1. Is she saying, once you're hired under contract then specific reasons are needed to be fired or not to renew it ??..In that case, everybody is safe from being fired..Nice Try !!

  2. Why would a BLACK woman want to work with those people? Oh for money. Smh. Keep going around them black women. You're good at sniffing up their butts and when they fart you're offended. Smh

  3. The hairstyles were beautiful, but too much weave. There's millions of BLACK women who have videos on yt showing their beautiful, REAL hair. Black women in hellyweird must be bald. You NEVER see their REAL hair; probably because they don't have any.

  4. Not to be a cynic, but show business is about publicity and that's exactly what she's getting. I had no idea who she was before her job on AGT.

  5. Best known in films such as "Bring It Own"… a 19-year-old film. WaPo you have to do better. Union has been in relevant projects since then. Also, clearly no one proofed this vo… smh. Lastly, black women (and anyone else) being disrespected by (white) men is played out…

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