1. I watched the section with the clamp meter a few times, thinking how is that working without a line splitter, before finally seeing one conductor is outside the clamp. Was hard to see on a small screen 🙂

  2. To see me spray painting using the Harbor Freight compressor you can watch "Lift Table Restoration, Epoxy Primer and Acrylic Enamel Paint" https://youtu.be/sBjYUfGpsjc

  3. Good video,hope they last you a lifetime but if one ever breaks down before the other that would make for a good video,of course taking into account wish one gets used more.

  4. So i could buy 3 harbour freight compressors and have 3x the power as cali air haha hands down we have a winner

  5. Great video but i think for a noise issue making a long box with sound deading would still give it air to breath Cool and cut DB less then the california ..also a neat trick is to blow a fan very close on high it helps on sound too

  6. Stupid question…so if my garage is on a 15 amp breaker, either of these is going to nearly max it out?

  7. How is the California Air Tools compressor holding up? I've read negative reviews for many of their models describing failures after weeks or months.

  8. Awesome comparison! Really love the technical tests.
    The only issue I have is when you said the CAT compressor "clearly has a stronger motor" from the higher Amp draw.
    That's not necessarily true. Amp draw could be increased by resistance etc.
    Other than that, this was fantastic. My HF compressor just died and I couldn't stand the noise.
    Switching to a CAT compressor and as long as it lasts, well worth the cost.

  9. CAT is quiet but they constantly break down. Always a problem with them. I’m on my third unit (5 gallon) which now also sprung a leak and can’t be run without the motor overheating. They are quiet yeah. But cheaply made. Just like the crap at the freight. And all I do is engrave with it. Takes very little air. At this point I may as well sprung for the Silentaire or built my own from a refrigerator compressor (quiet air compressors are not new tech by any means). Point being plan on replacing it. If you want a unit that lasts 10’years or more with consistent run. CAT isn’t worth buying – the fact they are oil less also is problematic as they wear out quicker than shit thru a goose on taco Tuesday.
    Would be nice if companies stopped building their shit in China.

  10. Not really a fair comparison in my books the compressor 's are far not different from each other -one Harbor Freight is a Budget model and the other is in a totally different class.

  11. That noise level is actually a pretty big deal… When I was younger I didn't take it seriously, I kinda realize now how stupid I was.

  12. Excellent video, I'm considering the Central Pneumatic 10 gallon, but really hard to chose between all the different HF models these days. I will have to find a way to quiet it down some..
    Think I'll check out your other vids…

  13. The testings seems a been unfair because of the California air tools compressor will cost several hundred dollars more compared to the harbor freight so obviously with the California air tools it's going to be higher quality and you're going to house better futures

  14. Why not do an actual CFM test which to me is far more important as it can be the difference in what the compressor can do for the money. If the california air tools can't run an impact driver, to me it's not worth the money.

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