India To America (USA) By Road | 60 countries | 300 days | 2 Indian | Road Trip | Ep 182

India To America (USA) By Road | 60 countries | 300 days | 2 Indian | Road Trip | Ep 182

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  3. Cycle baba
    आपको देख कर अच्छा लगाता है ।
    आप तीन साल world tour पे हो यकीन नहीं होता ।
    आप की हिम्मत है।
    मैंने आपको हाल ही से देखना शुरू किया है ।
    अब मैं आपके पिछले tour भी देख रहा हूं।
    Best of luck
    अल्लाह हिफाजत करें ।

  4. इटली पुलीस का तजुरबा अच्छा नही लगा 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  5. It is impossible you can not drive to USA from India because of the Atlantic Ocean separating the two continents North America and Europe.

  6. Unbelievable…Dr Raj…hats off to you…proud of you…jamaa Kati chaala eh paadd raakhya.. Doctor ji ki himmat ki daad denni paddegi

  7. Cycle baba aap bo cycle use kr lete Jo bijli se charge ho k chalta ho , aap jaha bhi ruko charge laga leha kro ,time ki bachat hogi , desh me itne Ghar hote hai ,kisi na kisi ne to charge karne k liye yes bol hi Deni thi , mere bhi Mann me that duniya dekhna mager sochta tha itne paise kaha se le aahu , fir main aapse yeh sekha k betri pe charge hone wali cycle/sakuti use karke main saari duniya dekhuga , aapko ache si girlfriend mile Jo wife ban k khushiya de main hardaas kruga

  8. Gaadi me ghumne ka 1 cror kharcha , bike pe 10 rakh , bijli charger wali sakuti/cycle pe free , jaha ruko charge lagao ,ab main bhi tour kruga impressed , cycle baba aapka Dil se shukriya aapko dekh hum me hosla aaya k hum bhi or desh ghum sakte hai kamm paiso me

  9. Sir to visa kese apply kiya phele issue karva liya kya aplogo neee….
    Ki on arrival

    Baki praveen bhai ki hasssiii to Ravaan valli haiii…
    dil se hastaaa haiii…

  10. साइकिल बाबा सबसे पहले तो मैं आपको नमस्ते करती हूं। मुझे आपकी विडीयो बहुत अच्छी लगी सर मेरी भी इच्छा है कि मैं भी एक दिन वर्ल्ड टूर पे जाऊं। सर इसका खर्च कितना होगा

  11. बीच मे समुद्र केसे पार किया ?? समुद्र मे road है क्या??

  12. why this man is laughing too loud in the middle of the street. Disturbing pedestrians and peoples living in the apartment.

  13. First explore india then go to foreign countries.
    These guys won't explore own nation because no frame to them, nobody cares. so, for goodframe exploring world but not india.
    Because of this people india n tourists are decreasing why not if own Indians won't watch then foreigners why they will watch
    So please don't support such things friends

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