FAST POLICE CHASE: Suspect Out Of Control In California

FAST POLICE CHASE: Suspect Out Of Control In California

and boy this one is a really suspect going at high rates of speed you could take a look and upper right corner you could see that estimated — Miles per hour there over one hundred miles per hour the suspect is a traveling right now you could see this is now in the Bel Air. Bell error area of California your discretion heavily advice here we just A never know how these things will end up hoping for the best with the suspect really driving. Aggressive there on that shoulder just to get rid of on some traffic there in the area we don’t know the reason why the suspect he’s on the run. But we will see if we can get more details here for you but this is always something when you see a police chase. You’re really hoping for everybody out there the community as far as every driver a lot of the time they don’t know that a chases going on until unfortunately it’s too late. When there’s an accident or when the police are just zooming past but right now you are seeing high rates? Of speed right here over a hundred miles per hour this is – Coming up now in the Sherman oaks California area that we ar- Seeing here from our location grabber skybox visuals right now in California. Right now we have — No information from — Why the suspect is on the run but usually you know its — Stolen vehicle or some sort of domestic violence situation and that — Causes a suspect a thing they have no other option but to continue on this path of a very very dangerous path as you can see here. This is one of the fastest police chases I have seen so let’s see just how this is all going and hopefully suspect will come to grips and just know that eventually they are going to get caught and want — To pull over but this does not look like this will be the case today is the suspect is doing high rates of speed here. We’re talking hundred and fifteen miles per hour on the estimator right there in your top right corner I mean look at always going through the shoulder areas. And just. Blatantly disregarding everybody that is on the roadway there And he is zooming past. So many cars here we’re hoping that — A driver does not get hurt because of this hopefully for the police as well to stay safe. Tire to say right now I’m if they are just pulling back right now before we look at that. Goes right zipping in and now is going to try to cut in right here finding traffic a little bit harder now this is in the Sherman oaks area now. Of California they were able to provide you with these aerial sky fax always doing a great job of trying. To keep up in showing us what is happening what side toss it on over to our affiliate fox eleven sister station in life. A Los Angeles they are covering this is well and I’ll have a little bit better idea. Of the situation in hand. Freeway here so we’re coming up to house call backs. At the end — But you can see how much traffic there is here as we transition to the north one one three way. Alright so this is what we know so far now on the northbound one oh one heading toward the San Fernando Valley. Is so intense to watch it because of the rate of speed. At least one the we are hearing several burglary suspects in this is Dan here Kevin any idea what kind of vehicle this is and and in fact is this. All reported stolen. We don’t have word if the vehicle itself was still an hour to get a look to see which type of vehicle they were describing yet but lacks the at here. What’s your tracking in nineteen ninety seven miles an hour here and we are still moving northbound on the one or south. On a one on one three we know we’re gonna take is back the other direction. He’s been owners south but all the one A one freeway okay. And instance presenting in a very different a difficult situation here for for the people on the roadways there because we have heavy traffic there traffic flowing at a very slow rate of speed there. So this driver weaving in and out of traffic in using the shoulder the right shoulder and driving as we sawthere in ninety one hundred plus miles per hour. Now on the one on one looks like the south families with one one your Haskell in the in see no area. Earlier when we pick this up pursuit of a mid city. We do understand that there was at least one collision the in see no area and Kevin earlier when we pick this up pursuit of a mid city. We do understand that there was at least one collision that’s a poll that and Paul on any word on that. There are these units which again is alright give it a little bit of traffic here get a little bit of traffic. As we make our way went up to woke. I’m willing to lower that — Audio there from our fax eleven affiliate just because it is not sink top right now with the audio but we are providing you. These aerial skyfox continuing right now your discretion heavily advise we saw — Near accident and we saw this car slam into another. One okay let’s see if we can — Get some visuals here sky fax losing the suspect at the moment we heard though from our fax — Eleven sister station though that they think that this might have to do with some burglaries in the area that could