How it’s Made—Proudly Made in USA—ShotKam Camera

How it’s Made—Proudly Made in USA—ShotKam Camera

Our vision has always been to create a camera that was entirely engineered for a shotgun A camera that replicates the sharp focus of your eye and provides the instant feedback never seen before. One so intelligent it can detect each movement of the barrel. With ShotKam, that vision is now a reality. A beautifully designed gun camera made in the USA. Hi, my name is Mike. I’m responsible for machining your ShotKam. Our manufacturing process begins with raw domestic material that is then hand-cut into rough size. From there they’re loaded into a magazine which feeds them into our CNC lathe. This begins a manufacturing cycle of transforming raw material into a finished housing using turning, boring, and threading. Lastly, they are ejected onto a conveyor ready for final inspection. From there, they are blasted with glass beads to create a matte finish. Then, an electrochemical finishing process turns them to black. From there an SMT machine populates the eight-layered printed circuit board with the key components, such as the powerful video processor, 64 gigabytes of memory, and its own Wi-Fi module. The electronics are then connected to the housing with a heat conductor and protected from vibration with shock absorbers. ShotKam was engineered with your gun in mind every step of the way. From the glass down to the pixels.


  1. I enjoyed the video, seeing the “TLC” that it is made with and in good ol America!. Based on my own experience with SHOTKAM I know I have a quality product and the best of product care when/if needed…..All that said, what I best enjoyed was seeing the GREAT video of the clays being struck by the shot…Awesome! Thanks!

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