[ENGSUB] BTS On live from USA @ GRAMMYS 2020

[ENGSUB] BTS On live from USA @ GRAMMYS 2020

I think we’ll have to wait for a bit – until they come in.
– Let’s wait. – Go have some coffee.
– We can chat while we wait. It keeps coming back. – Was it Rodeo?
– Yes, it was. – I can’t get it out of my head.
– You were so cool. – Suddenly?
– Jimin, it might fall if you shake it. – Thanks. – Come here.
– There are 74K viewers now. – We can begin.
– Yes! – Yes! – The number goes up so quickly.
– Hi! Is it already 140K? – Come on in.
– Good to see you. – 140K. Hi, everyone.
Are we all in the shot? – Let’s say hi, RM.
– 2, 3! Bangtan! Hello, we’re BTS. Hello, we’re BTS. What else?
Hello, we’re BTS. Should I lead the show? This is our second time at the Grammys. We’re here for the second time for the 2020 Grammys. Thank you so much. Seriously… We weren’t given much time. But I want to thank everyone
including the members for everything they did. – Being here itself is an achievement.
– I agree. – It was such fun.
– Performing at the Grammys. – A huge thank you to Lil Nas X.
– The fact that we’re here… It’s surreal. – Seriously.
– Everything that’s happening right now is surreal. – The Grammys. – We’re the first Korean singers performing at the Grammys. We wanted to do more. I’d love to sing our song here one day… – I thought that too after the performance.
– Me too. Do you remember when we attended
the Billboard Music Awards? – I do.
– We accepted the award and nothing else. Back then… We received the award – and went straight home?
– I think we need to take one step at a time. Whatever it is… – We did collaboration this time.
– We had a taste. – Carefully.
– Carefully. – Very carefully. – The Recording Academy,
if you’re watching this. – Say it in English.
– Let’s do our best. – I think this is better.
– Is this better? – We hope to do more next time, please.
– Please. I think some people would know, but it’s incredibly difficult to get the award. – It requires more than good numbers.
– It does. The Recording Academy has about 20K members. They select nominees every year. And there’s voting as well. – We’re also members.
– We are. – Yes. – Are we?
– I think I wrote BTS. – We voted.
– Did we join it? We wrote BTS. Not anybody can join.
You need to be invited. We’re in the same time. Seeing Nas… – Actually…
– We saw him and… – We practiced together.
– We did. – I wanted to tell everyone.
– I know. – Me too. – FYI, it was his…
– He… – first time. – So I heard.
– He said it was his first Grammys performance. We debuted at the Grammys in the same year. – With us… – “Illmatic” was released in 1994,
but it was his first Grammys performance today. – 1994 is…
– Yes, we were born around that time. – We were born…
– It’s before I was born. – It shows how difficult it is.
– I know. We debuted at the Grammys
3 minutes earlier than him. – We can’t say that. We debuted in the same year.
– The same year. We accept you as… I’m sorry. – I’m sorry.
– Anyways. – This was the first time we performed
alongside another singer. – It was. – RM did a great job with “Seoul Town Road”.
– Yes. – It was so cool.
– NAS X… – He…
– It was amazing. Other voices in the chorus were good listening to it live. I love your hairstyle, too. It was a collaboration, – so I didn’t feel nervous.
– It was fun. – We enjoyed it.
– It was so much fun. – It was fun. – It feels like… – What was it?
– It was a good experience. Especially because it was not rushed. – The little boy was so cute.
– The little boy. – Right. – He looked serious…
– Very confident. – Before going on stage.
– Yes. He cheered up everyone. – So cute. – It was so much fun.
– I think he’s got great energy. – I don’t think many people would know this.
– I need that confidence. But everyone was very excited backstage – to go on stage.
– Yes. We’ve been to many awards in different countries. But I’ve never seen something that serious. We’ve walked on the red carpet. There’s the gramophone-shaped trophy. – Standing that behind you is something else.
– It does. – I saw some people cry after their performance.
