How To Bring your Indian Fiancee to the USA? Gen 54

How To Bring your Indian Fiancee to the USA? Gen 54

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Your Personal Immigration Guide Hi. My name is Fred Wahl.
I am a bonded immigration consultant, with 36 years of experience,
and a 100% success rate. Todays topic is:
How To Bring your Indian Fiancee to the USA? Your Indian Fiancee needs permission from
the US government to allow her to enter the USA. This is called a K1 Fiancee visa. First we work together to assemble a thick
packet of forms, evidences and civil documents. This is required to demonstrate that you are
eligible to apply, and that your true agenda is a genuine life
together,not immigration fraud. My signature philosophy is that a petition
should be “front loaded” with high quality evidence of a bone fide relationship.
My “front loaded” petitions prepare the way so that your Fiancee will have an Easier interview. The petition package is mailed to the United
States Customs and Immigration Service. USCIS takes about 4 to 5 months to review
and approve. When finished, USCIS hands the case over to the US State Department’s National Visa Center. Fiance visa applications are held only briefly
at NVC, just long enough for NVC just long enough for NVC to assign a Mumbai or New Delhi case number
and forward your file via diplomatic pouch to India. Once her petition has arrived in India, the
responsible consulate will contact your fiancee advising when they have scheduled her interview. There are five US consulate service locations
in India, but only two, the Consulates in Mumbai or New Delhi are reponsible for the processing of
all Fiance visas. So even if your gal lives across the street from a consulate, she will still have
to make the trip to Mumbai or New Delhi for processing. Two weeks before her interview date she undergoes
a medical exam at a consulate approved clinic. Finally she attends the visa interview at
the consulate in Mumbai or New Delhi, to demonstrate she is of good moral character and the engagement
is Bone fide. A week later a DHL delivers her visa, and
then she can join you in the USA. I make the process sound simple. But its not.
It is easy to make rookie mistakes that can derail the entire process. If you want it done right.
Guaranteed. I can help. This is Fred Wahl
your Personal Immigration Guide. For your free copy of
“120 Must Have Visa Interview Questions” visit


  1. Hi Mr Fred is me again can you pls do video that explain like an example of my situation about that me and my lover have age difference and we truly love each-other and how this gonna be from the side of the US embassy and what we can do in this case pls. cause my wife and me we Believe that we know each-other really good our both family are good together and they not have any problem that we will Married cause they know that we are true lover age is never be Problem in our relation

  2. I'm glad you enjoy my videos. I provide them for general information, to help my clients understand the process, but NOT to replace my Personal Support. Now is time for direct help, not more youtube. I have spoken with your American Fiance. already and explained to her what needs to be done to maximize your chances to get the visa. I specialize in helping couples demonstrate their "bone fides" with my signature "frond loaded" petitions. My efforts would greatly improve your chances.

  3. ow thank you Mr Fred for all cause you still the best and even i watch Lots of video the only one i feel ok with is you i'am sure you are the most professional and that's in my Opinion and us soon us we gonna start we will let you know everything

  4. Thanks for your comments. I look forward to working with you and your fiancee and will work hard to make yours a successful case.

  5. yes Mr Fred and we are so thankful to you cause you are such a good person and understand our situation. i really love her and today she did cry when i was talk with her on Skype i told her whats wrong and she say she is worry if those in interview make it hard for us and not let us Marry. but i told her i believe in our love and our knowledge about each-other and i believe in Mr Fred about that he will help us get together forever.

  6. I want to ask you one question is there some problem if we have huge age gap between me and my fiancΓ© she is 47 year old and me 26 year it’s been 2 years for our relationship already and we met more than 2 time In personal

  7. Hello sir
    I wanted to know how to does USA embassy in India sends packet of instruction to benefiary?
    Is it by email or mail in person?

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