be. Possibly connected — But right now that is — And not confirme. Sky fax looking to re establish- Where the suspect may have gone they lost the during that building there? So let’s see if they can get it here obviously. Hard to do or hard to spot when you have that — Building there blocking your view and you saw just how fast he was going. On so many times — So it’s it’s easy to lose on and there’s a good possibility that maybe the suspect then went into that parking garage this building area that we’re looking at right now that could have been. An area where we sometimes see – Those suspects alike to go just because there’s no — And it’s hard to get a cover there. Sherman oaks California area right now this police chase boy it was going at high rates of speed about a hundred and ten hundred and fifteen miles per hour. And we will continue to wait and see what is going to happen here but we’re going to take a quick break while we are still trying to locate where the suspect may have been. Probably went into one of those parking garages right there more news now up next to locate whert may have gone good indication though probably in one of those parking structures. Mrs in Sherman oaks California right now this is a suspect wanted for burgle burglary in the area and that is what the latest reports are saying to us there are sister station fox. Eleven reporting on that the right now. Sky fox cannot locate is probably that suspect did go into the parking structure there this was a chase them. While it was going at high rates of speed we’re talking about a hundred and ten hundred and fifteen miles per hour even slamming into one car. At one point here but right now we’re trying to e wh exaly. Once a person doing and road where’s he trying to signal the someone. Let’s see yeah that look like he was trying to signal to the police there Hey you better get over in this area right now that’s like maybe a possible gooe police and saying Hey you want want to check the parking structure at this exit. Right now. We’ll see if that’s going to ultimately be the fact there but that’s what it looks like is that guy was really flagging down the police intoon the go in that area you can see it out lot of Hartmann’s in this area. Maybe condos but and a lot of residential areas and that’s what you don’t want to see. We don’t want to see a driver get out of the vehicle and then maybe go into one of these homes try to break in and then. A hostage already were dealing with the burglary suspects SO. Who knows what else they could do your discretion still advised everybody thanks for joining us here on news now you just never know what you’re going to get as we try to always bring you breaking news as it’s happening this time aolicchase? In California now it’s a trying to locate this is. A suspect as most. People would say at this point probably ditch the car somewher. Hand — And unfortunately may be in one of these residential areas that’s when she don’t want that’s part of what I mean in the policing community that’s on that is not a good combination when you’re dealing with someone that. And we’ll try to do anythg to either he made the police even going a hundred and fifteen hundred and twenty mileser ho. bulary susctay and the a So ty dot ca abo valu ournythin.rlly eres tryg to t ay in tryi to ses c e one he in w Jery b t loo beatammedte soe’t mayb unr arst rht n.e thereI caneeigo eat to seheir by lice jure herut we sustoffers- momesgo somebg t t ov rig here. but ey he the susctow i custy. st ns theor picend On the rdwayshere reayly t publs EsmatoTo jt joing usmhe yore wcomehe ns n thrappp inhe Srmanhil covinghise ks. lifoia area stan in wt broht i w or. Tohis ea in Shern oa Drop t low thirdhe n e I e x Sh youusttime is Il.he let How radi — is dveras ld to uble blockst f on newnow owinthe werverne tts r Of rllyakis ast’s ppeng. is jt momes agooiously u’ll s justow reay Erotic andppla spect was. Ofraff.nd t in andut. t jusjoing ususpectow in ctody. Ju te in thi up weo we’re doi af . Alright ere weo soild rightandf a is le suect custo momesgo ast wa all Wain an er wre talng about aundrs per hourthat momen rig ere bu it coinues. Toamp When he irled thrgh a ltle bit d showeah? Coidingith aar clidiacal withhe enjo- Berrieas wl. Mo bri that back a lite Faurias e mereeallyynamicolice che here. It amazi that bodyot hurt the w a On t highw here Sherm oaks Cifoi The waseavy tffic in th ea peoe mig wanna little did they knowhat ty’d in t midst oa poli ase. Inalifora ther e greajob bthe pice not giving un t n An nearl hit about aost two All righthereinaudie] While. at’s wn you that’ wherend when yt . Bu he s ableo thenomehow keontrolf thatehicle Andhen- Momh uld it he. And thegoin to aesidtial ea lk lik an aptment compxondo i . ju anoth way we aays oves tryingo folw . And en it ppens bringt joing a spect i cusdynd what’ll i w yocan are th yr fends we’ll havet foyoun the youil. To f . ally. From ne AM uil tenM Monday throhh r joinings he w got o re hou cing upor you o St rig her wh u wl be ck jt inwo mutes evyone


  1. why even have cops in Cali they dont enforce the law…
    the governor lets the illegals get away with murder.. especially murder.

