Fiona Hill clashes with Rep. Wenstrup on Ukraine interference in 2016 election

Fiona Hill clashes with Rep. Wenstrup on Ukraine interference in 2016 election


  1. She wasn't born in America. She doesn't sound or act like an American. She is a globalist who defends Soros. Why does she represent the tax payers of America.

  2. Lame response!!! Why Isn't he making this statement on other creditable news outlets. Only on "Trump and Friends". Devin Nunes just got busted for conspiring with that corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor and Rudy "Hand Grenade". And why did Donald Trump prevent Mulveyney and Bolton from testifying. Bolton can end all This nonsense. The Senate should subpoena them and pur them under oath. Sondland opened the can of Worms.

  3. Lev Parnas, an indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani, would tell Congress that the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee met with an ex-Ukraine official to try to get information on Joe Biden, his lawyer says

  4. You think SHE GOT IT IN THE END???? OMG!!!! You people HAVE TO GO LISTEN TO THE TRUTH!! That is not what happened. THERE IS NO EXCUSE IN A FREE PRESS SOCIETY TO ALLOW THIS LIAR TO TELL YOU THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT TOOK PLACE. Fiona Hill scolded the GOP senators for spreading Russian Propaganda. She told them in no uncertain terms AGAIN, who was responsible for the election meddling in 2016…RUSSIA & she warned that they are presently at it again for 2020. She reminded them of the security briefing that they were all given & asked them to stop helping Russia & hurting America by assisting Russia by spreading fictions that originate from the Russian security services. You set HER straight? Any Trump supporter helping make Russia great again is a traitor at this point. Ignorance is no excuse. Go watch the real hearing on ANY other non propaganda state run station.

  5. Ukraine put money into the Clinton Foundation
    Clinton ran for President in 2016
    The coup is now against Clinton’s former opponent….Hmmm ???
    What do you think?

  6. Don't doubt her intelligence or her arrogance. Or her ability to be manipulated by the leftist agenda she adores so much

  7. We shouldn't fund the Ukraine at all if they already stole nearly $8 billion, need to look at our global financial obligations, when NOBODY else is supporting them, we know it's for military reasons, not for UKRAINE'S benefit but our OWN.. that's the real story…

    Like we help South Korea for purely humanitarian reasons… yeah… ok… it's not because they're strategically located by China

    Or Japan, right by Russia, or Alaska… it's all about military control and resource control

    The war machine rages on regardless of the administration

  8. Haha, you play the question but not Hill's answer. How ridiculous. That tells you all you need to know about this BS 'news' oulet.

  9. Is FOX news serious ?
    Fiona Hill is a MTF creature.
    A liar at trying to be a "real female" . Once a liar at that proportions, always a liar !

  10. this quote of George Dent ""You can't promote principled anti-corruption action without pissing off corrupt people." is truly dedicated to Pres.Trump and his handlers in Congress, Senate and everywhere else including his friend in Russia.

  11. She did a masterful job debunking this nonsense. The Senate was already briefed on the fact the Russians created this narrative. These cowardly Republicans are in self-preservation mode as Fox News is in disinformation and conspiracy theory mode. Feed the Trump alternative facts universe crowd.

  12. Dear Heaven. They claim there's a clash and then edit the clip to not show more of Hill. Stalin did better propaganda than this. What a terrible news channel.

  13. Ukraine DID want the sick, evil wench to be in the WH..the witch that vowed to shoot Syrian, Russian planes out of the sky over Syria…

  14. you guys elect a president that says he could shoot someone and not lose any vote and now he's breaking the laws. So if i break the law would you guy feel the same way

  15. Fiona Hill is a leftist hardcore activist and Soros Puppet that is her expertise . Her Russian obsession is just another indication who she really is phony !

  16. Dr. Hill is nothing more that a British agent inserted into the USA in order to foment aggression toward Russia. Russia is not, nor has ever been our enemy. Wake up people.

  17. Why do these guys love and defend Russia. Dr. Hill defends our country while they back Russia just like trump. It’s an odd thing to observe the President go to bat for Putin and Russia nonstop while attacking our own allies.

  18. She put him in his place, show the whole exchange. Republicans had been repeatedly stating Ukraine was behind 2016 election interference. Which is why our intelligence community had to just repeat that to Congress so they would stop going public and saying what is a Russian propaganda effort. This Rep is a tool and he got owned by someone a lot smarter than him who is also an expert in her field.

  19. Hilarious how the GOP can’t defend Trump’s crimes against America. So, their only come back is to try to assassinate the character’s of the witnesses. And, the most funny part is that the majority of the witnesses work for Trump! ?????????

  20. Whoever thinks this Fiona Hill person is a real woman should study the transagenda youtube channels and learn something. This is a male-to-female luciferian androgyne. It has a huge square skull, small lips, wide mouth, wide shoulders, etc. Estrogen helps but in this person's case, not enough to fool the trained eye.

  21. Ms, Hill you are very offensive when you speak. I know you have 2 PHDs, but you put your pants on the same as everybody else—one leg and then the other. Please don’t talk down to people. Keep in mind, some where in this world, there is somebody that is smarter and better at a job than you. Everybody is in that boat.

