How to Process Your Emotions

How to Process Your Emotions

It is a quirk of our minds that not every
emotion we carry is fully acknowledged, understood or even truly felt. There are feelings that
exist in an ‘unprocessed’ form within us. A great many worries may, for example,
remain disavowed and uninterpreted and manifest themselves as powerful directionless anxiety.
Under their sway, we may feel a compulsive need to remain busy, fear spending any time
on our own or cling to activities that ensure we don’t meet what scares us head on (these
might include internet pornography, tracking the news or exercising compulsively). A similar
kind of disavowal can go on around hurt. Someone may have abused our trust, made us doubt their
kindness or violated our self-esteem but we are driven to flee a frank recognition of
an appalling degree of exposure and vulnerability. The hurt is somewhere inside, but on the surface,
we adopt a brittle good cheer (jolliness being sadness that doesn’t know itself), we numb
ourselves chemically or else adopt a carefully non-specific tone of cynicism, which masks
the specific wound that has been inflicted on us. We pay dearly for our failure to ‘process’
our feelings. Our minds grow unoriginal from a background apprehension as to their contents.
We grow depressed about everything because we cannot be sad about something. We can no
longer sleep, insomnia being the revenge of all the many thoughts we have omitted to process
in the day. We need compassion for ourselves. We avoid processing emotions because what
we feel is so contrary to our self-image, so threatening to our society’s ideas of
normality and so at odds with who we would like to be. An atmosphere conducive to processing
would be one in which the difficulties of being human were warmly recognised and charitably
accepted. We fail to know ourselves not out of laziness or casual neglect; it simply hurts
a lot. Processing emotions requires good friends, deft therapists and ritual moments like Philosophical
Meditation, in which our normal defences can safely be put aside and unfamiliar material
ring fenced for investigation. The outcome of processing our emotions is always an alleviation
in our overall mood. But first we must pay for our self-awareness with a period of mourning
in which we gradually acknowledge that, in some area or other, life is simply a lot sadder
than we would want it to be We publish new thought provoking films every week. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and take a look at more of what we have to offer at the link on your screen now.


  1. literally no helpful information, its just complaining/warning about unprocessed emotions. the title is a complete lie

  2. i sometimes cant determine what i feel, im always a different person when im with other people or my friends, i dont know why this happens, my thoughts keep me up at night, i always feel that somebody is watching me when im alone even though there was nobody there, there were times when i want to cry but i cant, chest hurts sometimes but thats ok.

  3. I'm seeing a specialist who asked me some questions by email. One was "How do you process emotions?". I didn't even know what that meant but now after watching this video my answer is simple. I don't.

  4. I needed this video. God, I've been feeling depressed but I am feeling better. Gotta work on my mental health.

  5. I think the ability to Proccess emotions helps a lot especially if your a drug addict or lonely it just gives a clear idea of what an emotion means and how we can better oursleves for sure edit:School should teach this education but how ironic this channel name is school of life tho lol.

  6. 16 friends and family passed away by the age of 18. I had to learn to feel simple emotions like to love, can only cry in silance because you feel as a bather to others. Ext but if you dont try to make your self happy first you will always lose the battle.

  7. I'm tortured by my memories of injustice and shame, and the realisation of my inadequacies within a world seemingly blind to its own, on more or less an hourly basis.

  8. What is the ideal. In a sea of consumers,that is.Cause and effect is not cheap. Payment is due after services rendered.

  9. I talked out my issues with my friend and she distanced herself away and I stopped. Honestly, people don't like hearing about other's issues, they are not your therapists. However, you do need good friends who can lend a helping ear as well. Right now I am enduring extreme criticism from my parents who I despise tremendously and hate however, that criticism comes from themselves and are projections that they aim at me.

  10. I can't explain how much this channel has helped me cope with so many things in my life, it has even given me more compassion and understanding towards other people and myself.

  11. Wow, thank you for that.
    Clearly I was guided.
    Thank you much for sharing.
    It made my eyes water just from being able to relate.

  12. Maybe I will just get a government job and act like a bitch all the time like some people did to me everyday

  13. Someone asked me out and i replied with "i dont know yet" but they are my friend, but i like them so much more than that to the point where i am scared i will loose them if i say yes and if something bad happens, then i will have to deal with awful emotions again and i don't want to have a depressed episode again.
    Also all this lovely shit is new to me, but i always feel so safe when i am with him. And he has a sort of disability that i'm sure is life threatening, like he needs a 50/50 operation. I just don't want to lose anyone else i love.