  2. Have not seen a Lincoln in a chase or ever going that for quite some time. What a thrill! Didn't think they could ever do over 55 even when grandma is late to church!

  3. The Fact That 99% of all Police Chases, Occur in California (Mainly LA), Shows the High Concentrations of CRIMINALS, Enjoying their OUTLAW Status, within that Sanctuary State!! And our Honorable President, has to put up with the 9th District, overturning his Executive Orders, that affect the 49 other states??? We need to continue the WALL, All Around California!!!!

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  8. If they caught the suspect… the court of the liberal society and their judges will be hands out $100 bail, a week probation, or maybe both, but if any law enforcement officials who try to hurt the suspect that officer will be fired, and he will be locked up for life!

  9. Head line; suspect out of control in California , doesn't that describe all liberals that feel laws dont apply to them !!!

  10. Please do not say viewer discretion advised, that’s the reason we watch these chases we want to see a crash we want to see spectacular film footage of what’s going on with some crazy person.

  11. Drivers like this is a threat to every innocent person on the road..
    I like to see our cops handle these where nobody gets hurt.
    Including most times,the driver.
    I like to see these bad guys have to face a judge..

  12. Many or most of the LA police chases are being broadcast by LA stations AND Phoenix stations. I guess people in Arizona are willing to dump their own programming for something happening 400 miles away. One problem is that the Phoenix reporter(s) have no idea where the images are coming from. This development is the San Fernando Galleria a huge shopping and residential center. The cities are identified by the LA station

  13. If people are so full of fear and hatred for the police……..WHY in God’s name do they continue to TEST the assholes???????‍♀️??‍♂️

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  18. They don't stop these Chase's because they don't want to,electric jammer will disable any vehicle ,this is on purpose.

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    If they take out an illegal alien they get $10k – a democrat is $15k!

  20. Question: the mph in the top right, is that the speed of the chopper or was it the speed of the car and why was it still active when they lost sight of the car? We don't have eyes in the sky out here in podunk Arkansas so I don't know what's up with the mph.

  21. We've been on the run

    Driving in the sun

    Looking out for number one

    California here we come

    Right back where we started from

    Hustlers grab your guns

    Your shadow weighs a ton

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    California, California here we come

  22. He spent a lot of time in the HOV lanes. This is an offense that California takes seriously. He may end up with a minimum of 20 hours of community service! Scofflaw!!!

  23. Why are these cops acting like they can't catch this guy? Where I live they'd have the road blocked in under 5 minutes or they'd simply run him off the road and crash him. and if it's endangering the public they simply follow him with a helicopter. They never get away here. The cops here have 700 hp challengers. Instead these guys put people's lives in danger to do a little show boating.

  24. California where crime is not big deal the Democratic socialist parties leadership. Just don't bring in plastic bags or straws or hurt someone feelings ?

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  26. These criminals should be dealt with a better approach than just gently trying to negotiate with someone who had wasted valuable law enforcement time. If there were a legislation wherein a chase occurs, the perpetrator should be automatically jailed ONE DAY FOR EACH MINUTE THE CHASE LASTS. Additionally, the criminal should also be responsible for ALL EXPENSES INCURRED while the chase was in force until the second he/she is apprehended. That means, law enforcement personnel salaries, overtime, expenses of vehicles used, including gas and wear and tear; this jail time should be on top of whatever other charges the criminal may face. In a hypotetical case, this criminal, let's say took 2 hours 35 minutes and 20 seconds to eventually give up. This would mean: 2 hours = 120 minutes, plus 35 minutes = 155 minutes, plus 20 seconds would make it another minute; the total this criminal should be jailed BEFORE counting the other jail/prison time for other crimes should be 156 days without time for good behavior. The "good behavior" time could be allowed when the penalty for the other crimes is imposed, although these kinds of criminals wouldn't "behave" in custody to begin with. If the corresponding authorities were to establish this kind of legislation, these criminals and others would think TWICE before engaging in a dangerous chase.

  27. "Lost that during that building there" 7.28 "Where this suspect may have been" 8.32.. commentators should at least know basic English

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