Inside The Lives Of Rich Kids Of USA

Inside The Lives Of Rich Kids Of USA

Inside The Lives Of Rich Kids Of USA Think of the most interesting and powerful
places in the world and USA is bound to pop on that list! One of the most expensive places in the world,
USA offers a life that most others can only dream of. But everything comes at a price here, a very
big price that we commoners can’t part with! To be an active part of the lavish lifestyle
that is waiting for you in this part of the world, you gotta be rich- filthy rich. Once you have tons of money carefully locked
in your account- US is where you need to be! If you can make it there, the best is at your
fingertips! Though we have painted a rosy picture of the
country, the truth is that it can be the most brutal place as well. With living costs skyrocketing, it becomes
difficult for a lot of people to arrange 3 square meals, let alone afford luxury! But for now we’ll be focusing on people
who are rolling in money! Talking of lavish lifestyle, who is more likely
to make the most of luxury? Youngsters- true! They are a full powerhouse of energy and life
so when the money flows in, you know who’s gonna party the hardest! Now don’t you wanna delve into the lives
of these rich kids? If you have millions in your account even
after paying off mounting bills of living in USA, you are among the blessed few who
are ruling the country! Kids who are born to these people are reaping
the fruits of their parents’ hard work and luck. They are living in a country surrounded by
water, though it’s nowhere close to a beach paradise you would go for a holiday. But hey, if you’ve got dollars jumping out
from your pocket, you could always create a little paradise on a rooftop and that would
be personalized, so a better option! These rich kids can look over at the skyscrapers
while cooling down in a rooftop pool, just like a king would look down at his kingdom
from his fort! Even though the US is their home, who said
that they have to be trapped here? Now if these kids aren’t satisfied with
these pools, they can always take their private jets to a holiday location. Wouldn’t it be cool to call a few friends,
get comfy in your private jet and sip champagne while you are transported to Milan for a shopping
spree? Wait, you don’t want to be traveling all
the time. Sometimes spending your weekend in your house
is all you want. But that doesn’t have to be alone, at least
for these rich kids. They have houses big enough to host a big
party in there where cocktails are served in expensive glassware and fresh sushi is
flown directly from Japan! They have unparalleled comfort in their homes
which isn’t limited to partying! Let’s steer this towards fitness and health. To the fitness fanatics out there viewing
this video, when are you heading to the gym for today’s session? Oh that was just for a comparison with these
kids because they don’t have to head out to the gym for staying fit because well, they
have a gym right in their home! While most of us can’t even afford one machine,
these kids have the latest gym equipment in their house because a public gym is just not
their style! Now once they are done toning their bodies,
they gotta deck it up to look important and rich. As a commoner if you’ve walked down US streets
then you have seen plenty of salesmen on the sidewalk trying to sell cheap Rolex knock
offs but these kids can easily afford an original watch or even one from their limited edition! But the focus is not on the watch that tells
you the time but on a piece of ornament that is studded with enough gems to mark your status
in your friends as the highest! Take Morgan Stewart for example, the young
girl you have seen on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. She has a blog titled Boobs & Loubs, named
after her two favorite things—Louboutin shoes and her own boobs. We’re guessing if she spends all her days
shopping in L.A. and New York, she might as well write a blog about all the luxurious
things she’s purchased. But do you really think that a fashion is
the sole criteria for deciding one’s status? Of course not! Since owning a yacht is obvious for these
kids, they use it to show that they rule the waters as well! Weekends are ideal for sailing the yacht in
the water bodies, call all the friends and have a party. Sunday brunch on a yacht, isn’t that your
dream? These kids don’t have to dream it, they
take it for granted! Their multimillion dollar yachts are another
way of showing off their wealth and thus they buy the most expensive ones because well,
money speaks for itself! But it isn’t all about having money, because
the more important part is to look rich. USA is one of the countries where being fashionable
is of supreme importance. With so many brands to choose from and tons
of money to pay for them, it makes sense that these kids are always dressed impeccably. Come on, they are often seen hanging out with
designers so what else do you expect? Another benefit is that some of these youngsters
use the money card to get them a spot on the runway and their designer “friends” would
comply with this request, won’t they? So if you are rich you may end up being a
part of one of the biggest fashion empires and have a say in the designs. Do you realize that this means the world wears
what these kids decide for us? Wow, we’d like that kinda power! Being rich in the US is different than being
rich elsewhere because well, you are living in the epicenter of some of the most important
events and among the most important people! We mean you might be dancing with a Hollywood
actor at a party or getting clicked with the kids of the President! Being this rich would take you directly to
the backstage of the most awaited rock concert or the runway of New York Fashion Week or
even on a Sunday brunch with the cast of the most expensive film of the year! You are probably thinking by now that these
rich kids of USA have an easy life but that depends entirely on your definition of easy! From another angle, their life isn’t so
easy because they have to maintain an image in the public eye and among their friends. Looking proper all the time, attending parties
back to back, maintaining cordial relationships with celebrities and watching what comes out
of your mouth because the world is hearing you, well that’s too much pressure! All in all it looks like these families and
their kids have so much power that we may see them changing the course of future. Since these parents will take a backseat one
day and give the entire power to control the money to these kids, it will be interesting
to see if they will still have this life or will they be busy in keeping track of their
money and the spending part will shift to their kids! But then we’ll have new kids to talk about
and the cycle will continue! What do you think about the expensive lifestyle
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