1. It does not strike me clever at all. Quite the opposite, really. They pander to the very basest of instincts. Vengeance. And do bear false witness to that end

  2. If the founders knew about this, they would come back and slap Nancy's dentures out of her mouth for what she just said.

  3. Didn't the founders want all Americans to have the second amendment so we could get rid off all corrupt government like the Democrats?

  4. Dear fellow American: I Understand you may love and support your president. I admit that I do not and have never shared that affection . I have however spent the last few months, speaking to trump supporters, objectively watching the media that many of you watch, Ive done that because I care about this country , more than I care about my own personal political views. I know that many of the responses will be insults, I know this because it has been so for months, and I imagine that if many of you were to comment on left leaning videos  you would suffer the same insults . No "side" is right in this and I sincerely apologize for the times I have participated  in such behavior .  I do however implore you to attempt to step out of these bubbles that we have all retreated to, in order to defend our "sides". Many Of us , your fellow americans, feel that Donald trump is an imminent threat to our republic, not because we were born with a gene that hates Anyone named trump, but because we see many of his actions actions in direct contradiction to the very idea of America. WE MAY BE WRONG, we may be brainwashed by left leaning media.  and I sincerely hope we are. BUT WE MAY ALSO BE RIGHT. I implore you to just consider that option. because regardless of how you feel about trump, good or bad, no one can say the current division in our country is what America Is about…

  5. Nancy Pelosi is a text book sociopath She looks right into the camera at the American People and lies and EVERYONE KNOWS She should be hanging from the gallows for treason and dishonesty Her bank accounts and assets are testament to her corruption which she confuses for diplomacy and intelligence

  6. Lügen können diese DEMs, zu mehr reicht es nicht. Nur wird es langsam Zeit, diese Lügner rund um diesen Clinton-Clan zur Verantwortung zu ziehen. So viel Korruption erträgt selbst die USA nicht mehr. – Those DEMs can lie, that's all it takes. But it's about time to call these liars around this Clinton clan to account. Even the USA can no longer stand so much DNC corruption.

  7. Laura: "These people are total frauds." Yes indeedy they are…and we are all going to have front row seats when this gets to the Senate…can't wait…Trump can't wait either…why? Its called bring on the FEDERAL RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE!!!! That's why and let's get into the REAL nitty gritty, subpoena Schiff, Hunter Biden, Sleepy Creepy Joe, Clinton, the witness list is very long….but, the American people are going to see for A FACT what has been running our country for decades!!!! There will be NO ACTUAL EVIDENCE against President Trump BUT there WILL be ACTUAL FACTS revealed about the bad players…and then it gets really interesting from there.

  8. This AG report IG report of what ever letters it is better produce the results we demand to see. The people are tired of damning reports that lead to nothing.

  9. I wait to see what heaven has planned to stop these demons.L et Nancy pray to her true god, Satan, of which Nadler, Schumer, and Schiff are also the spawn.

  10. I'm from India. Why so much hatred against Trump who at one time donated to Pelosi and even Hillary? Then he was the darling. What exactly happened to turn admiration to such visceral hatred?

  11. Democrats would love to impeach Trump, but they won’t, impeaching Trump would hurt them politically. The Republican-controlled Senate would conduct a trial, which unlike the Democrat inquiry, would allow Trump supporters to question witnesses whose stories won’t help Democrats sway public opinion in their favor. A fair Senate trial would likely do exactly the opposite. Also, if the trail goes on long enough it will cut into the campaign season for several Democrats Presidential candidates. No one has been able to explain to me, in common and rational language, what it is that our President is doing that is so bad for America that motivates them to hate him and his supporters. Has he proposed taking away any of our Constitutional rights? Have any of our rights disappeared? Has he proposed higher taxes? Has he caused the economy to fail? Has he started any new wars? Have minorities suffered more under his leadership than previous Administrations? Did he run guns into Mexico? Did he direct the IRS to target Leftists non-profit groups? Did he spy on journalists? No, I think his biggest sin was humiliating the Left and those in the entitlement culture in the last Presidential election.

  12. Everything these bastards are accusing the President of, is exactly what crimes they themselves have committed and covered up. They lie….how much filler and Botox is in Nancy’s face ? Democrats are ridiculous.

  13. Watergate was the Deep State using two foolish young journalists to leak out information to take down a President who was working to clean up the FBI, CIA, and other alphabet agencies…as we look back it is obvious…Nixons mistake was not being open with the public….

  14. The republican party has got to be the biggest bunch of "evil doers"  , uninformed , misguided , gullible , bunch I have ever seen. You can hit them in the head with the truth over and over and they still deny , obstruct  , make up stories and give Russia the upper hand.

  15. If Obama was bribing a foreign country with US tax dollars to get dirt on Trump, Republicans would loose their minds and he would already have been impeached. They went nuts because Clinton got a BJ. Total hypocrites.

  16. If Our Founding Fathers were here to witness the dirty rotten deceitful acts of the demoscum There would be calling for another Revolutionary War TRUMP 2020

  17. This entire narrative is ridiculous…and sad…sad because some sh**p are falling for these lies and slight of hand

  18. Is Pelosi wearing that bullet and orange bracelet again? Gee, what message is she really giving there? These demons are pure class.

  19. OMG that was good. And I've got just the right Cuban for the postcoital posturing. That said, The Constitution did not include Hunter Biden's coke habit, illegitimate child, or that brief but intense poking of his dead brother's wife.

