IMPRESSIVE Tech Photo Backpack!! WANDRD Duo Daypack Review #edc

IMPRESSIVE Tech Photo Backpack!! WANDRD Duo Daypack Review #edc


  1. Looks nice. I think I still prefer the wandrd prvke 21l that I just ordered. Can’t wait to get it! But nice review! 👌🏼😊

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  3. I like it! I am like you in that I overpack and not just camera gear. So the tendency with the PRVKE 31l is to make it 3 feet tall and top heavy.

    And PRVKE = provoke? That makes more sense than what I've been saying; "priv-kah".

  4. Cool looking bag, love the stealth Batman look 😉
    How big is the laptop sleeve? Is it a snug fit with your MacBook, or can it also fit regular 15 inch pc’s?
    I’ve been using the peak design everyday backpack, but it cannot fit anything other than really thin ultra books or a MacBook

  5. A nice, fleece-lined pouch at the top for things that shouldn’t scratch, like glasses or phones. And then a strap/hook for your keys in the very same pocket? Does not compute.

  6. Who would have ever known you like black????? Pretty cool bag but I'm bagged out so it's not for me. Good review as always though.

  7. Great review man! Personally I love my current Vanguard 46. It's not anything super fancy, but has definitely lasted the mile. I use it almost daily for all my shoots, and after about 2 years it's still going strong!

  8. Cool review Dunna! Seems like a slick bag. Reminds me a lot of my Peak Design Everyday backpack. I love that bag. I like the but at the end where you gave ideas of who this might be for and might not be for. Great video!

  9. I like this bag, there's no better way to say it. Do I need a third Wandrd bag? No, I don't, do I WANT one? YES I do. The battle will now ensue between WANTS vs NEEDS and we'll see who comes out the winner.

    Nice review dude, been waiting for this one for awhile. Good thing you had that wide angle on that top down!

  10. Watching your review while I have mine on my back. Day 2 of having it, and loving it so far. Using it mainly as a daily commute/office bag and it fits all my (IT) stuff and a em5 cam.

    Great review! same sentiment on the top handle though. Could have used a thicker one. Other than that, i’m happy with the bag in general.

  11. I currently have a LowePro Sport 200, LowePro Sport 200 AW, ThinkTank Retrospective 30, ThinkTank Streetwalker Hard Drive v1, and a Tamrac shoulder bag.

    The Sport and Retro get the most use. The Streetwalker HD v1 is usually just storing my gear. However, I did take it overnight to Gastown last weekend. I learned a few things. Firstly, my only dslr tripod at the moment is a Manfrotto 190. It's a beast to put on a pack and walk around with but I do love it otherwise. Secondly, the Streetwalker does have place to hold the large tripod but it COVERS ACCESS to the CAMERA GEAR! Highly annoying to remove tripod before pulling out your camera.

    Last weekend thought me that I need a new bag that better mounts a tripod.
    I need a carbon travel tripod.

    I'm not exactly sure what bag to replace the Streetwalker for a weekend pack. ThinkTank bags are well made with strong materials and such. Their Mindshift brand looks interesting.

  12. Definitely digging the bag, can't wait until mine gets here tomorrow. I think it's going to fit me perfectly because I don't carry much gear but the side access is a winner for me. I hate having to take my bag off completely to get to gear.

  13. Definitely not a bag for me…I like being able to open my backpack and having direct access to everything and seeing everything, making it fast & easy to grab a camera body or lens, especially when I am working an event. Plus I do quite a bit of hiking in the spring to fall and always bring my gear with me just in case I see deer or some other wildlife etc…that I want to have quick access to my camera and lenses.
    I currently use two camera backpacks depending on what I am doing. For large jobs and shoots where I need more than one camera and a couple lenses (aka my full kit) I use the Alta Rise 40 from Vanguard. When hiking or if I am just going to wander and do a few hours of nature or street photography, where I only need one camera body and maybe 2 lenses, I use the M-Trekker BP 159 from Lowepro.
    I love both as the Alta Rise, I can open it from the front and have full access to my entire kit or open it from the side to grab a camera with a lens. The M-Trekker opens from the rear which gives me added security for when I am doing street photography. Both bags have a ton of space. The advantage to the Alta Rise 40 is it's a great travel camera backpack and has the chest and waist strap. Both have gel injected padding on the back and feel great when using them. The Lowepro M-Trekker is considerably smaller than the Vanguard Alta Rise 40 but it's still a great everyday bag and can even be the perfect drone bag…Check them out…

  14. This bag looks very messy with you gear inside. I think it is more for content creators with max 1-2 lens and a body. No place for drones and something like this.

  15. Great review, enjoyed the content! What are your thoughts on packing a jacket? As winter is upon us and having a place to store your jacket while not in use is very nice to have….

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