Ingraham: The resistance has a royal hissy fit

Ingraham: The resistance has a royal hissy fit


  1. The left is the racist, they are the ones that believe minorities need help to succeed! The right believes, rightly so, that anyone that puts their feet to the ground can make a great life for themselves!

  2. Did American fake news report more on Trump or the baby Trump balloons? And notice that most of the criticism here of Trump was spoken in an American accent.

  3. Khan is like deblasio bunch of losers. President Trump is a winner and the fake cant stand it. I dont watch evening news anymore.

  4. Obvious Sadiq Khan is AFRAID of Xi Jinping, after that list you spoke of.
    Dissidence is one he'd like. What Rights & Freedoms did Khan fight for; Looks like he helps block them.

  5. Trump needs to do a better job here in supporting a return to constitutional rights. He's been lacking in keeping several promises. Dancing around the edges won't cut it.

  6. I think it is so amazing that the trump balloon had to stop flying… Technical difficulty I believe, I think their baby narative doesn't hold air…

  7. WOW!!!! sad that people cant see whats really happening here as far as the fake protests go! those giant signs had to be planned out and ordered well in advance. so who would of had the prior knowledge of this meeting and the resources to connect with a company months in advance to have the signs made up and ready to go… my guess… the dems… they would of had to get in touch with a company and discussed ideas for the signs, waited for the company to draw up designs which would be sent to them for approval, then once approved and paid for the company would go ahead and make the signs. plus somebody would have needed to advertise about the protest well in advance to make sure the people would be there to protest. its obvious this was planned out well in advance even tho it was a complete fail in the end! lol

  8. Trump was there for more then pictures. Don't you just wish you knew what was going on in the back room of the royal monarch. Trump has overcome the strong hold of the UK. Say what you will America will overcome the evils that have been put upon us. Rebuilding our sovereign nation is the goal.

  9. Laura if you were my mother I would be very ashamed because it is beyond to be. Especially after that covfefe of you stating how Trump was not holding late the commencement of commemoration ceremony and how it is FAKE NEWS while Trump said so on your own interview.

  10. Correct me if I'm incorrect,
    That Lavish dinner, would be at the Royal Families expense…
    Not State, surely a Mayor, of the Capital no less, Ought Know that

    And ah, no England doesn't pay the Royals "keep"…

  11. It's funny all these protesters say President Trump is a racist and a fascist but yet to this day cannot give 1 example of anything lol.

  12. Laura Ingraham Trump's hemorrhoid sings I'm a racist you're racist he's a racist too I'm a fascist you're a fascist he's a fascist too

  13. the real reason why sadiqKhan hates Donald is because as a worshiper of Allah, sadiqKhan hates the fact that Donald is so pro-Israel. and the real reason why JeremyCorbyn hates Donald, is because as a worshiper of karLmarx, Jeremy Corbyn hates the fact that Donald is so pro-Israel. and do you know why G-d loves Donald so much? because Donald is so pro-Israel

  14. Trump gets sunshine in UK and global warming alarmists get snow storms and record freezing when they meet……God is real.

  15. I think Trump is GREAT!! I also think the "Baby Trump" balloon is awesome! How can I get one? LOL. Seriously, how can I?

  16. The hatred of Trump by the left is so obsessive, it's causing them to make a lot of mistakes and show who they really are.

  17. Noone in London or indeed the whole of the UK thinks of Sadiq "Kahnt-do" as a leader

  18. Exactly true!! Sheffield, Yorkshire, was a thriving industrial steel city before the steel industry was shut down, it's now a broken city, and it needs someone like President Trump to revive British industry.

  19. To all you conservative people reporting a news each and every day. I've been following you faithfully from the beginning of this everyday and every-night I am a retired person so I have the time to do this. I am so tired of you reporters or journalists however you classify yourselves. You keep getting my hopes up almost everyday telling me that some kind of evidence has been found this going to put an end to it all and the wrongdoers are going to pay the price for their crimes. But instead everything just stays the same all kinds of dirt is dug up about the criminals but nothing is ever done. But other people are being found guilty and going to prison unjustly. I am so torn up I can't take anymore of your funny reporting. in my opinion the president needs protection from you as well as from the Democrats and the far-left idiots LC Omar and Rashid. I'm not going to watch any of you people anymore. The one person who deserves to be in prison more than any of the rest is Hillary Clinton. She just purposely ignored calls for help from Benghazi she let our beautiful people die. Their blood is on her hands but nothing's going to be done about it because if the people who do know what needs to be done and who know the facts are never going to tell because if they tell they're going to end up in prison right along with her. Goodbye

  20. sadiq khan is abhorrent AND offensive. God bless the Her Majesty AND President Trump.??❤️???❤️??

  21. The American people aren’t stupid, we can see right through the leftist hate of the leader of the free world, those were expensive resistance signage who paid for that1. The left makes me sick………….

  22. TO ALL YOU TRUMP SUPPORTERS: TRUMP needs to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP! Nobody takes him seriously! Going to England was his LAST STAND! The Democrats are hot on his tail! He is under SEVERAL INVESTIGATIONS and many of his lackeys are going to be held in CONTEMPT! Laura Ingraham is grasping at straws! She has that stupid smile on her face, but even SHE KNOWS that Trump is going DOWN!!!!

  23. he keeps forgetting the UK is not just London ..all he say's is some people in London.. and he is not a key leader in the UK .. hes a mayor..a useless one

  24. Liberals just want to invite the Evil God and Satan and the fallen angels and the billions of demons into the country to demolish everything the Love God has made. Liberals should be charged with treason and imprisoned for life

  25. Khan claims that the people of London dislike Trump. That may be true but half of those people are not English or even British. The average English man thinks Khan, and the foreigners he represents, are not welcome in England.

  26. Trump's interview with you at the war gravesite was very disrespectful on that solemn day. It was totally self serving as is everything he does.

  27. Great reporting and thank you for the refreshing, non-hysterical reporting. You are a classic example of an intelligent woman. Thumbs up and subscribed.

  28. Great Work A’s usual Laura , so good to have someone speak the truth and real Truth News, And to Top the lot intelligent and Beautiful

  29. I had a broken nose just like her, I had it fixed and the quality of my voice changed for the better, Laura could do with this fix.

  30. DUMPY had to lie about the number of protesters and had to bash his political opponents in front of 1000s of graves of the D-day fallen. Guess he thinks bashing Bette Midler is more important than those who lost their lives

  31. In regards to the number who protested being so TINY. Sounds like a Nazis newsreel claiming that they drove the allies back to the sea at D-Day

  32. When some one hits him Trump strikes back. Even if it means doing so in front of 1000s of those who died at D-Day

  33. Sadistic Kan is not an influential leader. Jeremy Corbyn is the reason why the Tories cannot lose an election. The English monarchy is degenerate.

  34. Awesome , what a sight,the protesters are squirming Long live the queen and my President. Kahn is having a heart attack ha ha ha ha ha we need to give them alkazel
    er, grave on top of grave

  35. Good assessment Laura of of President Trump's visit to Great Britain and the undeniably warm reception by the Crown, Queen Elizabeth. There is a special relationship that exists between the two nations that reaches back centuries, a common genesis millenia, that stands as a bulwark against present and future challenges to the free world.

  36. I am hoarding millions and millions of plastic straws, And just when the democrats thinks they are safe, I am going to release them to every child in the United States.

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