1. He refused hundreds of millions until a foreign leader investigated his personal political opponent. Its indefensible. But here these Republicans go!!!! And then they sleep like babies after lying under oath. Incredible.

  2. Impeached Impeached Impeached Impeached Impeached Impeached Impeached Impeached Impeached Impeached Impeached Impeached Impeached Impeached Impeached Impeached Impeached Impeached Impeached Impeached

  3. …no high crimes nor misdemeanors evident in anything; this guy is an absolute turncoat and self serving git!!; Outrageous…

  4. Its Official The Orange Criminal Russian Asset has been Impeached on not one but Two articles.
    Going down in History books. No one is above the law not even a Russian Asset in WH.


  6. He is come in to Republican party to be rino. He is an Arab American got up we over President made Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Boo you.

  7. I dont see the stupid blind people commenting "trump 2020" where you all at? It's time to open your eyes and see that the president is a traitor and the biggest liar to the greatest nation in the world!

  8. He was a Democrat masquareding as a Republican…. He knew he wpuld not get elected as a Democrat, so he ran as a Republican and switched parties right after the election. His integrity matches Schiff's, Nadler's and Pelosi's…

  9. As a Canadian Id like to ask if anyone can answer one question? What specific law is there PROOF that President Trump has broken? I’ll wait……

  10. ?What debates ? They were impeaching him before he was elected . Take a good look at there faces . As well as the morons faces in Hollywood do this same stuff

  11. Well if impeachment is for individual in high office then i would like to call for the impeachment process to begin on the entirety of the federal government. I ask that the elected, being representative of the people step down and we hold emergency election for each office. I mean since there is such a concern for whats best for the people. And there are no self serving corrupt dishonest compromised politicians you would obviously return the govmt to the citizens without hesitation.

  12. He's part Palestinian. He's assblasted Trump is giving more deference to a historical ally of the US like Israel than a country he has ties to.

  13. So just a few questions?? Why won't McConnell call the witnesses that team trump was unable to call in the house? Why won't McConnell hold the trial they so desperately wanted the house to conduct? If in this situation, the house is the plaintiff and the Senate is the defendant, the house has made it's case! Time for McConnell to set the record straight. Oh wait, he won't, he already said there won't be any witnesses or new evidence. Sorry but that is sounding guilty to me!

  14. When they say this is partisan because no Republicans voted for it – that's a neat little trick. They kick out Republicans who think otherwise (or make them leave) like Amash – who is a very conservative Representative on the issues – he was never a 'RINO'. And for the rest who think differently, they don't have the guts to say so unless they are retiring (and record numbers of Republicans are retiring). Even when traditional Republican servants, Republican investigators, and Trump's own attorney, staff, and donors testify against him, they are immediately ostracized under some kind of mafia-style loyalty-based 'ethics'. So, if I were a Republican, I wouldn't be drawing attention to the fact that no Republicans had the integrity to vote for this. Their failure to make the right decision says more about them than the nature of the matter up for vote – and it is not flattering.

  15. This guy is suppose to be representing the heartland of Michigan. He has betrayed his constituents. Enjoy the unemployment line Mr. Abash.

  16. It's war environment inside the house. Gathering up all their tools of works for their rebellion. That's the moment I AM waiting for to launch. When it's all numbered and timed.

  17. Amish is a traitor. You see when Trump placed tariffs on China, Amish called for Trump's impeachment. Amish has betrayed his Oath of Office

  18. This is pretty sad, the entire thing is over pres Trump asking another president to look into where $11 billion went that was stolen from US taxpayers. In the form of foreign aid 7B and then 4B were stolen, Obama/Biden admin set up a special “anti-corruption task force” and the head of that BS agency was such a well known criminal he was not even allowed to enter the United States. Why? Billions stolen and likely kicked back to Obama & Biden/ deal state affiliates.

  19. Hatred and jealousy! That's what Nancy Pelosi, the democrat party, and Amash has become, are, and fully represent. It's time to flush them! And that will happen next November.

  20. Amash You Betrayed your community by voting against President Trump. You betrayed Michigan! I pray to God Almighty you will be removed ASAP! TRAITOR!

  21. While in the Military a a young man I learned how to recognize a Traitor. Amash is a coward and a traitor, hope the voters in his district fire him in November.

  22. AB except Adam Schiff faild mention, in depositions, the law requires the accused' lawyet to be able to depose the witness. He or She (only 2genders) is legally allowed to have his lawyer in there and speak to the witnesses without ANY pre conditions. So again Schiff lied.

  23. So let's start at the very basics why parties must go to the way of the dodo. I don't go into deep scientific proofs as no one would understand it, and I also presumably don't live forever to wait for someone to finally understand something (it seems I was born too early into this world).
    About kindergarten level now, let's hope the best, that someone will get it:
    Check out Ex-GOP Rep. Amash's speech, who is a former Republican and now an independent Congressman. He talks like a reasonable human being, not like a Republican, which he in fact was before. What could possibly cause this marvelous miracle? How could the impossible happen?
    I tell you what: he became INDEPENDENT. That alone changed his behavior as a human being. He made the right decision (i.e. impeach) as the only independent Congressman in the entire gang. Now we only need all of them to become independent and that's it. Everyone will be responsible only for their constituency, the entire country, and their own conscience (no party in it).
    Why and how is this working? Currently we have two "special interest groups", called parties, who only care about their own interests (power), nothing else. So we have only two 'opinions' (interests), instead of hundreds of diversified human beings, who will (virtually) always make the right decision (as a statistical regularity or 'law') since they only have to follow reason and not some made up nonsense by a party.
    In our particular case, just for you to better understand, the Republican party (special interest group) has become so special, that their only interest is Trump himself (cult), since without him (cult of personality), they would be nothing. He's become their Jesus (as some of them even compared him to Him).
    This real life example is so extreme that it [really should be] easy to understand [I cross my fingers now]. So listen: the Republican party is behaving not only like a "special interest group" but like one single person i.e. Trump himself. Using mathematical formula:
    Trump = Republican Party = Senate Majority = Dictatorship
    Get it now finally? I really hope, as I cannot put it simpler than that.
    I leave you at that now to think a bit about it for yourself. Sometimes you will get it. You can do that. Go for it. Be persistent.
    And never ever give up.

  24. Amash wanted to impeach Trump after the Mueller report. Then Mueller took the stand and everyone saw what a terrible idea that'd be.

  25. History Showed it would go this way but we have some people see Money and Power first. No integrity morals or decency or respect for One another.

  26. Most Republicans are now anti-constitutional Trumpetists. Founders were clear: NO (asking for) foreign influence in elections in USA. And there is a man who pretend to be above all law, he even could shoot at 5th Av. Constitution demands limits for ALL.

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