– I know. – Me too. I wouldn’t be able to fully understand – because I’m not American.
– We wouldn’t be able to get that 100 percent. – But it has…
– that level of authority. I could feel the significance of the award. It made me think… – Right. – You can feel how much
this means to them backstage. Some documentaries captured that. Some prayed before going on stage. – I prayed together with Nas.
– Nas and Diplo. We stood in a circle and prayed together. – In a circle.
– So we did that. – They all looked very serious.
– I know. – They did it… – It felt like we were
going to a battlefield. – That helped me a lot. – It was so cool.
– Everyone gathered together before going on stage, as we always do. – But it was the first time we did it with others.
– I think everyone has their own ritual. – Everyone does.
– Just like we shout
“Bangtan Bangtan Bangbangtan”. I think so too. Maybe, we can try that next time. But you always initiate it. – You’re doing a great job.
– This is more fun I think. He was… He was very serious today.
But he usually goes “Let’s do it”. He says this a lot. And he goes to the toilet
before it begins. He says “Let’s crush the stage” and he really does. – So funny.
– I’m crushed like this again today. – Anyways, it was so much fun.
– And, Alicia Keys… – Right.
– Right. She did BTS – and K-pop.
– K-pop. I felt thrilled. I was a big fan of hers. – Everyone is.
– Really. – She’s a star for us.
– She is. I don’t know how I became a member of this team. And I feel thrilled
every time I see and hear BTS. – Doesn’t it feel strange?
– It’s so thrilling. – I can’t really describe it.
– It’s a little… It was fun and unreal. – I can’t believe I saw Usher.
– Me neither. – I didn’t take a picture.
– I know. I asked Jimin to go and have… – “Jimin, go tell him you’re a fan”.
– You were like that
when you saw Nas for the first time. – I couldn’t speak when I first met him.
– He kept hiding behind my back. I was like “What’s wrong with him?”. – Really…
– He became really shy. – When we met Usher, my hands were so sweaty.
– Nas is my idol. – Seriously.
– Right. Nas and Usher. But I wanted to make eye contact,
so I was like… We could’ve said hi. – But… – 360-degree camera.
– If we went there… – He was so cool.
– Slow motion… He was asked to do something
for the 360-degree camera. He wore his hoodie and did this. – He did a turn.
– It was super cool. – Didn’t he say something at the end?
– He did something like this. Like this. – It was so cool. – Something like that
looks cool in slow motion. – If we come here again…
– We can do that next time. – Doing a turn.
– We did this at first. – Right.
– Let’s plan it beforehand. – Okay.
– Let’s plan and do it. What we did was so simple. – If we’re given the chance.
– Of course. – We hope to come back next year.
– I really do. Let’s do something flashy next year. It was one of the pinch yourself moments.
We saw Common, too. – Right.
– Common. – I feel like we’ve become friends with DJ Khaled.
– He feels like a hometown friend. – I saw his back and
– Hi, my friend. – I felt comfort.
– Like this… – There were some familiar faces.
– Yes. So we said hi to them. – We saw Camila and Ariana…
– Ariana, too. – It doesn’t feel real. – Khaled. – We saw Khaled, too.
– But, when I’m left alone. Sometimes I’m left alone. – We met Khaled today.
– He’s our friend now. I was alone when I saw him last time. And, today, I came last after you guys. “Yo!” “Yes”, and I left. – He left with “Yes”?
– Well.. – Both of you… Why would you say “Yes” to “Yo”? – We were both…
– Are you doing a spelling game? – “Yo”, “Yes”.
– What was that? “Yo”, and “Yes”? – We both were happy to see each other
because we’ve met before. – The chemistry. – Yo! – Yes.
– And he disappears. – No, no. – Yo! Yes.
– I said “see you”. Relatable? – It’s so difficult.
– He seemed happy to see us. – I was too.
– He said “good luck”. – Later… – It feels like we’ve made
quite a few friends. – I agree. – This… – Next time we see Nas…
– Fingers crossed. – So I…
– Last time… – Yo! – You should say “see you” after “yes”.
