Frank Figliuzzi: Atty. General Barr Is Lying To America About Ukraine | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Frank Figliuzzi: Atty. General Barr Is Lying To America About Ukraine | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Barr has now definitively proven that he's not the attorney general of the United States. He's nothing but a Trump crony.

  2. He treads lightly with his word because he is involved… dumb old trump also mention him as a go to person in the So called transcript…

  3. Does Barr have a secret life that he is ashamed of and Trump knows every little sordid detail? If not compromised then why would a lawyer in the twilight of his career trash his legacy?

  4. First of all AG Barr is not lying about anything regarding Ukraine for the simple reason that I am actually reading the Ukrainian news and they are still investigating Hunter and where that money disappear too! Check out independent Ukrainian news check out Unian news Etc. If you really cared about this country you wouldn't find out the truth for yourself instead of letting the news tell you. And let me just be clear 90% of the democratic vote is of us black Americans there are more black Americans switch over to the right then there are to the left you've actually lost as Democrats a little over 20% of the black population do you really think you're going to win? And after all the candidates now you're trying to regroup them Hillary? What a joke

  5. In short, anyone who wants to work for Trump has to sell their soul to him. Trump is America greatest nightmare to democracy

  6. Ever since his inauguration, Trump has been collecting the dignity, integrity, moral compasses, and the souls of republicans who have come crawling and groveling to him, prostrating themselves at his feet, like the sniveling slavish sycophants that he's turned them all into. Barr, Sessions, Graham, Kennedy, Moscow Mitch, Jordan, Nunes, Meadows, and Gaetz , rounds out the Allstar list of Trump's most subservient sentient suppositories.

  7. Its funny how stupid you have to be to defend Trump. Its boring how its constant lies, also calling what they don't like Fake. I could easily see Barr facing charges when this is over, I wonder if there will be a prison wing with a gold Trump logo on it, for all his associates?

  8. William Barr needs to be disbarred & tarred & feathered medieval style for his treason & treachery. Live on National TV. I will gladly provide the 5 gallon pail of tar & feathers galore.

  9. Liars lie with liars,can Trump ever speak the truth,what Trump did is on record,as asking and requesting,by a form of Blaclmail,there will be others that will fall and end up in jail,working for the Trump deep hidden state,Trump could possibly be blackmailing others if I go down you all go down with me,including Barr,

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