How to Answer Immigration Questions at the Airport

How to Answer Immigration Questions at the Airport


  1. Arrival officer- purpose of your visit
    Me- Buisness
    Arrival officer- what kind of visit
    Me- Mind your own Business😂

    And that's how you get deported back to your own country

  2. Do you know anyone in the USA? That's a stupid question. I know many people in the USA like Donald trump, Beyonce, Oprah, etc. But other than joking I have many ex classmates that live here but I don't intend to visit them.

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  4. Hello, earlier I did watch your very clear and informative video, from Toronto to Dubai i will fly by Emirates first of November so, great 👍 help. Thanks. One question, as flying more than 9 hours getting Hotel to stay but after security desk could I go to duty free shops then can go to hotel? Reply will be appreciated. Zz

  5. we went to seoul korea 2 days a go but the immigration send us back to our country is it because we dont have hotel booking ???

  6. Hello, Thanks for your reply but I should clear, Actually from I am flying from Toronto to Dubai to Dhaka, so, Dubai is my transit . When I bought ticket received hotel staying, reached Dubai at 10:30 am staying over night next morning flying to Dhaka city, Bangladesh. That's why asked after Security and going to hotel could I spend some times around DFS at Dubai. Please clear. Thanks a lot. Zz .

  7. This guy has a very good English, clear communication
    But not many tourist understand visa officers English and visa officers can not understand their accent. Hence all the confusion

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  9. That is very kind of you
    Can you please help me how to come to the U S A
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  10. I wil go to the US in California alone to visit my long distance GF in January for 2 weeks hope i'm not too nervous i always get nervous at airport security for some reason😂

  11. I just recently had a trip to Japan and then back to the US. Was very easy going both ways. Entering Japan they just asked me how long I was staying. Entering the US(I am a citizen) they just asked if I brought any food with me. Typically you get a short form to fill out on the plane, and most of these questions are also asked on the form. So assuming you fill that out ahead of time it should be an easy process.

  12. Hi good afternoon. my question is that if my ticket and flight time is 00:25 i.e after 12:00 AM but my immigration process will start before 12 AM i.e almost three hours before. then immigration staff which date stamp on my passport, either current date or according to my ticket and flight time date which will be changed after 12:00 AM. please guide me . regards and thanks please

  13. Very helpful, thanks you don't make it sound so difficult and irritating, to be honest I hope my significant other half can get the visa and enter the country safely workout any denial. Please give us advise, I want her to come with a tourist visa, we want to meet for the first time, I know that you're no lawyer but we love each other and we cannot stand being separated, we want to get married and begging our life together and we only desire to do things right without violating any immigration law.

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  15. This is very useful .

    My bf is from australia he was denied and were suppose to meet this 26th of december 😏 i think he didn't answer well the questions
    Well im going to share thid video to him

  16. My Friend in Ghana applied for his Visa so if he arrives is he gonna be asked these questions? He applied for immigrant Visa so if he comes he'll live with his uncle in Rhode Island.

  17. Do they have interpreters? They should, as a tourist we don't need to know the language (of course it's recommended to know at least basic sentences).
    I asked my father once, he has traveled to USA to work conferences, but since he doesn't speak English, someone from the organization was in charge of that.

  18. I am going to Italy for First time from Bangladesh and also first flight in my life…i have family visa…i am little bit nervous that what Immigration Officer could ask me…can you plzzz Help me with that???

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