How To Bring your foreign Spouse to the USA? Gen 42

How To Bring your foreign Spouse to the USA? Gen 42

Fiancee Visa Services Dot Com Your Personal Immigration Guide Hi. My name is Fred Wahl. I am a bonded immigration
consultant, with 36 years of experience, and a 100% success rate. Todays topic is: How To Bring your Spouse
to the USA? Your Spouse needs permission from the US government
to allow her to enter the USA. This is called a CR1 Spouse visa. First we work together to assemble a thick
packet of forms, evidences and civil documents. This is required to demonstrate that you are
eligible to apply, and that your true agenda is a genuine life together,not immigration
fraud. My signature philosophy is that a petition
should ALWAYS be “front loaded” with high quality evidence of a bone fide relationship.
My “front loaded” petitions prepare the way so that your Spouse will have an Easier interview. The petition package is mailed to the United
States Customs and Immigration Service. USCIS takes about 4 to 5 months to review
and approve. This includes a background check on YOU, by the FBI. When finished, USCIS hands the case over to
the US State Department’s National Visa Center. NVC requests a second packet of forms and
civil documents,and payment of affidavit of support and visa application fees. Once satisfied,
they assign a new case number and forward your file via diplomatic pouch to the consulate
assigned for your spouse. Once her petition has arrived your spouse
contacts the consulate to book her interview date. About a week or more before her interview
she undergoes a medical exam at clinic appointed by the consulate. Finally she attends an interview at the US
consulate. She MUST demonstrate she is of good moral character and the marriage is bone
fide. One to Two weeks later she gets her visa,
and can join you in the USA. I make the process sound simple. But its not. It is easy to make rookie mistakes that can
derail the entire process. If you want it done right. Guaranteed. I can
help. This was Fred Wahl your Personal Immigration Guide. For a free copy of 120 Must Have Intervew
Questions visit Fiancee Visa Services forward Slash


  1. Hi sir, i came to america as a refugee and i have green card. I am planning to get married with my girlfriend in forgine country. How to bring my wife to US after i get married with her. Which form do i need to fill up. How long it will take? Can you help me please.
    Thank you

  2. my wife is American and I'm a Ghanaian and she has file i-130 and she also want to file for k-3 but they said it will take 5 months same time that they are using to process the i-130 so I want to know if it's correct

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