1. First it was a 19yo male, then 50yo female, 50yo male, and a 98yo female. Sounds like las Vegas cover stories all over again.

  2. I'm from WA. The local news reports that the other female that recently tested + for the virus worked at a nursing care facility. The first confirm case in the country they're reporting that man has already since recovered.

  3. No tests…very convenient! They can claim almost no virus here…have not seen any “evidence”; therefore it does not exist. The Senate GOP WOULD GIVE THE trump an “A+”. All gone!

  4. From this point forward The Trump administration and trump himself will be held responsible for any deaths from the CoronaVirus and should be treated as MURDER

  5. If you get infected by Coronavirus in Europe or Canada or if you just have symptoms and need a test, you have a free test and cure for it.
    In the USA they say here's the bill: 3500 $ just for the test. If this goes overhand not many people can afford to do the test for that price. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/coronavirus-test-medical-bill-china-us-miami-osmel-martinez-azcue-a9358146.html

  6. First, pandemic virus testing should be free for everyone. Anyone with any flu-like symptoms should be tested immediately. Since if for someone the disease can occur in a mild form, for another this virus can be fatal. In this case of a pandemic, the state must provide each patient with free treatment. do not hope for vaccinations in this case, as a rule, when a person is sick, vaccination is no longer needed. But timely treatment and proper patient care play a decisive role.

  7. So if we are to believe dear leader, after all he says to only believe him, and not what we see and hear; There are only 15 Cases not 60+ reported by "fake news!" That would mean this 1st death in the U.S. only Kills 6% of those it infects, way Less than FLU – per our dear leader. *All hail the supreme leader

  8. I don't believe that's true. Flu may have been purposely diagnosed.
    Too avoid decrease in consumerism, as well as avoid panic

  9. As soon as I heard "private labs", there it is. Big business trying to muscle themselves into a crisis so they can price-gouge.
    Republicans are so obvious – defund the CDC, screw up the manufacture of test kits, silence public health officials, force the response team to impose unworkable protocols that overly limit tests then, miraculously "private labs" appear fully born to step in. That 2 month delay in the Trump administration's response almost seems like it gave these private interests time to prepare. .. Hmmmm. ..The lobbyists for the health care industry just got their bonuses for the year.
    Medicare for all.

  10. Pence, Limbaugh and DjT** will be the leaders of the republican** 'cargo cult' and return us to the idyllic 19th century of elixirs, leeches and the poor house.

  11. Mike Bloomberg Releases Plan to Improve Public Health Preparedness https://www.mikebloomberg.com/news/mike-bloomberg-releases-plan-to-improve-public-health-preparedness @Mike2020

  12. Yea cool story. I'm in WA with 100% diagnosed Coronavirus. Refused care and am at home going on day 8. Functioning as normal with symptoms even more mild than the normal flu. Not gonna pay out of pocket for a doctor to quarantine me… smh

  13. It's interesting to compare the number of tests the US has completed to the UK, Italy and South Korea:
    United States: 445 concluded tests, of which 14 positive (3.1% positivity rate)
    UK: 7,132 concluded tests, of which 13 positive (0.2% positivity rate)
    Italy: 9,462 tests, of which 470 positive (5.0% positivity rate)
    South Korea: 66,652 tests with 1766 positives 25,568 awaiting results (4.3% positivity rate)

  14. Unfortunately this is probably just the first. They just announced that they found "weak" positive results in the saliva and nasal secretions of a patient's dog. They are trying now to understand how dangerous that might be and are quarantining domestic pets of people who are diagnosed with it. But don't worry. I heard it will go away once the warm weather comes.

  15. WHAT??? so fervent prayer and complete denial DOESN'T stop a pandemic? who knew?? has anyone told trump?

  16. Shut down the Mexican border… White men will have to pick their own produce. Poetic justice. But Corona beer is the antidote.

  17. Goooooooood I can't waaaaiiit they all get infected so I can sloughter them man for themselves I got my sword prepared

  18. Someone with the corona virus should go and lick every surface in the Whitehouse. It would be such a heroic act.

  19. Trump corrected the misunderstanding today, He did not mean the Conv-19 Virus is a hoax. He meant the Democrats are using it to prematurely start a Panic in the Country.

  20. Saying you there are only a few cases in the U.S but only having tested 500 people is like saying the stock market is doing great but haven't checked the Dow in a week.

  21. So you mean to tell me people aren't being tested BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE ANY CORONA VIRUS TESTS and this ish has been around since December!!!! They said we were prepared… Wtf have they been doing all this time!!!! We don't have test kits; We don't have protective gear; We don't have an emergency plan; I can go on for days about what we don't have. What we DO seem to have plenty of are a LOT of Lies and Excuses!

