Everything you need to know about that UFO spotted in southern California (2017)

Everything you need to know about that UFO spotted in southern California (2017)

Hi there, it’s me, Tim Dodd, the Everyday
Astronaut. And there’s UFOs in southern California. Well, actually these are identified flying
objects because there is an exact explanation for what this is and it’s something I’m extremely
excited about. Let me show you and I can understand exactly
why most of southern California was going nuts for this, look at this. Woah. Yeah, if I saw that thing filling up the sky
and I didn’t know what it is… I would say that was a alien abduction, UFO
literally in the works. But what it actually is, is to me, honestly
almost more exciting than that. That would be pretty exciting though. But it’s one of these, it’s a SpaceX Falcon
9 rocket. This is Elon Musk’s rocket company right there
in Hawthorne California. They were launching a Falcon 9 rocket out
of Vandenberg Air Force Base and that’s about 3 hours north, northwest of LA. These are about, in real life these things
are 220 feet tall, 70 meters tall. They have 9 big ole massive Merlin engines
on the first stage and what you’re seeing here on the footage is the separation of the
first and second stage. So after about two minutes and 40 seconds
this first stage ends up burning up, or almost out of fuel and then it turns around and it
lights its engines but the second stage continues off into space. Now SpaceX has been landing these, but this
is one of the first missions in a while that SpaceX has not had margins, to, or a, they
didn’t end up wanting to land this one. Because believe it or not, they actually have
too many. Um but I’m going to show you what this is,
exactly was. Here’s the launch. This happened at 5:27 pacific standard time
out there in California. And these things happen often. These happen about every 2 to 3 weeks. SpaceX is launching more than any other launch
provider right now. And it’s really exciting stuff. So again this a 220 foot tall rocket. Um and it launched and it headed south out
of Vandenberg Air Force Base here you can see it lighting up and it lifts off with 1.7
million pounds of thrust. This thing is incredible. These are amazing rockets, um they are pioneering
how to reuse these giant boosters that are normally thrown away in the ocean. And you guys just happened to have the perfect
conditions to create that exciting plume, there’s also been sighting like this in Miama
when SpaceX launches, when other rocket companies launch. And what happens is if it’s dark on Earth
here and the sunset has already happened and it’s dark in the sky is starting to get dark. That rocket is 100 to 160 miles or 160 miles
or 200 plus kilometers in altitude and its rocket plume, the smoke and all of its exhaust
plume ends up still be illuminated by that night sky, so it’s, or by the sun and even
though it’s night sky here, it ends up being illuminated with this really cool ghostly
looking effect and that’s exactly what you guys were seeing. So here we can see the Falcon 9 accelerating. I’m going to go ahead and skip forward just
a little bit, so you can get a better sense of when this stage separation occurred. Right about here… you’ll see um stage separation. So this is still the first stage burning brightly
and watch what happens here. That’s engine cut off of the first stage and
now we’ll see the two stages separate like I showed you before with the models and then
the first stage is turning around while the second stage reignites and that’s exactly
what you guys were seeing and you even see that the first stage kind of gets pummeled
there by the exhaust plume of that second stage and there goes that first stage reigniting. I, I get why everyone in California was going
nuts, this was an incredible sight but um again if you guys if you have questions leave
them in the comments below. I talk about all things space, and rockets
and NASA. Um and a lot about SpaceX in my videos, so
make sure and subscribe if you guys are interested in learning more about what this stuff is
and why I’m so excited about it. Umm I, I love this stuff. This is incredible footage, I, I really wished
I lived out there in California to see this happen but um again, uh if you really want
to know at all what SpaceX is and what they’re doing, I have two beginners guides, beginner’s
guide part one and part two, um so check that out in my videos below. But that’s going to do it for me, a quick
and short little update, updating the people of California not to panic, not to freak out,
but to be excited about a successful mission, so that’s gonna do it for me, I’m Tim Dodd,
the Everyday Astronaut, bringing space down to earth for everyday people.


