India to New York Rs 35,000 – USA Customs & Immigration Questions – Cheap Flights – Etihad A380

We got the flight for – Rs.35,000. The airline we have chosen is – Etihad Airways. We are headed towards – Abu Dhabi. And after spending 3 hour layover, we’ll be headed to – New York. And after spending 4 hours in New York. We’ll go to Canada at her son’s place. My brother. My elder son. I am Traveling Desi. And in this New York mini vlog series, I’ll show you how you can plan a budget international trip with your parents. Even for places like New York. It’s been 12 hours, 1.5 hours to reach our destination. We are flying over Canada right now and towards USA. And I’ll show you how you can explore New York. Including all its major tourist attractions in minimum amount of funds. Our story began a month ago during a discussion. I’ve toured dozens of countries, Mom is asking me to take her on a trip. So we are discussing destinations. Take me to a really good place. How about South East Asia like Malaysia, Singapore. Nope. Okay. Let’s increase the spending limit, Dubai, Abu Dhabi? No. Okay a little more money, Budapest, Prague, Paris? I don’t know, haven’t heart of these places. Okay. A little more money pitched in, London? No, not London. Then where’d you like to go? New York. As my brother lives in Canada, we already had to travel there. So that’s why I took Mom to Canada via New York. It’s actually better this way because flights to Canadian cities Ottawa or Toronto were more expensive than New York flights in comparison. Hence we booked a cheap flight from New York. After touring New York for 4 days, we’ll head towards Ottawa, Canada via an overnight bus. Hence we just need one flight ticket, Delhi to New York, one way. Finally Mom got her visa. I opened and started looking. I started searching on 13th March and I got a flight for 3rd April via Qatar airways for Rs.27,000. However, it had a 14 hour halt. But since our dates weren’t flexible and we had to leave on 19th March, we had to select the expensive one. The two cheapest options were Aeroflot and by just paying Rs.1000 extra we got Etihad airways with a double-decker A380 aircraft. Hence, limited options and tight schedule made me quickly head to Etihad airway’s website and I booked a ticket. The journey was from Delhi to JFK airport with a 3.5 hour layover at Abu Dhabi in A380 aircraft. I always book tickets directly from the airline’s website. In this scenario, the cancellation fees was Rs.10,000 and rescheduling was Rs.7000. Additionally, we had the provision of 2 luggage bags up to 23 kg each, per person. Then I got the ticket booked and on the day of our journey, we started packing. This included clothes for the summer and winter both and my camera equipment. The worst part of this packing is that you have to carry clothes for both summers and winters. When I reach. the temperature in New York would be around 3 degrees(Celsius) in the night and 10 degrees during the day. Meanwhile in Canada it’d be -3 during the day and -10 at night. But this will be the case just for the month of April. This time I’m going for months, so I have to pack accordingly. If I have 2-3 bags of my own and Mom is traveling with me, lugging around so many bags would be quite difficult. And that is exactly what happened because we had to eventually drop the option of public transportation in favor of a taxi. We’ll discuss that in a while. And finally I’m prepared for the trip that’s going to last for months. We have covered all the appliances, beds and other stuff with clothes to minimize the buildup of dust in the house. Bags are packed. Bigger bags because I’m going on a long trip and Mom is coming with me. Mom. Are you ready? Yes. You are ready for your trip to New York? Ok, yes, definitely. Ok, yes, definitely? This is my bag? Yes it’s your backpack. It has my stabilizer as well, you will have to carry 5-6 kilos. And my Tayblet. It’s not Tayblet, it’s tablet. And this is Mom’s tablet which she will use to watch serials during the flight. And what’s in this? Your Insulin? Yes. As Mom is diabetic, so she is bringing insulin. For those who don’t know, you can ask the flight staff to store it into their on-flight fridge. So when the patient needs to eat, they can take a dose from the syringe and give it to the air hostage for storage in their refrigerator or ice box. This prevents it from spoiling. It doesn’t look like it. I’m tired. We come early to the airport because all my bags are opened by security multiple times. How long have we been here? The flight time was 4:15am, it’s been 2 hours and the flight is 45 minutes late and now they are changing the boarding gate. We didn’t have any choice but wait. So we chatted for a bit and it was time for Mom to take her medicine. Water bottles are ridiculously expensive at the airport, this small bottle costs Rs.60. What you should do is that you get an empty bottle as security check does not allow liquid to be carried on-board, but empty bottles are allowed. There are water dispensers inside the airport, which you can use to fill that bottle. Mom had to take her medicine and we didn’t have water, so we had to buy this tiny bottle for Rs.60. But if it was an empty bottle, we could carry and refill it. Once she is done, I’ll go refill this bottle from the dispenser and drink. How’s it going? Bad. This is the first flight, it’s just been 3 hours, you are already tired? I asked her to rest. She’s been working since 7am to 12 am in the night and directly came for the flight. Ladies! By the time our flight reached Abu Dhabi, it was morning. We have finally reached the Abu Dhabi airport. The flight to USA will leave in 2 hours. But before that we’d have to visit USA immigration, which can be done on this airport. And after that no immigration once you reach New York. You can directly leave the airportAnd after reaching airport, you have to head towards US customs. In our case That’s correct. In a lot of countries, you can get visa check and immigration before taking your flight to the USA, within the same country. the US customs and visa check took place at the Abu Dhabi airport itself. Cameras aren’t allowed inside, so we’ll head