  14. You do have to go through a period of mourning before you draw your own lifes conclusions. This is video is brill!

  15. The incredible content of this TSOL installment will take much time to process. In the meanwhile, I have to wonder, are there no ''awards'' (like Oscars or Grammys) for brilliant animation? Everyone knows the bar is staggeringly high at TSOL, but really, this is just genius. Thank you. The virtuosity almost obscures my sadness for those suffering in the manner described. Please consider- you are not your thoughts, memories, nor actions. You deserve (at the very least) unconditional self forgiveness and love and that some form of mindfulness meditation should be the first act of kindness you show yourself. Youtube is full of free videos on the techniques which will garner some immediate relief.

  16. So, recently I had this childish but amazing dream. I'm a huge LoZ fan, so in this dream I was at a shop, had my shield and shit, hyped af for the adventure. Clerk told me some cliche af shit about this sword, that if I could swing it and practically parry his sword (which for some reason was FF7 Cloud's OG Buster Sword), I was practically the hero and he would give it to me. So, he stood on top of the counter and swung down and of fucking course I slashed that shit and parried it.

    In the dream, I was shocked, I processed what happened and I started to cry out of happiness, which translated to me waking up in tears…and a bit upset. I think that was the first time that I felt pretty much important in a while to anyone else than family.

    People deal with their thoughts and feelings in different ways. Don't be scared to cry your eyes out, if you have a really good friend that listens to you, tell him about your problems, recharge your heart and love. For me, it might take some time, but I'll be alright I think. Take care, everyone.

  17. How can I get to know the work of each video animator? I really would like to search more stuff of some of them…

  18. Excellent video- thanks much for your work. I have displayed several of the listed symptoms for a number of years and strongly suspect there's some serious grieving to be done as Step #1. I really need to get my emotional operating system repaired.

  19. "Insomina is the revenge of the many thoughts we've omitted to process in the day" such a beautifully sad way to put it.

  20. I will never meditate or live alone. I can’t be alone to my thoughts they are dangerous sometimes and they are relentless and never end and make me feel anxious and I’m always having thoughts go and go and go and they are almost never related they just keep going.

  21. *Im just confused a lot*. I have been thinking and philosophing a lot since i was about 12-13. Before then I was just a kid playing around and all of sudden: POW! An unshakable sadness came in my life and i've been thinking about it eversince. Now im 28 and i just dont seem to find an answer. I dont even know if i am on the right path. What even is right?
    That confusion just frustates me so much, that every attempt to work on it or try to live with it seems pointless bc i find myself in that hurting spot again and again and again. And i know this sounds so egotistic and "yeah-yeah my pain is the worst of the whole universe" bla bla. But if i imagine that probably almost every person like me (btw i see myself as a pretty normal functioning human being with both parents, all siblings are still alive, good job, meditating, sport as a hobby, …) has to go though this pain everyday. I can only imagine how the rest of the world must feel like when they are lacking anything that i have.
    I just dont know. Sometimes life feels so full of oppertunities and so lightweight and at other times it just feels so shattering pointless and hopeless. Maybe someone can drop a comment and let me know their point of view….. I'd appreciate it <3

  22. Ive put my trust in people, who have turned away, i lost trust in people after awhile, i got 1 person left i trust and after that im broken ive faced depression before, but at this point my emotions are to much and physical pain is my only option to block out emotional

  23. For me i like to bottle up my feelings and past inside, because people think im happy and perfect mentally and i luv it! They always vent to me, tell them about their problems, lay their problems for me to deal with, and it makes me feel special. Dont bottle up your emotions, feel free to tell anybody! I just like to do that because its fun! 😀
    If you think people have it worse while u get depression and anxiety, some people can have it less than u. Make sure you take care of yourself, tell ur parents, anybody, they will understand. They even help you. Like what i do for my friends 😀
    We are human, we are allowed to have emotions. Use them! ?⭐️

  24. This made me even more depressed. I'm so tired of my therapist and the internet explaining problems and failing to explain ways to solve them

  25. It’s fucking ridiculous how sex hormones have any affect on emotions, as somebody that lacks testosterone i have these situations every single day where I suddenly stop feeling emotions, and sometimes it takes days to recover them and it’s almost physically painfully to recover them, but fuck this I’m not taking testosterone either, because I did not chose to make the human brain work this way, fuck the human brain it is cancer

  26. This video is filled with frame after frame of animation that is like those Japanese artworks where (along with the fantastic painting), the artists write a poem off to the side. Almost every line spoken is profoundly moving. Even by TSOL standards, this one is overflowing with original. evocative animation and lines of commentary that are deeply moving and transformative. Like in the poem by Rilke ''The Archaic Torso of Apollo'', the cumulative effect is a desire to change my life and be better and more kind (thus, making the world a better place).

  27. Everytime i show my feelings i get let down by someone or too afraid to be that negative person.. so I learned to keep them in and not show them… it gotten very difficult to believe when people say they care about me or that I’m important to them .. expressing and accepting one’s emotions has became very difficult for me..

