1. When I am stuck I an airport and have to endure CNN, I turn on Fox News as soon as I land and find out "the other side of the story". There are always two sides. Thanks, Fox, for making sure we get the other side.

  2. It really is too bad the democrat candidates are like a club that you have to tell bold face lies to be allowed into the tree fort. Poor Bernie, what integrity I saw in him, despite his ludicrous economic ideas, is all but gone. Saying on stage, "Donald Trump is the most corrupt president" is actually the opposite and I'll prove it. The Muller investigation would have run president Trump out of town for any, anything they would have found and they really, really looked. President Trump may actually be the least corrupt president just based on this logic alone. Too bad the litmus test for being popular these days is hatred above facts.

  3. Comey, McCabe, Page, Stryok, Clinton, Obama, Brennan, Pelosi, Schumer and a Schiff need to be lined up in front of a f squad.

  4. This was short and sweet. I don’t watch those morons but I know the ending of the movie. Some news people will have to stay out of public soon

  5. I thought it was illegal to say there is such a thing as Deep State now…??? You have to refer to Deep State as "The Government"…I guess you can't follow the money this way….or can you?

  6. ​I heard it from a friend that heard it from a friend that heard it from a neighbor that heard it from their dog. Yeah, I think that covers all their testimonies.

  7. Now, there is a man whom I trust to tell truth, even if it might not coincide with his own beliefs. Tom Fitton, is a true patriot and a loyal friend and champion of US Citizens.

  8. What part of they didn’t remove trump do you not get when claiming there was a coup. They decided that 25th Amendment was not warranted. You guys are insane

  9. There's a book waiting to be written here, and I can't wait to see it on the NYT bestseller list: "A Guide to the Democrat Deep State: From Deep Throat to Valerie Plame to Brennan, Clapper, Comey and the Rest"

  10. Yes, they are running scared,,,, for the 1st time in history (so it appears) those who have maintained control of every narrative of the illusional projected mass realty because their "ace in the hole" Hillary Clinton (I mean her doppleganger) lost to an outsider and they were banking on the stronghold of the deep state to continue as usual,, … that didn't happen and the can of worms has been opened wide… so wide the conspiracy theories have melted away and hardened into concrete acts of evil, sick, satanis and inhuman agenda is threatened. TRUMP 2020 KAG and save our country and save our world from the encroachment of the global agenda which is attempting to strip every Free nation such as The U.S.A. of it's sovereignty. God help us all,,, between CERN and other programs which are changing our reality we no longer can take anything for granted as Truth, without discernment from the forces of God and good…[ the positive energies of cosmic proportions]

  11. What makes these folks so brazen? Sovereign Immunity! Eliminate Sovereign Immunity for all non-elected government employees. Let sovereign citizens pull them out from behind the curtain. Make the government, its agencies, its employees liable for their actions; just like the private sector must do. Citizens are the sovereigns and the government only operates under license from us. Its obvious that the 'best and the brightest' are not nearly as clever as they would have you believe. Eliminate Sovereign Immunity for all government employees. We don't have a government, we have a sea-going rat-ship. The police state must be eliminated, we must eliminate gotcha government, The FBI must be dismantled. The CIA must be dismantled. The IRS must be dismantled. Its amazing that here we are, 242 years later, debating whether or not people can rule themselves as sovereigns. Perhaps even more amazing is that many vote for their own enslavement.

  12. Omg Andrew mc cabe commenting there is no resistence in the FBI and DOJ ? Andrew you have the right to remain silent , but stupidly are not heeding it, and shame on these news outlets for hiring these criminals. Yes, criminals

  13. there is an old saying goes like this. "Cows may come, cows may go, But the bull will go on forever." But I prefer to say politicians may come, politicians may go, But the bureaucrats will go on forever.


  15. this lying scumbag isn't going to be able to tell Horowitz that because Horowitz knows he's nothing but a traitor to this country he will be in prison for the rest of his life

  16. NYT actually published that??! Good Lord! The deep state is trying to treat we the people like the proverbial frog in boiling water.