  20. Everyone of the Democrats that are involved in this hoax should have to answer for it,lies against president Trump

  21. I'm sick of the Democrats trying to take away freedom of speech, freedom of religon, the right to keep and bear arms, and protection against unlawful search and seizure…. all while quoting our founders and talking about the constitution. How does anyone vote Democrat?!?

  22. How can these Democrats blatantly lie and the worse part is seeing people actually believing them even here in Canada. It's unbelievable. The NBC, CNN's have trained people to hate Trump it's sick a very dangerous game. They're literally thought controlling peoples minds with their false information.
    Obviously the FCC should be abolished for not doing their job.

  23. Have you noticed women are lot better liars than men. So Fox should use more women whan hosting their nonsense propaganda news.

  24. Actually number 3 is not a lie, it's actually not political. The impeachment push is an attempt at self-defence, because they know that the wheels of justice are back in motion. Which means that not only is the gravy train going to come to a screeching halt, but all of their corruption will be exposed and they'll be held accountable just like any other American.

  25. How can You Dems LIE so much> Remember Nancy Jesus hears your lies and knows your heart of division which God does not like.
    Let God have his way and see what happens in the next election. let the people of the USA be the judge .
    Remember you Dems You will stand Before all MIGHTY GOD some day and give an account of what you are doing .
    You better be very sure this is what God wants.
    If God did not want Donald Trump to be President of the USA . He would ALLOW him to have an heart attack.
    He would not cause it but would allow it if that was His perfect will.

  26. Ingraham's is the most fair informed channel new for lies …anyone can't ever believe …the gravitational problem the Republicans have in their party ..wow…Ingraham should be shameful…..

  27. Quick impeach him so we can get back in the Iran deal, keep the EU from going bankrupt, and help the UN overthrow Israel, the west, flood the world with more rapists, car bombers, stabbers, etc. that's what the Democrats are working for huh?

  28. Even if they are lying, apparently they can do it better than the one they're trying to impeach. Oops, guess that's another loss for Donald. I mean hoax.

  29. First of all, these are NOT lies. These are facts backed by evidence. What ARE lies are the conspiracy crap the Republicans and Fox News are feeding the Trump loyal. ALSO, WHY are Republicans fighting against the Constitution of The United States?????? It baffles the mind. Trump even said during his campaign to become the President…Trump said he "LOVED" the constitution. SOOOOO!!!!! WHY is he breaking it all the time. Fox News viewers need to read (which I know is hard for you) the FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Republican idiots are just puppets to Trump and Fox News. I have to pray for you idiots, I don't think God is agreeing with you.

  30. Why do the stupid Democrats keep doing this impeachment sham knowing full well the senate is going to vote it down? They sure love to spend out tax payers money and this is not going to be the last of it, we all know they will find false and lame excuses to keep investigating the President one investigation after another until he is out of office at the end of his 8 years but thank God we have a very strong and courageous President to put up with the bull crap from the Dems.

  31. SHOW TIME = December 9 – as the FISA ABUSE and other important documents relating to criminal activity by many in the Deep State – the people will be outraged . You have the 3 ring circus for the last 4 weeks being run by : "Shifty" Schiff – Ring #1 , "Night Mare" Nancy – Ring #2 and Jerry "The Joker" Ring # 3 – this is a great show and people start laughing. Oh – Oh , look over there – 1,000s of people are cheering and waving the American Flag . Who is coming ?


  32. Can't wait until the next election. All these liers are going to jump out their windows! Or their heads will explode. This president is doing so well even with all the sabotage and treason going on. Time for these disgusting democratic leaders to be removed and appoint new blood that want to be apart of this government and help any elected president doesn't matter from what party. They are elected to work for us the people not for themselves and their own agendas.

  33. This impeachment farce is a smokescreen to something bigger the treasonous snakes are coordinating. Watch this space.

  34. there all lies????????? really, this is the best the Ingraham right wing team could come up with, pool Fox are running out of ideas.

  35. I wonder if the Kremlin provides funding to Fox News? It would make sense for Putin to fund them and Murdoch would definitely take the money.

  36. Trumps being impeached simply because he’s not using the office to enrich himself. He’s pulled the curtain back on democrats. The swamp was never prepared for a non establishment candidate.

  37. Where’s AOC amid all these lying Dem’s ‘constitutional concerns’ ?
    Nancy musta hog-tied her and threw her undarlingness back into the barn.

  38. It's undeniable at this point that the Democratic party is fully integrated with the MSM and social media (Google News, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) in pushing 24/7/365 propaganda meant to sway the results of the 2020 Presidential election as unintentionally confirmed by AOC. The amount of detail, coordination, and resources in pushing leftist narratives can no longer be ignored. In addition to censoring conservative channels, they have added keyboard trolls to their arsenal who seek to intimidate and shutdown free speech contrary to leftist views. Expect the anti-Republican propaganda to magnify as we get closer to the 2020 election! Please copy/paste and share my comment to spread awareness.

  39. We as a nation have become very arrogant and prideful. God HATES the proud and ALWAYS punishes them. The US will lose a military engagement and an ally will betray us. This is how you know that God is angry with us because of our pride and idol worship of a flag.

  40. Lies, lies and more lies! After all of this is finally over…..can we please start proceedings about getting rid of Nadler, Schiff and most of all Pelosi! 2020 will be their just do's. Can hardly wait……it will be great to see Pres. Trump get back to work again getting the platform he was elected on …….going. MAGA

  41. "State your warped opinion and then repeat it again and again and again and then state it as fact." Isn't that exactly what Fox News does? This lady is an opinion host. It is literally her job to give her opinions and she does that as if her opinions are facts. Who's the fraud? Nice try Laura.

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