  28. I really loved this girl and I gave her all the love that I had to offer, she came up with and excuse to split apart stating that she wanted to be friends while she focused on herself and “hid” her feelings. Unfortunately I believed her and didn’t mind going back to being friends as long as I had her but then a couple days later I see her in the arms of another guy and then through her friends I found out she had lied to me and lemme tell you that this hurt me a lot because for 5 years we had been super close that you could feel like nothing could separate us but all it took was one change in her mind to end all that……I tried not to let it bother me but a week later all the thoughts just consumed me and it’s all I could think about at night

  29. I needed this video right now. I have been very unmotivated, and distant from other people especially my roommates lately. Consciously Ive been focusing on their flaws and absorbed in my personal woes.
    Watching this video in dawned on me: all be the only one who doesnt graduate this semester, they all move out December and I'll lose the best friends I've ever had.

  30. Oh come on, people that are addicted to pornography will think it's okay if we say that it's just something to do to keep yourself busy. That's a load of f**** b*****

  31. This video really helped me. I need to process, but hard part is finding what thoughts and emotions I need to look at. Thanks!

  32. I was stressed, anxious, nervous, tired, sad, lonely and exhausted for like a month and i was just super numb to everything and today i just suddenly started crying and cried for like 2 hours and now i feel a lot better… Processing feelings is so real i just had a really rough time and it took a lot to keep it together and be "on" all that time..being an adult is brutal

  33. I have so much anger towards my family that I lash out at friends. I’ve lost so many friends because I am starting to lose control over my anger

  34. Let me just say this out loud I am a monster I am trashy I am selfish I get mad at pride month I don't like black people I am absolute garbage and I know that and I would give anything to be a different person I'm so so so sorry that I'm a selfish piece of trash I feel like I CAN change myself but I have no idea how to i need to change my opinions and my state of mind but u don't know how to and if you want to bash me with replys you can cause I need to be yelled at for being awfull and having awfull thoughts but I just don't know how to change me

  35. I actually wanted to find a video talking about your feelings, I always have many sad thoughts when I lie down on bed when I’m about to sleep, Recently I broke up with one of my online friends, I was just trolling around, she got annoyed and called me a bitch. I felt shocked because nobody has called me that before. I always cry in my bed thinking about what life is. Since she left me alone I’m always alone. I was back to my old self, being alone forever, and just thinking what life is. I left the group chat. I just read the messages that they were sending. Nothing was left there. It felt like, it was all gone. Haha if you’re still here reading this, I think you might care or not. Because I always try to keep a smile on my face but it always goes down. Everything is complicated.

    But this is the end of the comment. Thanks for reading or whatever.

  36. When I was little I had an image that I wanted to be like Chris Hemsworth, the guy who plays Thor. I could never figure out why I was never entirely happy even though I had everything I thought I wanted. In fact, as I got closer to who I thought I wanted to be I became unhappier; my self-esteem crumbled, and before long I felt like I was being puppetted around like a human vehicle driving the brain- while smacking the feelings into obedience. Turns out later that I found out that I was trans all along. Having to change my self-image screwed with my mind so bad, because everyone was encouraging me in the direction of who I said I wanted to be. But now it’s taking so much effort to steer it back the way I really need it to. I feel more comfortable with myself as a girl, but also sad that so much time was wasted trying to be someone else.
    Note: This is an individual story and has nothing to do with the struggles that any of you are going through. Do not rush for an easy explanation. Cis people who transition will experience gender dysphoria.
    For those intolerants, fuck you. Gender dysphoria is a legitimate medical condition that you are born with. It is found in any animal at all, from mice to whales. You disregard me, then you disregard the work of millions of scientific researchers, and that just makes you look like a fucking idiot, doesn’t it?
    Oh, boo hoo, your god told you we upset him, then why create us in the first place? Not to mention you worship the same god who drowned the entire earth, and creates “evil” people knowing full well they’ll turn out “evil”, but for some reason still needs a simulation ground called ‘earth’? Oh, what a wonderful god you have, one that plays chess with himself with real people’s lives in the balance. OH COME LET US ADORE HIM! ?The most benevolent god that needs constant praise from humans. Your god sounds like a two-year old who got addicted to his pram toys ??

  37. It's not so much of what happens to you as much as what you do about it….have a happy ending. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses to be aware, or have awareness in day to day living. Reconcile with facts, and not fantasy. Live each day to your fullest, and most of all learn acceptance, a key to knowing the difference.

  38. Moral of the video: Everyone in your Reality is sad.
    You are sad too but you can change things around and make it better.
    Question depends how to?
    Answer is upto you and how you do it.
    Good luck!

  39. Instead of dealing with my emotions I play video games in order to disappear this feeling right know I feel like that on my work and I can play on the work so how can I disappear this emotions that don’t led me to focus to work.

  40. What if the one thing to be sad about is the people that I've once loved and cared for, family friends work.! What am I supposed to do

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