Growing Anaheim Chilli Peppers – How To Grow Anaheim/New Mexico.California Chillies

Growing Anaheim Chilli Peppers – How To Grow Anaheim/New Mexico.California Chillies

the Anaheim chili pepper also known as
the New Mexico chili pepper or the California chili pepper is a mildly hot
pepper variety that is easy to grow in your garden let’s look at growing the
Anaheim chili pepper now this pepper variety can be easily grown in
containers we are using a whisky barrel container here but you can use a small
container even as small as five gallons to grow a single plant
we’re adding some organic fertilizer this is a vegetable fertilizer that will
provide adequate nutrients for this plant to grow and this is the plant
we’re planting this is the Anaheim chili pepper also known as the New Mexico
chili pepper or the California chili pepper
it has different pronunciations and even spelled differently but it’s all the
same it’s all chili peppers now we’ll take our plant and then plant it like
the way you see here and we’re just going to compact the soil around the
plant a little bit now as soon as you plant the Anaheim
chili pepper plant you need to water it very well and when you water it around
the base you can see that this is a very well draining potting mix now you can
either use a bagged potting mix or you can create your own potting mix but you
need to make sure that the mix is well draining and you need to water as soon
as you add the fertilizer to the soil you do want to make sure that your plant
is well watered anytime you add fertilizer now this fertilizer should be
good for at least a few months now we planted our Chile plant very late it was
almost July when we started our Chile plants we had a heat wave going on in
July which is why I’m adding this mulch at the base of the plant this mulch will
help retain water and will help the plant survive through days of very hot
weather now mulching is totally optional but it helps conserve water and also
prevents weeds around the plant you need to make sure that you mulch at least to
about two inches as you can see here this is about two inches of mulch that
we are adding here and 20 days since planting you can see
that the plant is growing pretty well now you can start your pepper plants
from seeds as well and you need to plan that in advance make sure that you sow
your seeds and then transplant the plant and here you can see the Chili Peppers
have started forming already on the plant this chili pepper plant is a quick
producer it produces a lot of chilies very quickly now this chili variety the
Anaheim chili pepper is a mild pepper variety it has a Scoville heat rating of
500 so they’re much milder than other pepper varieties like cayenne pepper or
jalapenos they are a mild pepper variety and a lot of people actually prefer the
heat of this pepper variety because it’s mild it’s not very hot and the best thing about this pepper
plant is that it produces large chilies large Chili Peppers as you can see here
the size of this chili pepper is quite big and this is one thing I like about
this pepper variety is that the size of the pepper is pretty big and you can see
here we harvesting our first chili pepper it’s a beautiful looking chili
pepper and I use this chili pepper just like I would use a bell pepper for
example since it’s so mild it is almost like using a bell pepper so you can stir
fry these peppers you can make salsas out of it it can be pretty much used in
anything that you would use regular peppers or even hot red chilies if you
want a milder version of the same dish just use this chili pepper variety
and this pepper variety does turn red when it becomes mature however I like to
harvest my peppers when they are green and this pepper will keep producing and
you can harvest a lot of peppers from this pepper variety and here is an
interesting fact about the Anaheim chili pepper
it’s a cultivar of the New Mexico pepper variety and it gets its name from Emilio
Ortega a farmer who brought these seeds from New Mexico to the city of Anaheim
and California and as you can see here this is a mildly hot pepper variety on
the Scoville scale it’s about 500 so there we have it folks that was our
episode on the plant profile for the Anaheim chili pepper or the New Mexico
chili pepper or the California chili if you like growing this pepper variety do
put in a comment below and if you like this video don’t forget to give us a
thumbs up we’ll see you again soon
happy gardening


  1. Hi.. can you suggest indian small hot chilli peppers .. i dnt knw what it is called.. or how to grow it from seeds.. plz make video on it..

  2. We’re Big on growing green chilies, we grow around 15-20 plants a year, we roast them and freeze them for green chili dishes all year long?, we also still get the hatch green chilies as well that are grown in Hatch NM❤️

  3. Dear CaliforniaGardener
    Sir, Thanks for your valuable knowledge about soil constitution.
    My plants often fails, because of bad soil in containers. Container growing is extremely fragile ,and will not yield to inhospitable soil.
    Additionally, We live in Cold Climate, with Harsh winter already descended, we early terminated all Growings
    Sir , Can you please I've us some tip how to grow in Make-Shift GreenHouse Greing
    Shukryia Dhanywaad thank you for time and efforts to create more informative ideas for novice farmers who have been looking for new tips on grwing.

  4. can you do a beginner's gardening video? like recommended plants to start with that don't require a lot of skill? I want to start but i seem to always kill all my plants!

  5. Hmmm I don’t know if it’s just me but at 2:55 does one of your leaves have bacterial leaf spot? My Serrano plant has that infection so I was just wondering if there was a cure for it or a way to prevent the bacteria. Excuse my grammar.

  6. Your videos are very informative and enjoyable but I have to correct you that our New Mexico Chile Peppers are not the same. Maybe remotely related but a huge difference in taste and heat to those who truly know peppers. In fact many know New Mexico Chile as the Hatch Chile Pepper, how ever over the decades there are new varieties and it has been proven over and over again our peppers are a product of our geographical environment much like your avocados. Not to be judging, just have to clear the air as many think they are eating New Mexico Chile's and sadly unless they came from our soil they are not and you can taste the difference.

  7. Thaks for this informative upload on anaheim – it is also one of our favourite varieties to grow. For similar plants like cayyene and hungarian hotwax and a prairie fire chilli harvest check out Ali's Allotment.

  8. Are home depot avocado trees grafted? And if not do you recommend me getting a hass tree from there and is it a guarantee fruit?

  9. Do you loosen the roots before planting? You loose the fertilizer in a pot in about 2 weeks. So feeding once a month is good.

  10. Hello I asked watering times for your vegetable garden in another video but i didnt get any response. Can you please tell me how much and how often do you water your plants using drip irrigation system ? I have rainbird drip irrgation installed in my yard..

  11. Can you do a video on vermin control, particularly 1) Cats (they poop everywhere and it's especially disgusting) and 2) Squirrels (digging holes and planting walnuts everywhere). The squirrels are annoying, but I can live with it really. But the cats!! Don't like the poop in the garden!

  12. My dad puts them straight on the stove fire! Once toasted slices them and uses it in an ingredient to make Mexican potato cheese soup really good!!!!

  13. I just planted one of these last weekend! I planted it next to a Serrano pepper and two jalapeno plants, about 4-5 inches apart. I know this is sorta cramped, but i hope it will still be alright. The plants get a lot of sunlight & I mulch very lightly with used coffee grounds. This is my first grow ever!

  14. I love these peppers they're delicious. I rinse them with water and eat them like apples they're so good when they're fresh

  15. In northern Mexico we call it chilaca, I live in Alabama and is hard to find, actually the only store that sell it is target right now. Thanks I definitely going to grow my own.

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