  22. Amazingly enough
    Fiona Hill pointed out
    locking eyes with aDAM sChifosissimo
    how Russia is manipulating these hearings
    to incite Americans to fight against each other

  23. ITS BIAS. Fiona hill has more credibility then the entire Republican Party! She was never mislead but spoke the truth and backed it with facts

  24. It was very nice to be able to hear the guests COMPLETE answer without the anchor person interrupting with the next question. Thank you for that. 🙂

  25. Erm…I think I heard Nunes, Jordan et al refer to "that failed Russian Hoax" or variants at least 2 dozen times over the last two weeks.

  26. so lets get this straight, it now appears that ranking member Nunes held meeting with Viktor Shokin in 2018 (note the timeline), to discuss the the activities of Joe and Hunter Biden related to Burisma. This meeting would suggest that efforts to discredit the Bidens were well underway before Giuliani began to publicly discuss them, and that attempts to launch some sort of investigation into the Biden family went beyond executive branch officials, so why then did he not disclose this information?..why not recuse himself from the hearings?…ffs people no matter what your affiliations are the evidence is abundantly plain…some kind of deal (not sure what) was done between Zelensky and Trump

  27. It is still debunked. Holding back aid for our ally Ukraine, who is in combat against our enemy, is helping the enemy. Trump is a traitor to our allis and should be on trial for treason after the Impeachment for his other wrongdoings. Withholding aid to an ally is the lowest and most criminal act during war. Maybe, that is why Trump brought up the use of lynching in his ranting on traitors, like himself.

  28. Just watch the footage. FOX is leading you to nowhere, on this issue. Hill, and every Trump appointed official that testified, destroyed all White House, GOP and FOX News talking points.

  29. Stefanik exposes Hill with facts. If you watch it a few times I see what Hill is doing. She tries to insert herself even if facts does not support her. This is all about her feelings ,

  30. This Brit 'trannie'…is a deep state cowboy. Quoting 'intelect' as a plus…is dangerous…for ANYONE who is remotely interested in the health and well being of America…and Americans. Most of these deep state anti American revolutionaries…have lots of 'intellect.'

  31. Not much to say about Fiona Hill , do you Fox ?? Schooled on Ethics, integrity and honesty Shes more Presidential in one finger than Trump has in his entire body .

  32. This woman consistently pretended she didn't know about really important events and facts that we know happened in Ukraine recently.
    She's either a really shitty expert or she's a leftist liar.

  33. Generally the public thinks that Adam Schiff is a traitor to America. A liar. A creep who makes things up to support his sick positions.

  34. Trump has continuously denied Russia interference in the election and these republican reps back him so they are as much to blame as trump is for the denial.

  35. I love Fiona.  I would seriously pay her to marry me!  That is if she wasn't already married.  God I hate her husband!  He is keeping her from me.

  36. He never got an answer because he didn't ask a question. They are denying that Russia interfered if they're saying it was Ukraine. You can see that even Fox are becoming uncomfortable with how things are developing – Barr's meeting with Murdoch perhaps – before Barr spoke to the president about the outcome of the FISA enquiry – suddenly there's a change in how the impeachment is being defended as if he recognises that he might not be able to rely on Barr. The president may have gauged, as well, that there might just be a slight doubt about support in the Senate. Watch out for talk of a ballot.

  37. The ranting President is an embarrassment to thinking Americans, he speaks and acts like a 10 years old bully, wake up America.

  38. The GOP has no basis in objective reality. Trump and his supporters will go down in the dustbin of history as America at its absolute worst. A few years from now they will deny ever supporting this maniac, but we all know who they are now!

  39. Some people are so impressed by an MI6 agent's British accent. Mr. Hill was planted to look after Mr. Zorro"s interests in the Ukraine. He is a man. He is to ugly to be a woman! Look at him he is even an ugly man too! The name suits him well Fiona the transgender ogre!

  40. Russia is pulling that narrative that it is the Ukraine. All US inteligence agencies as well agencies of our allies confirms that it is a deliberate disinformation campaign. Very shameful for the Reps to peddle the same Russian lies. In fact disgusting!

  41. So proud of Fiona Hill. Now a loyal US citizen, she was born in County Durham, in the North of England, where the women can bend iron bars with their bare hands, and pull out six inch nails with their teeth. Cross her at your peril, corrupt Trump lickspittles. And as for Rep Wenstrup, I can smell his pants burning from 3000 miles across the Atlantic. Contrary to his fallacious whining, Republicans are CONSTANTLY talking about the 'Russia Hoax'. The current crop are spineless, mendacious scumbags who are not worthy to carry Fiona's diplomatic bag.

  42. Her narrative was intended to back up the Democrats. She was lying. The Democrat Coup has failed. Everyone is really, really sick of hearing the Democrats speaking crap.

  43. FOX News needs to be stopped. They misrepresent the facts. Our founding fathers never took into regard a Media Power like FOX to provide outright lies. Citizens need to wake up. ?

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