  1. Rockets dont run greatly perpendicular to the earth. Especially considering how close by the supposed launch was at. Since when do rockets fly completely sideways to try to get to space? Most rocket launches ive seen had a mild arc. And what was the stationary object in the middle that was giving off pulses. Even if its a rocket it happend in 3 different places on 3 different occasions in less than a week. Whats the rush? And why such a big race to space. Idk man i would love to believe it. It just seems farfetched. And if it was true then what are the reasons behind the different occasions

  2. Rip the ozone layer. Too much carbon dioxide ;(. We're all going to have skin cancer due to the UV Rays passing through the atmospheric gases.

  3. Ok….so this isn't what we saw… you can compare the videos it isn't the same. There wasn't one ounce of fire only what looked to be some type of deformed cloud. I was there so I saw it with my own eyes and IT DID NOT react the same way as the one in your video. Don't try to tell these people lies when u weren't there. I'm not saying it was alien BUT IT WASNT A ROCKET!

  4. I wish I was in lompoc (the nearest city from the launch) I do live there but I was in Tijuana crossing the border. Luckily I did see it but if I was in lompoc I would’ve seen it closer

  5. It’s Santa Clause. Light in front is reindeer and the one in the middle is Santa. Don’t be stupid and believe this cover up.

  6. Great video, Tim. It's great to see informed people, like yourself, helping people learn the truth. Can't wait to see you back on TMRO in the new year.

  7. Okay, but the thing I mainly want to know is that was that…halo, corona thing around what I assume was the rocket? I can understand exhaust and falling stages and sunlight bouncing off exhaust. But did you explain that "light" around the craft itself or no?

  8. Did everyone know Japan sent one a minute before and Russia one the next day, something fishy going on in space can't be that everyone decided to send satellites at about the same time

  9. This is off-topic but I had to ask. If the wasting away of muscle due to weightlessness is such a major problem for long term space voyages (ie:Mars) why hasn't NASA or any space authority actually created those artificial gravity hamster wheels like the one shown in 2001 Space Odyssey. After-all, if Spacex is going to send regular humans to Mars, 100 people at a time it doesn't expect those 100 people to all be doing 2+ hours of resistance training a day for the multi-month journey to Mars. Will the lodging cabins be rotating to create an artificial gravity environment?

  10. I saw these when it was launched I was outside of my house when I saw a rocket going up I was a bit confused to…. Have a video on my YouTube channel lol where my mom and step dad were all in shock

  11. Hi Tim, what I think made this launch exceptional, was the visible expansion of the rocket's exhaust expanding as pressure and air resistance decreased around the rocket with altitude. Would have been nice to mention it 🙂 ! Love your videos by the way !

  12. People actually thought this was a ufo, bluebeam project or other dumb conspiracies on YouTube ??? thanks to dumb channels like RichieFromBoston ?

  13. I believe they timed this specifically to create a massive spectacle over LA to excite the public before the Falcon Heavy launch. The info that the Iridium-4 was about to launch was already available to the public, but most people chose to ignore it, and had forgotten about it by the time of the actual launch. The ensuing confusion made the launch more memorable, and caused many people to gain an interest in upcoming rocket launches and space exploration.

  14. What a load of junk!! I saw with my OWN EYES this UFO flying over So Cal right after sunset. Rockets and rocket fuel don't leave an afterglow of light in the sky!!!!

  15. Another evening launch is sched for oct 2.
    previous dec 22 event

  16. Why do the major news networks not covering this stuff. When Musk smokes a joint the news reporters go crazy but they seem to have no interest in the innovation of Space X.

  17. From my vantage point in AZ, it looked like a helicopter was using his search lights to look for a criminal.

  18. Then if that’s the case why didn’t they say anything about it? They always tell us when they’re launching a test or not… Plus nobody not even the news knew what it was ? cmon on now

  19. This is a lie cuz I recorded that UFO on my phone and the first part had a light and that light was moving around looking the second part released some solar beems

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