– Yes. – Yo. – Yes~ This is the highlight of the day.
“Yo”, “yes”. Anyways, let’s come back! – We wish. – I really hope we’ll come back.
– Next time to perform our song. – Today we saw so many great performances.
– Next year… – It made me want to perform our songs.
– Me too. I learn a lot attending a foreign award ceremony. – That’s true. – Yes.
– The stage is beautiful. I kept thinking our performance is also cool,
and I’d love to perform here. – I want to show it here.
– I know. – I really did.
– What I found interesting was that everyone does not do any warm-up,
and then goes on stage and thrives. – I know.
– That’s so fascinating. – They’re so good.
– Right? – I loved all the performance.
– It was so cool. – We’ve learned a lot today.
– I already knew it, but it still hits me.
– Let’s come back next year. – I’d love to come back.
– You can’t have that attitude over night.
– I agree. – Seriously.
– We can’t come just because we want to, but… – They paid attention to every little detail.
– I’d love to come back. – Let’s pray everyday.
– Okay. – Okay.
– Let’s do it everyday, yo! – We need to improve.
– Yes~ – Okay. – Today’s performance… So, – to celebrate today,
– Have you brought it? – I’ve prepared little something.
– Have you? – I have.
– Then you should be the one bringing out. Shoot. – If you’ve prepared it. – I have.
– I don’t think you two would be in the shot. – Come on in. – It’s okay.
– What should we do? – I’ll hold the camera. – Like this? – It blocks the view.
– It’s ready. – Let me hold the camera.
– Wait. – Good. – Jimin, the champagne expert.
– Shall we stand up? Wait, I have bad memories. – The cake looks good.
– Do you have bad memories? – Yes. I gave you only the froth. – You did.
– Let me give it another go. – Moet…
– Is this a good one – Chandon~ It’s the one we always drink. Okay, I think this is good. – Okay, it’s fixed.
– It’s good. – Where… – It’s not.
– Is it standing on the desk? It works fine.
I put it on a human. – I’m surprised.
– Have you opened it? – It was quick.
– Chandon~ – Okay! – This chocolate is so good.
– Let’s drink it. – It’s dark. – What should we do? – The lighting.
– Is it backlit? – Shall we cover the lighting? – The lighting… – It’s not stable.
Wait, we can change it like this. – Do you want me to hold it?
– Like this? – It’s okay. It’s good now.
– Let me hold it. – Okay. – I’ll hold it then.
– j-hope is so bad. As if the camera is on something. – Calm down.
– It goes flat if you leave it. – Jimin~
– He’s not good at pouring champagne. – Jimin~
– Pour it like soju. – Jimin, here.
– I thought we were going to drink a bottle each.
– Let’s have a toast. – I want to taste the cake.
– I’m still… – I wonder what it tastes like. – Today, I’m almost…
– Be quick. I’m hungry. – I crave sugar cause I haven’t eaten properly.
– Me too. – I’ve got a headache.
– I only had chocolate – and it was good.
– I don’t think I can do this. Help.
– I think it’s… – a snack cake. – My arm hurts.
– Let me hold it. – Okay. Everyone should be on camera. – Okay, that would work. -I’ll pour it.
– Wait. – The angle…
– Just do it~ – It’s how champagne works. You have to wait
until the bubbles go away. – Wait. I like the foam. – It’s a bit…
– That’s a skill. – Jimin~ – Jimin, that’s a skill.
– Of course. Okay, everyone, raise your glass. – Help yourself.
– If you pour it after the foam disappears. – Jungkook!
– I think it’s okay. – Huh? – Say a word!
– Say a word please – Okay. – for next year’s Grammys!
– Me?- Yes. As you wish. – I’m glad to be here with you
– With us. for the Grammys, far away from home. – I’m also happy to be here with ARMY.
– Thank you so much. – I hope we can come next year again.
– Okay! – Let’s do our best!
– For next year! – Let’s go! – Good work, guys.
