Guy Asks Acapella Bandmate To Prom On America’s Got Talent

Guy Asks Acapella Bandmate To Prom On America’s Got Talent

What’s your name? We are one voice and where you from we’re from Memphis, Tennessee, Memphis, Tennessee What is it that you do? We are an acapella group? So we all perform together? How do you all know each other [we] go to the same high school really we have football players um people use group Yes, who’s able to your football player? What’s your name sir. Give me the mic. I’m Jeremy So why did you join like don’t you want to focus on football? Yeah? I do a lot [of] things around the school so everybody’s supportive and well that’s great are the relationships here boyfriends and girlfriends or anybody? No, I mean, but there might there might be a crush, you know You’ve gotta carry me. Nobody else knows that except you jeremy went in another one both nothing to say [ah] [alright], let’s hear you one voice I? Know [when] I know who had the crush on him, we’ll find out show me ah Is Daddy you still? ah Ah the way oh I’ll let simon take it first simon uh guys guys guys can I be honest with you I? Didn’t like it. Well come on I loved it I know some really really good singers in there as well. [I] love you guys I loved it to me. I [loved] the main vocalist. I thought you were fantastic [definitely] left me wanting more [I] Could actually hear all 12 parts. Which is very very hard to do absolutely You know what? before before we carry on I Really need [to] know who these crushes of yours demands Jeremy. [can] [you] please just confess just get it over and done wait brother Actually, I I got a surprise over but oh It’s a [tea] part. I don’t know if any of y’all watch the office, but I’m gonna be jim for a minute I hope be pale oh My God, [it’s] [a] letter. [oh] gosh, okay? [oh], my gosh read it out loud You make me happier than pretzel day from Yes, there you go. Yeah You owe me one brother [thank] you so much brilliant. [oh], I feel I feel great Anyway, what what did you think I thought they were amazing? I think that you’re made but you know what I want to go to the prom Oh, you make me high gretel there now Let’s go Simon a hundred percent. Yes And give you in a second, yes Of course, I’m gonna say yes, how Happier than pretzel day with your [port] yeah


  1. I'm so happy she said YES what if she didn't?

    Me:I would I feel so upset and broken -hearted for Jeremy but … LETS CELEBRATE WOOHOOO

  2. Simon: "I didn't like it…"
    Me at home: Screaming my lungs out at 3 in the morning
    Simon: "I LOVED it!"
    Me: oH tHaNk gOd

  3. 1:55 Was the best part




    ME: OHHH

  4. It almost made me want to cry I'm so happy for you too I don't know if you guys can see this but I hope you guys have fun for me and my name is Casey Rose as I don't see it says K butt I 8 years old the video was amazing thank you for your?????????????

  5. A big congratulations have a good prom adding on to what I was saying I'm in the other thing I mean course and I have a son tomorrow at 6 so I hope you guys listen

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