Gasoline US don’t have CNG, afaik Vehicles in US run on petrol and diesel This is a rest area They have restaurants, Gas stations… A perfect place to ask for rides here is a RV Just stand at the exit point you can also ask the people stopped for refuelling US Rest Areas are similar to Malaysia’s R&R After getting this ride, I am again hopeful for hitchhiking in America otherwise I had almost lost my hope but now I am going to hitchhike I will keep sharing my experience in the coming videos Keep watching these videos I’ll keep sharing inputs based on my hitchhiking experience because there are a few things which is mandatory to know before hitchhiking in USA Police can arrest you Anti social elements can harm you How to avoid them I’ll keep sharing information in the coming videos The landscape is so green and beautiful Now we are going to exit this highway Interstates in US are like National Highways in India Interstates connects various states in America This is how their logo is They are written against a blue backdrop The Number ’20’ is a normal road, not an interstate now we are in the exit lane people are driving in their lanes they are following proper lane discipline That is why we are easily able to cruise at the speed of 120-140 kmph Now we are in Manhattan, New York This is the city centre of New york city We are passing under a building Look at this huge building! Now we are under it These are American etiquettes

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