Eligibility requirements for a B-2 Visitor Visa B2 Faq #10

Eligibility requirements for a B-2 Visitor Visa B2 Faq #10

Fred Wahl the Visa Coach here. Todays topic is: What are the Eligibility
requirements for a B-2 Visitor Visa ? Visa Coach Fast, Easy and Personal My name is Fred Wahl – I am the Visa Coach,
known in the field of fiance and spouse immigration for the fast and easy approval, and personal
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petitions that ease approval, while avoiding hi fees, delays
or denials Todays topic is: What are the Eligibility
Criteria for a B-2 Visitor Visa Approval for B-2 visitor (tourist visa) is
not automatic, to be eligible the applicant must prove to
the US consular officers the following points and her word alone is not sufficient, she
needs to present evidences that she: is coming to the United States for pleasure
or for medical treatment (not to work or to stay permanently)
plans to stay ONLY for a limited, specific period of time
has a place of residence to return to outside the United States
has binding ties to her country and community that reasonably guarantees a return home
has permission to re-enter a foreign country at the end of her stay
has the financial means to pay for the trip. Evidences:
For Pleasure: Itineraries, specific plans, reservations, invitation letter Limited, Specific Time: Return Tickets, specific
plans for what to do on return, such as resume job, resume school, attend ceremony,
family function, graduations Home Outside USA: lease, title, family home Binding Ties: Compelling reasons to return
to home country: such as, profession, properties, business, family responsibilities Permission to go Elsewhere: Valid passport
at least allows re-entry to home country Fiancial Means: Proof of own monies, or sponsorship This is Fred Wahl the Visa Coach
I do the work, you get the gal (or guy) Call me. The final challenge before a visa or green
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  1. Hello . I am from India . I have almost 10 year visitor visa of CANADA . And I also visited UAE last year and in 2014 I have visited SINGAPORE , MALAYSIA AND THAILAND . I an final year student in b.pharm. how much chance for US tourist visa?? Plz suggest me

  2. Hi Fred,

    Myself Adarsha from India. I have been in relationship with a US Citizen from last 13 months. We have met in person as well as she decided to visit me for a month on a visit visa and got engaged. I have funded her entire 30 days stay including her airplane tickets. Now her family wants to invite me for Christmas. We initially wanted to apply for K1 (Fiance) Visa directly. Since it takes 4 to 5 months of time to get approved, we are planning to apply for Visit Visa and then later apply for K1 Visa Once I am back from the states. Further, Entire trip will be sponsored by my fiance's family. What do you think? Should i go for visit visa or K1 visa directly?

    Looking for your inputs Sir,

    Adarsha Shetty

  3. what if you are a student outside your home country and you would like to attend a graduation ceremony of a family member.is it possible to easily get a visa?

  4. I have been to the US twice before and when I applied to go to the US for
    the third time I was asked to get an invitation letter . How can I get
    an invitation letter to the USA ?

  5. I'm from the Philippines, 24 yrs old and planning to go to the US 6 months from now for Evo2017 and I'm planning on staying there for only a week. I'm currently unemployed but my mother is willing to pay for my expenses. My mom also donated our house to me and my sister and I also have a car under my name. Can I use my properties as proof that I will return? I have stamps on my passport from when I went to thailand, hongkong, malaysia and singapore if that helps. What are my chances to getting approved?


  7. my fiance invited me to visit him to the U.S. instead of him visiting me' my fiance in the U.S. will take responsibility for all of my travel expenses and needs.. one reason for my visit to the U.S. is meeting each other to proof on going relationship..as preparation for upcoming k1visa process.

  8. me and my girlfriend are in relation for almost 5 years and she has recently moved to US for F1 visa and our anivarsary is comming near and i am planning to give her a suprise by meeting her there what are the chances of me getting a visa please help

  9. Hello Sir , I want to know if it's true that someone told me even if having everything required for Tourist visa ( each document )~ You must need An Invitation of a Friend , Family member etc who is living in USA …?
    If you don't have An invitation you will get denied ???
    I don't think that for Visit purpose we need An Invitation of Someone from USA bcz anyone can go and Visit just need to Prepare your required Documents and each Document must be based on Truth.
    But I want to hear it from you plz give a Reply.

  10. i am 28 years old single mother and my family is here in the philippines and i want to get a tourist us visa…what documents should i bring to prove them i will return in my home country…i dont have property under my name…and i am the only daughter of my parents

  11. My brother is parmanent resident of USA. I'm working in india.I want to visit him and roam around there. Will I be able to get Visa?

  12. Hillary Karki
    Sep 28, 15:56 EDT

    Hi sir/ mam last week Wednesday my father in law and mother in law applied b1/b2 visa and got denied from embassy of Kathmandu Nepal Iam 8 month pregnant now and iam with my husaband and mother here in Baltimore my husband work at rite aid distribution center and my mother is around 80 years old my delivered date is December 8 so in this case there is nobody here inside home to take care me I need my relatives my mother in law and father in law in this situation they tried visa once without any documentation even we didn’t send sponsorship letter invitations paper they just went embassy with ds 160 and passport and finally got denied so is there any chances to reapply

  13. Hi Visa coach, I am from the philippines and i am working now here in Taiwan , Im planning to immigrate in america but i do not know what visa is applicable to me, I had my Filipina auntie which is a citizen in america , is there any chances for me to immigrate in america ? or could my auntie help me in other ways like sponsoring me. Hope you can help me. thanks Visa coach

  14. U want to go USA on b2 visa with my father because my causion sponser to me he is in usq qnd thy have green card so pls tell me how many chance to get visa and what documents will required because i m a student

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