Hannity: Biden attacking the people he wants to vote for him

Hannity: Biden attacking the people he wants to vote for him


  1. I’m sorry he said that to that young lady. This is the way the Dems really feel and talk without PR people and writers telling them what to say. T2020.

  2. Hey Sean! Read below and act on it if you are a true patriot! Why is congress, judges etc allowed to pass a law that protects them from accountability to lying?
    Let’s see if you will have a report on this to the American people!
    The False Statements Accountability Act (“FSAA”) was sponsored by a one-term freshman Senator William J. Martini (NJ) who later became a federal judge. It included a bizarre Subsection (b) that permits judges, attorneys and parties to lie to Congress, courts and agencies without liability.

    See HR 3166

    Here is the Ninth Circuit Court appeal which affirms that lying is legal:

    US v McNeil

  3. Please exsplain budget cuts for the disabled and poorest Americans. How can you justify cutting taxes last year for rich and this year your going to propose to cut disability medicare and food stamps. We love trump so can you please exsplain

  4. ………..Joe's not running…he's just hiding behind it. What you are seeing is a man who doesn't even have enough energy, smarts or patience to properly maintain his cover. People who consider Joe to be fit in ANY WAY for the job of president are idiots. Remember MSM?…constantly referring to that fossil as the "front runner"…trying to shield one of their own from investigation……ALL BS.

  5. I like Ukrainian women and am looking for a job…is that enough experience to work on a board of directors for Burisma?? I mean seriously I'll work for a lot less.

  6. When Biden call hers that the gut reaction of many attendees was to laugh and many are smiling. What a bunch of butt kissing lemmings. They should have walked out on the spot. Clown show.

  7. Being on the road campaigning takes a toll and it's shoeing on him. I don't want someone that tired and old running the country

  8. Hmm cant vote biden hes one of 3 musketeers; clinton, obama, joe. All for them, and none for all. Cant vote butttujuj crime went up more than 50% under his watch as mayor, and he backed other candidate years ago, bernie, cant vote socialist hed take what little $ i have maybe even my house, and give it to any immigrant who needs it or needs his tooth pulled and has been here only 1 month even though i cant afford my own fillings. Socialism will start with ruch but evwntualy theres no rich left to tax and will trickle the debt to the average citizen as they spend our $ for who knows what. Tulsi is about best nominee i reckon if i had to pick any democrat but trump is rising right now, his state of the union address 2020 was great!

  9. Oh sure, we'll be the ultimate jury as long as the dems don't get their way by having all the illegal immigrants bused in to vote for them..

  10. Imagine that interview : “ So you were recently kicked out of the service for cocaine abuse”
    “Ahhh , yeah”
    “Well we can only offer you 50k a month and you have to show up at least a few times a month “
    “I’ll take it “

  11. Sean, As a lifelong Democrat, I dismissed your show for decades as Right Wing Cray-Cray. While following the Great Impeachment Debacle I stumbled upon your current coverage and you’ve helped me see the light! Trump has truly been railroaded by the corrupt and ineffectual Dems. It’s time for me to get off the fence and support our President wholeheartedly!

  12. Biden forgot where he was! LOL! "Lying dog-faced pony soldier." What the hell is that?? He thought he was in front of an audience who doesn't like him? I don't think he wants to be POTUS. I think he just wants to use people to get him from being thrown in the pokey with his son for nefarious reasons we already know.

  13. Awwww.. i caught the micro expression on her face after he made that statement and turned around @3:28
    Sad she asked an honest question and wanted something that would convince her to vote for him.

  14. Joe…just quietly leave the stage and don't waste any more time or money ….I think THE BIDEN family has gotten rich enough off the American people…..almost as bad as the Clintons…..

  15. I noticed something that nobody else did. The lady asking the question handed the mic back to Biden, she steps to her right while Biden turns away from her and looses sight of her, then turns back to the audience and focuses on a different lady and thinking it was still her, and asks his question to that different lady and the different lady NODS yes to being at a caucas. The different lady after being called a lier, points at her Biden button and then at the lady that asked the original question. To me it makes it even worse for Joe because its another example of he Biden not being able to concentrate and focus.

  16. He knows he’s done. He’s just stretching time until he’s going to have to endure the inevitable shame that he will be going through . Just like Schiff, schiff knows his lies and fabrications are all known and that he has never had any integrity. He just liked the spotlight, however short it was. So Schiff is stretching the inevitable shame he’s going to go through like the shame he went through when he came up with nothing on the Russia false case that he insisted he had and never had. Very Temporary spotlight that will always fade away for him.

  17. I think this virus is a setup to 1) depopulate the world in accordance
    with the United Nations Agenda 21 plan, and 2) disarm the American
    people. They can quarantine a whole city and take away your gun to use
    the virus as an excuse. How else could they do it?! Think about it and
    it is obvious.

    They said the New World Order (NWO) can't take place as long Americans have guns
    And they
    need less people worldwide for the 1 world government to get set into place. How sick!!

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  19. Trump during his daily speeches ridicules his own supporters but they are too dumb to understand it.. that's too much for highschool drop outs ..LOL.

  20. Listen folks— my Dad had dementia for many months before he died, and it was VERY difficult to understand and deal with. However, my Dad was not as crazy as Joe Biden is becoming. He is losing it folks, and it's going to get worse as 2020 continues.

  21. Joe is losing his mind with age , it happens, we break down and rot. And that dog face? I'd be happy to wake up to seeing that first thing every morning. Not only is his mind going blind, so is his sight.

  22. Joe biden has the most nicknames. Creepy uncle joe,sleazy joe,1% joe,sleepy joe, quid pro joe. What's next Trump give us a new one.😂

  23. Why don't we just call him what he really is a nasty ole man keep you're little girls away from him I'm not kidding scarry omg he's done thank God!!!

  24. Joe Biden is a joke does this guy really believe he can be president I don't think he believes that gomer Pyle has a better chance of becoming president bozo Biden does not have a chance

    gomer Pyle could be president

  25. You know that everytime I hear the term angry white male, the face of Bernie Sanders comes immediately to mind. The same happens to me socialist and communist candidates down here in Brasil. Some might not be white but they're angry as hell.

  26. in social security savings, every one has to pay in, all need a pension plan. US gov, has to control spending first. promote tax free savings and tax free investments – for old people. and kids trust funds. socialism will not work. bankers have to leave for a less commie country. like coasta rica or germany. and dems chip into social security for free stuff, college not free, medicare not free, all have to pay in, also gov, not known for good customer service. china has socialize medicare – may they RIP. the corona plague hits all nations and cultural people heavy fatalities.

  27. Sean and the Republicans are starting to sound like the liberal media telling Dem viewers Trump is going down. Zero Democrats have been held accountable and we are sick of it!! We demand results and not big talk!!

  28. Fox News=cancer
    Hannity: would you support quid pro quo joe!
    dude: you're deflecting reality!
    american people: we now understand Donald trump has cheated in both elections!
    Hannity: you're not answering my question, TrUmP NoT GuIlTy and neither is oG SiMsOn!

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