    You hit it out of the park yet again, Hannity. And Fitton is a top notch patriot hero.

  17. I'm pretty sure the Democrats were counting on a Deep State when they gave Andrew McCabe's wife $700,000 to run for state senate in Virginia.

  18. They are like Chicago politicians – they cross the line so often they don't know where it is anymore – and think they are above it. Worst thing to happen to Washington DC was a chicago trained politician invaded and politicalized every department – just like Chicago

  19. "Thanks" GOP Senators and Fox Media for helping Russia to become Greater than ever!
    Time for Congress to send Trump to Mad (GOP-Lead Senate) House!

  20. I would not not say nobody is being fooled by the media, because the low informative voters are fooled by the main stream media every day. The liberal base gets fooled constantly, but are OK as long as they get their free stuff, or their agenda is pandered to. The left buys of those folks daily.

  21. We cannot turn the news on any channel and get a true report credibility from the the newscasters they should not even be we should all have to be faxed check and we know the ones that aren't doing that it's very obvious CNN is the worst ABC CBS I could go on they need to straighten up or cease to exist cuz we don't need fake news we need the truth and most people

  22. It is my fervent hope McCabe goes to prison for a very long time. What he did was absolute treason by any stretch of the definition. This arrogant SOB just up and decided on his own who and what is best for us. I'd love to know who's coat tails he was riding to the top.

  23. NPR fired Juan Williams and I think that he should be fired by Fox as well. What he said online is unreal. "The Five" needs to fire him as well. He is a bigot and a Hypocrite, and I don't take that lightly, and I want him to explain himself on "The Five" as to the reasons he hates the POTUS. He can hate the POTUS, that's his choice. Now for what he did is "Racial Profiling" plain and simple.

  24. cut all funding to the us military cia nsa fbi completely out now that's how to stop the us deep state and cut off all foreign aid to all foreign countries now stop there money and the deep state will disappear

  25. FBI Family crimes needs treason!! Nation live by the the rule of law. But FBI who enforce the law & broke the law!! Needs to clean up the big mess from FBI Family Crimes!!

  26. I was just in NM. on the other side of interstate from the mountain, Dripping Springs, I decided to snap a few photos if mountain. It was day time and I just zoomed in and pointed phone at mountain and started taking pics because I couldn't see screen during day.
    Hours later I remembered taking pics
    and pulled them up. I WAS SHOCKED , without knowing it, I had taken photos of a ranch at bottom of mountain and what I saw made me go numb and instantly fear for my life. Hundreds of small children corralled and dressed in little animal outfits and adults dressed in black, hooded gowns, some white hooded gowns. They were releasing small children onto mountain and hunting them.
    This mountain is a National Park and on other side if mountain is White Sands Military Base. This also happens to be Oswell also

  27. get in their face, kickem when their down, you can't be civil with these people. they call themselves the resistance you cnn morons. CNN is as bad as state ran news in China. The cnn outlet in Turkey was trained well by Erdogan

  28. well if there is no deep state then andrew mccabe and others won't mind if we wipe the deep state off the face of the earth.

  29. They know they are lying, we know they are lying, they know that we know that they are lying. Yet they have the arrogance to continue lying. This comes from 8 years of obummer and his lies and his corruption of the federal bureaucracies. Every appointment he made should be forced to resign from office. The media bears a heavy responsibility in fanning the fires created by the obummer admin. They are the propaganda wing of the DNC and the Whitehouse. Will they ever get back to simply reporting the news without the leftists spin? I don't think so. I refuse to watch them.

  30. Fitton thank you for your service to our country. Conservatives are the minority and we are the ones who need to be protected from the pitch fork mobs. We the people elected Trump to get rid of corruption in government.

  31. Well you can't get Rosenstein on the FISA business, he's got an out. So go ahead with conspiring to wear a wire – but I don't believe it. He may be a #$%^&*(*&^%$#$%^&&*** but he's not stupid. His announcement of his FRAUDULENT INDICTMENT the day Trump was in Helsinki with Putin is the most seditious and disgusting two-faced event of my lifetime.

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