  22. The first of many dozens over the next year I'm sure Scott. Meanwhile in Chicago 2 men have been killed in gunfire today bringing the total to 68 shooting deaths for 2020 for just this one American city alone. The death toll in Chicago expected to top 550 by year's end as the Chicrona virus worsens.

  23. You Should Be Asking Newsom In California Why He Is Still Letting People Just Walk Across The Border…Something Fishy Going On Here People…Dont Trust The Deep State They Are No Better Than The People Running China.

  24. Fear fear fear fear fear 😱

  25. 🇺🇸Help people help themselves. Please share this article on social media – https://immunesystemhealthtips.wordpress.com/2020/02/26/novel-corona-virus-covid19/ – we can't sit around and wait for WHO, CDC, GOV.

    trump's trying his best to cover up anything related to this virus.
    Sorry… I meant "The orange pos"

  27. Soon…every country may have to close borders to one another. Definitely no olympic but IOC still did not make the decision yet….would be a fool to mix the whole world in a melting pot in one place at the same time.

  28. Remember this ? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/02/flashback-barack-obama-waited-until-millions-infected-and-1000-americans-dead-before-declaring-h1n1-a-national-emergency/ Oh, but that was okay.

  29. Coincidentally this "distraction" is occurring in a U.S. Presidential election year 🤔 Anybody but Bernie 2020! 👹


  31. China biological warfare. More people die from seasonal flu…this is hoaks look it up and don't believe the hype. Who was the person. That died. Old and or sickly person I bet.

  32. Yep. Just like I said a man in his 50s already ill died from the coronavirus. This is a bs. This is a hoax it's a typical flu and more people die from seasonal flu than this BS Coronavirus

  33. When you see young people start dropping dead then I hope you said your prayers. Even then You can blame it on Bill Gates and the Gov.

  34. I live in the state of Washington and recently talked to someone in the ED where I live and they said they said they didn't have the supplies for the coronavirus. Hospitals are not the only place at risk: do you know how many ships from China reach our shores every day? How many of our medical supplies? How many of our medications? How about many of our face masks (those don't help anyway)?

  35. So its all just a coincidence… Trump is winning and the economy is booming like never before and Trump is going to be reelected with 70% landslide and now suddenly this mysterious disease shows up?? A DEMOCRATIC COMMUNIST ISLAMIC HOAX. That's all it is. THUGS are trying to bring down our NATION.

  36. To the people of the world: the primary task is: unite, eliminate the devil of the communist party of China. The world will never be peaceful until CCP is destroyed!

  37. so how is your president looking today… You guys know Trump was a moron from the very first day.. US is so far behind can even perform a test but Trump says this will all be gone shortly and will magically disappear… When will you guys wake up from this dream you are in.

  38. 我叫Kelly,我是美国公民,我是去年11月份回到中国南方过冬的,中国的疫情发生的整个过程我都在中国。下面是我这几个月在中国的见证:疫情发生后,武汉和周围的十几个城市都成了一座座人间地狱,死人无数,为了掩盖他们制造生化武器的罪行,他们开始指挥一些吹鼓手赶写了许多专门造谣污蔑中伤美国的文章,企图转移国内人民的注意力,我已经看了太多太多这种荒唐可笑的文章视频或者音频。2月27日以前,这些言论视频语音只是大量出现在QQ和微信这个中国使用量最庞大的自媒体平台上,不断被那些不分青红皂白的愚昧民众转发,从2月27号开始,CCP开始变本加厉了,驱使他们的党员钟南山院士出来进行这方面的舆论引导。他们的邪恶超出人类的想象!CCP才是这个世界上最邪恶最不可控的病毒🦠,他们洗脑培养的人走到哪里,就把邪恶的价值观带到哪里。到了此刻,如果全世界人民还认不清楚CCP的邪恶本质,只能说明整个世界都在与邪恶为伍。说到这里,我必须强调一点:如果没有美国的极左派的政客知识分子和资本家们长期对他们的纵容和姑息,CCP不可能成长得那么快。所以,从某种意义上来说,美国的极左派人士尤其是华尔街的资本家们也是这场世界灾难的罪魁祸首。我的结论是:CCP不除,世界永远不得安宁!未来这种人为的灾难还会一个接着一个发生。

  39. It's okay the USA doesn't have a functional health care system, all you guys have AR-15s, so I'm sure you'll all be fine.

  40. What about the eight Chinese that got caught at our southern border last week? No one is reporting their testing results after sharing they were sick. Sick from what? Also how many more Chinese got through our border undetected?

  41. this is sadder … USA is losing tentacles … in europe germany … nord stream 1 and 2. because of a traitor like donald trump … in the end russia wins … the octopus is dying … because the usa people sleep ..MORE MONEY.. TO THE COMUNIST.

  42. https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/local-usps-employee-tests-positive-coronavirus/XLKCBEXO5FFJ3DRQSBHNACPW2M/

    Washington USPS employee affected! Now what!

