International Student Pre-arrival Orientation

Welcome! Welcome! We are so excited that you will be joining Johnson County Community College and we look forward to helping you have a wonderful experience
here. Moving to a new country and starting classes
at a new school is never easy, but we will strive to provide you with enough information
about all the resources that are available to you to make this transition as smooth as
possible. The Office of International and Immigrant
Student Services and the JCCC Community are here to assist you in any way we can, so please
do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Plan to enter the United States no more than
thirty days prior to the start of the semester. Before you travel, make two sets of copies
of important documents such as your passport, I-20 and your visa. If you take medicine regularly, be sure to
fill any necessary prescriptions. It may be cheaper to fill them in your home
country. Also, take care of any dental or optical needs
before you travel. Dental and Optical services are not covered
by the JCCC Health Insurance. Reconfirm your flight information with the
airline at least 48 hours in advance. You’ll also want to remember to check baggage
weight limits and any additional fees for extra luggage. As you prepare to come to the U.S., don’t
forget to pack these items: clothing for all four seasons, bath towels and toiletries,
backpack, jacket, coat and umbrella, eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and cleaning solution. First Aid kit including essential medicines
for travel and common ailments. As well as prescription medicines and written
prescriptions. You may also need a voltage converter to adapt
from 120 volts to 220 volts for any electronic devices you bring with you. A power plug adapter may be needed as well
to fit the US electrical receptacles. Be sure to review the U.S. Customs and Border
Protection’s prohibited and restricted items list. Some items you bring with you may need to
be declared at the port of entry. When you arrive at the airport you will need
to have the following documents in hand for the immigration official:
Valid passport and F-1 visa, all three pages of your valid I-20, SEVIS Fee receipt, your
Johnson County Community College acceptance letter, and financial documents. We recommend that you keep your I-20 inside
your passport with your visa. Do not bring large amounts of cash or checks
with you. We recommend that you bring traveler’s checks
in American dollars for your personal funds and about 200 U.S. dollars in cash for items
such as food, transportation, tips, and telephone calls. Additionally, we recommend bringing a major
credit card with you, such as a Visa or Mastercard. If you run into any difficulties on your journey,
you can contact the Principal Designated School Official by telephone or email. If you need to make contact after hours in
a Port of Entry, you may call the campus police at 913-469-2500. They can put you in contact with the School
Official. JCCC is a commuter college which means that
there are no dormitories, residence halls or on-campus housing. Students reside in the community and typically
travel by car to JCCC as public transportation is very limited in Overland Park. International students have several options
for housing: homestay, apartments, rooms for rent, or hotels for short- and long-term stays. Housing generally needs to be arranged after
a student has arrived in Kansas. It is recommended that students arrive in
Overland Park at least two weeks before the start of classes in order to find suitable
living accommodations, and to make the necessary rental and transportation arrangements. However, it is very important that you consult
the International and Immigrant Student Services website Housing page to fully understand the
options available to you. When choosing an apartment, here are some
things to consider: Accessibility to campus or public transportation,
the length of your lease, utilities, furnished or unfurnished, private or shared kitchen
and bathroom, laundry services, safe neighborhoods, and number of roommates. If you choose the Homestay option, you will
be expected to purchase a car within a few weeks of your arrival to Overland Park, KS. Purchasing a car requires additional costs
and documentation. You will also need to obtain a U.S. issued
driver’s license to drive the car. Visit the International and Immigrant Student
Services webpage for detailed information about the Homestay option. Be aware of fraud. Make sure that the agency or source that you’re
using to rent an apartment or purchase a car is legitimate. Choose wisely when asked for payments and
documents. Carefully read all terms and conditions before
signing a contract and always ask for a copy. In the U.S., a written contract is more important
than a verbal agreement. If possible, pay by check or money order,
NOT cash! Always ask for a receipt in order to have
proof that you have paid and always keep a copy. Your educational journey to JCCC is exciting
as well as overwhelming. Studying internationally is a new and exciting
experience for everyone, and with new experience comes new challenges and sometimes culture
shock. Cultural shock is the form of complex emotional
stress that happens when people move from one culture to another. There is no definite pattern to people’s
experience. Each person’s situation is unique. A person may feel a roller coaster of emotions
where they are so happy and excited to be in a new place however, they can also come
to experience homesickness, feeling sad, and lonely. This is a very common experience for international
students and one that can be overcome by support and resources. It is key to maintain an attitude of openness,
acceptance, trust and adaptability. This will lead you to grow, accept differences,
and eventually feel more at home in your new surroundings. Maintaining a positive attitude and a good
sense of humor can make all the difference in becoming a successful student. Johnson County Community College has many
resources to help you through your transition: the International and Immigrant Student Services,
Counseling, Success Advocates, Academic Resource Centers, an International club, and the Center
for Student Involvement. The International and Immigrant Student Services
Staff is your family away from home. We look forward to helping you make the most
of your educational experience here at Johnson County Community College. Check out the links listed along with this
video for additional information, contacts, and helpful online resources.

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