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    ? Book a call to speak to Sam's team to ask your questions: https://mollaeilaw.com/meeting

    Timestamps for the video⬇️:

    00:00 – I introduce Sam Mollaei.

    00:59 – Sam tells us about himself.

    01:17 – My Sam Mollaei review.

    01:42 – How to open a US business? (3 crucial steps, LLC, EIN, ITIN).

    04:40 – Will opening a US business help us protect ourselves from legal claims?

    07:31 – US business credit card.

    08:02 – How to open a US bank account for a non-US citizens, is it any good for us?

    10:43 – A message for those on the path of being an entrepreneur.

    11:11 – My Sam Mollaei review #2 (he deserves it).

    12:20 – How I deal with taxes? What's my tax situation?

    13:09 – Links to Sam's services + my thoughts about his services.

    13:33 – Sam shares his wisdom with us (80/20 Pareto Principle).

    15:29 – Sam shares his thoughts about me (Thank you man, truly appreciate your words).

    16:23 – How to get in contact with Sam Mollaei?

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  2. Very interesting video, a lot of useful information that will be useful to many people, not just for businessmen. Keep growing, Vova! Great goal.

  3. nice! I actually was just having these questions myself regarding the LLC, etc. One question, where in the timeline does the US trademark come in? Would you suggest creating the LLC first and worry later about the trademark or the other way around? I hear getting a trademark also takes quite a bit of time (6-8 months).

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