directly to our flight after the visa check. After finishing the process we have reached the boarding gate. The immigration got done at Abu Dhabi itself. All the questions were asked here. I’ll ask Mom about it. We are now headed directly for the boarding gate to catch our A380 flight to New York. Immigration is done. The people who watch my videos know that I always book my seat at the rear end of the aircraft, the reason, we’ll talk about it in a little while. But before that an important question. We have finally boarded the A380 and our seats are wider and bigger as compared to the last aircraft. It’s pretty good. What did they ask you in immigration? A lot of things. Why are you visiting, for how many days, where are you going, how much money you are carrying. Okay. They also asked if I’m carrying rice or jeera (cumin). How did they know? They doubted because since I’m diabetic, I carry ayurvedic medicine in powder form. That’s why maybe they thought. It contains fenugreek, coriander, cumin, Indian ginseng/ashwagandha and so on. Now let’s talk about why I choose rear seats. As you can see, I’m sitting in a 4 seat section and Mom is sitting behind in a 3 seat section. So I got 4 seats to myself and Mom got 3 seats all to ourselves. Since we have 4 seats, we are lying down and relaxing. This too is empty. So due to our planning, I got 4 seats and mom got 3. And this was the result of this planning. We came here lying down, got empty seats in the rear. The benefit of booking seats at the backside of the aircraft as most people catch up on sleep. I booked seat A and C and left the middle one hoping nobody comes in between. So that we both get some extra room. But the 4 seats behind me were empty, so I slept there while Mom rested here. We’d napping all the way. This is particularly useful in long-haul flights because your body gets stiff in long flights. And in case of most airlines, you can check in before your flight departure on their website. In most cases the seat selection option is paid. But if you check in within 24 hours of your flight departure time and then if you select your seat, you will get it for free. We’ll reach in 30 minutes, they have started to prepare for landing and once we reach New York. We need to figure out the public transit from JFK airport to our bnb which is in Queens. So we have to cross Manhattan, then New Jersey which is across the river to New York, our bnb is over there. So after around 24 hours of travel, we finally reached New York. Although they do have these dispenser machines for Sim card on the airport, but they cost $15 more as compared to the market price. This is why I connected to the airport’s free WiFi and set navigation for the bnb via public transport. According to which, I’d first have to take a 4 stop air tram. Next, catch the A line metro which goes quite far ahead. Then a 5 minute walk followed by a path train. Next comes another 7 minute walk and finally we’d reach our bnb. That too with all these bags. We have boarded the air train which will drop us to Jamaica, the last station. We tried to leave the airport and travel all the way using the public transport but we soon realized that it won’t be possible to do with mom. Hence we got off at terminal 2 stop and called an Uber. The place we had to go was 1 hour 15 minutes via cab and 1.5 hours from public transport. Don’t even ask how much Uber cost. $105 or Rs.8000. But these are the expenses that you should be always ready to handle as traveling with parents requires you to account for their health constraints. We traveled from Manhattan to Jersey city via the Lincoln tunnel. By this time it was already dark. I quickly put my bags in our bnb. To gain entry, the owner had provided us with the passcode as soon as the booking was confirmed. So after a long journey, we finally settled down. And finally after a 22 hour long plane journey came to an end. We have reached our bnb and checked in. We brought our luggage inside. We didn’t have the strength for taking the public transport, we took a taxi. It costs a bit more but since I’m traveling with Mom, I figured it’d be more hassle-free this way. Plus we had a lot of luggage to carry. And it was getting really cold. Today it’s 8 degrees C outside. Took a shower, freshened up and then we’ll have dinner, after that we’ll sleep as we are exhausted. I’ll shoot the bnb before leaving for the city. After finally reaching into the bnb we took a bath, got freshened up. Because you should always take a bath after a flight. I always recommend this because there are a lot of germs. And now it’s time for dinner. We have a microwave and refrigerator here. I have the standard Haldiram’s matar paneer/ peas and cottage cheese and Mom made parathas in the morning. We got that as well. We’ll heat these up in the microwave and prepare for dinner. Aloo parathas kept 24 hours in a luggage don’t spoil. And if you keep it in the fridge after reaching, they can last for several days. For vegetarian people, they can heat these up and pair it with Haldiram’s ready to eat veggies for a quick meal. Finally I put all my gadgets on charging and started my dinner. So Mom, what are you having? The parathas I made yesterday that we brought with us. And these are the aforementioned parathas. Mom is watching serial on her tablet, so I put on a historic documentary. And finally at 10pm, our day comes to an end. I’m loving this. The next day, we were ready to explore New York. I’ll cover that in the next vlog, where I’ll show you our Airbnb, it’s benefits and price information. I’ll also talk about how you can use the excellent public transport to visit all tourist locations with minimum amount of funds. We got the flight tickets for – Rs.35,000. Which airlines did we choose – Abu Dhabi airways. Which one? You mixed the two answers. You had to say Abu Dhabi when I ask where are we going through. It’s okay. Let’s try one more, Take 2. Done. And guys, if you liked this video, don’t forget to hit that Like button. For more such videos and timely updates, don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button and the Bell icon.

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