– Great work. – I want to taste this cake.
– Me too. I wanted to try it so bad. – Let’s have a bite. It’s got whipped cream inside.
– I need to work out. – Inside it.
– You don’t like whipped cream. – No. – ARMY, the biggest thank you goes to you.
– It’s so good. Very sweet. – You’re the reason why we’re here.
– Of course. – Say it in English, Jimin.
– Are you enjoying this? – ARMY, thank you! – This is so sweet.
– You made me. – Happy! That’s true. “You made me”. It’s correct. – ARMY. – You made me.
– This too. – I love you~ – V!
– V! – Let’s go, V! This is perfect.
– V, do it! – Microphone! V! How do you feel today?
Is there anything you want to say? I just wish happiness for everyone. – I’ve got more. Please ask me again.
– Anything else? Is there anything else you want to say?
You look so happy. I’m so shy. But I want to say we love you, ARMY. Don’t be shy! – I’ve got more.
– More. – More. – What is it? – Again!
– Do you have something else to say? – Wait, what was it?
– Do you need something? What do you need? – Wait.
– We’ll be back in 60 seconds. Ad time!
“Black Swan”. – Let me know when you’re ready.
– On a completely different note, I haven’t had a drink for a while,
and I love this one. – If you drink, working out…
– What are you talking about? – You had a drink with me a few days ago.
– Shhh. Don’t say that. Thanks to you, – we’re having a good time. Thank you.
– Yes. – Right. – Shall we wrap this up now?
– Yes, we need to – go and practice.
– Yes. – Okay. – Please let them know
about the next thing. – What’s that? The album we’re preparing. – Do you want me to spoil it here?
– No. – Spill the beans? – Share all the details from track 1?
– No! – Do you want us to dance here?
– Huh? – Huh?
– Huh? – Tell me. You tell me.
– It’s no joke, everyone. – No joke. – It’s no joke.
– Jo joke. – It’s no joke.
– But, all the jokes aside, – I… – Huh? – Do you want to say something?
– Please, go on. – Seriously…
– He remembered. – He remembered. – 60 seconds have passed.
– Okay, V! – He has something to say.
– Let’s hear it from V. – So cute.
– This is a microphone. – How do you feel? Wait. – 60 seconds. – You’ll have to wait until next year.
– He’ll speak next year at the Grammys. – Yes.
– Let me know when you’re ready. – Anyways…
– Let’s wrap it up with V. – Sure. – Wait. – Are you ready? He’s looking it up.
– He’s looking at the phone. – Just read your phone then.
– He’s back! – Play the prompter.
– He’s back. – Tell us about the album. – Do you want a prompter?
– Tell us about the album. Could you tell them about our new album? – Tell them about the new album?
– Do you have anything to say
about the new album? Wait and see. You’ll be surprised. – That’s it?- Yes.
– Okay! – That was good.
– You have more? – You have more? – Do it all. Whatever you want.
– Stop it. Say it next year. – V… do a solo V LIVE. Anyways, the new album is… – no joke. – It’s so good.
– Everyone’s so cool. – I agree. – Please look forward to it.
– Please do. Let’s do our best in 2020 so that we can return – to the Grammys.
– Thank you! – Let’s do it. – Okay, let’s do it.
– Shall we say “Purple you, ARMY!”? – Good. – 2, 3, purple you, ARMY!
– Purple you, ARMY! – Thank you! Okay, that’s it for today. Thank you!
How do I turn this off? – It’s so sweet but moreish.
– Bye! – Bye! – It’s so good.
– Bye! – Bye!


  1. Мне вот что интересно как они будут из туацый выпутываться со свадьбой техена и ченгука если он и чимка свой отношения откроют ченгук

  2. Чонгук на чимку залип а как фото так техен сразу он у них ширма что ли

  3. The way the hyungs giving encouragements to tae to speak in english is so adorable. They are truly family. The hyungs know too well how much tae practise bcos he wants to speak in English to IArmy

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