  43. https://townhall.com/columnists/wayneallynroot/2020/03/01/the-lessons-of-coronavirus-n2562338
    Thank President Donald Trump for quickly canceling all flights from China, a brilliant move. I remember when America was threatened by Ebola and Obama refused to cancel flights from Africa — a tragic, naive mistake that could have killed thousands of Americans. We got lucky. Now we have a president who acts decisively and doesn't depend on luck.
    This is living proof that President Trump is right about creating "Fortress America." Now, more than ever, we need walls and secure borders. We must know everything about every person entering our country. Democrats support open borders. That's pure madness.


    Containment – caring for any infected people and identifying their close contacts

    Delay – deciding what actions to take to slow down the spread

    Mitigation – damage limitation if the virus spreads widely

    Research – constant and ongoing work to inform the three other phases

    🚨 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  45. Other countries who test thousands, don't have a MORONIC DICTATOR as president. His announcement of the 1st recorded death, was like listening to a child, in 1st grade, reading out loud for the 1st time.

  46. Obama waited until 1000 Americans died from the H1N1 virus before he got around to declaring a national emergency. President Trump did it before even one American died. Yet the left wing news media was OK with Obama's response but not Trump's. See the bias? I know you do but you won't admit it.

  47. it's terrible in Seattle. The virus is spreading throughout the city and people are coughing and sneezing on Metro buses spreading this virus to everyone else. The homeless drug addicts are protected by Durkan while city taxpayers suffer with day to day exposure. Horrible how the Democrats treat us.

  48. Why do you dumbasses keep comparing this to the Flu!!!

    Its way more deadly and contagious than the Flu you idiots!!!!

  49. Well,, MSNBC and CNN might as well try to scare-monger the country about the
    Corona Virus. It's not as if MSNBC and CNN have any crediblity or integrity left to
    squander in the first place..

  50. Well, MSNBC and CNN might as well try to scare-monger the country about the
    Corona Virus. It's not as if MSNBC and CNN have any crediblity or integrity left to
    squander in the first place.

  51. We should not have to learn things after the fact. We need to keep updated and cautious, as it is critical to maintaining a healthy society.

  52. On the lunar new year wuhan China reported the first death from coronavirus and now USA reported the first death from covid 19 and next month???

  53. Matt Lauer's MSNBC's self-RIGHTEOUS Chris Matthews absent from air amid sexual harassment allegations? Wonder if our little boy Rachel Midol will comment?

  54. And yet more people are dying from people drinking and driving or using their cell phone while driving and not one new site reporting on it.

  55. CDC stats say 55,672 people died Influenza and Pneumonia in the USA in 2017. So why is this coronavirus news? https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/deaths.htm

  56. Seven things you should know about the coronavirus, written by a registered nurse (the numbers in this post dealing with cases reported and deaths are from a few days ago – but the point made is timeless)  :

    1. Coronavirus itself isn’t new. Just like influenza, coronavirus is a family of respiratory viruses, and there are multiple strains, which have the ability to change over time. Coronavirus is already common in the United States, and has been for years. I have personally cared for patients with this diagnosis.

    2. Novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is the strain we’re hearing about in the news. It emerged in Wuhan, China at the end of 2019.

    3. Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Just like the flu and common cold, it is spread person to person via respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

    4. According to the World Health Organization, as of February 26, there have been 2,918 confirmed cases of COVID-19 outside of China. 53 of these are in the United States. There have been 44 deaths, none in the United States. Compare this to influenza, which the CDC estimates will infect between 29,000,000 and 41,000,000 people in the United States alone during the 2019-20 season, resulting in 16,000 to 41,000 deaths.

    5. “But there’s no cure!” You’re right. There’s no magic pill that cures the flu either. But there is a flu vaccine (that doesn’t cause autism) that can protect you from our most common respiratory viruses. Maybe go get one.

    6. So, why are we panicking? Frankly, because the media tells us to. Manufacturing a pandemic is a great way to boost ratings, but everything science knows so far about COVID-19 has revealed it to be no more than yet another respiratory virus (and there are thousands).

    7. The scariest part of COVID-19 isn’t the virus itself, it’s the resulting baseless mass paranoia. Hospitals are hoarding supplies, creating shortages of PPE necessary to protect healthcare workers and patients. Cities are refusing to house and treat sick people who have nowhere else to go. People are using the virus as an excuse for their own social prejudices.

    So, what can you do? Turn off the TV and arm yourself with the facts. Stop the spread of false information.

    And for Pete’s sake, wash your hands.

  57. I heard that people are self quarantining after traveling from other countries because the hospitals wont test them for the virus when they showed similar symptoms. Said that they weren't going to give them the test because they weren't "severely ill"… So what they're saying is if she or he had the virus but didn't show sever enough signs that they'd just send them on their marry way… Umm…


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