Fake Police Officer – Safety Scouts Advice – Episode 34 [HD,4K]

Fake Police Officer – Safety Scouts Advice – Episode 34 [HD,4K]

Safety Scouts Advice: Fake Police Officer Scenario: A stranger approaches you, pretending to be a plainclothes police officer checking IDs or searching for drugs or counterfeit money. He accuses you of a crime and asks you to pay a fake fine, or he confiscates or steals your money. Advice: A real police officer will never ask you for anything other than your ID. If a stranger with a badge asks to verify your wallet, your banknotes, or your credit card details, refuse firmly and leave immediately.


  1. How to avoid a Fake Police Scam?
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  2. D'habitude les rouges zéboneilles ce sont les meilleurs, là ce sont les infâmes malfrats, pfff. excellente initiative en tout cas que ces vidéos, à diffuser le plus largement possible, et partout. Dingue que cela soit grâce à une initiative personnelle et non gouvernemental…

  3. thank you so much for these easy to understand videos an easy to understand avoidance of them. its the best i have seen

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