1. Don McClean is definitely in the top 5 composers and may be, IMO, THE best composer, both musically and lyrically. I had the great pleasure of seeing him live in a small NJ town around 2005.
    He is one of the few who did not sell his soul to the music industry. Last time I looked he still owned his own music and thus did not become as big a name as others or make as much money had he sold himself out like others (e.g., Bob Dylan, Beatles, ……..etc.). I recall that back then he still had something like 5 songs in that top 25 all time.

  2. McClean a patriot I wouldn't have known. How many others are out there in the entertainment world like him but too afraid to say something?

  3. Tucker is the best, unfortunately the term Socratic is associated with crooked lawyers, aka, getting "answers" with lead in questioning. It's a skill to be sure. But again both these guys are top notch people.

  4. Today's politics, have delved into a well lit up doo doo fest; a three ring circus gone mad and living on crack cocaine and crystal meth maybe, and President Donald J. Trump symbolizes and embodies the only sophistication, sanity in the all of it, by far the best president this country's had since Eisenhower and Reagan.

  5. As a retired deejay, I can tell you that American Pie has a special meaning to deejays. It's 8 minutes and 28 seconds long, which made it a go-to-the-bathroom favorite.

  6. Definitely a prophetic song. Always knew it was meaningful, although I cannot claim to have known exactly what it meant – until today.

  7. That’s one of those few songs where when you’re station flipping, you’ve got stop to flipping and listen to the end.

  8. American Pie is one of the greatest songs ever written. I love the lyrics! They don't write songs like this anymore. You are a true poet, Don McLean. Thank you!

  9. I wonder if he owns his own publishing rights to the song… because I'm imagining Don being horrified by Madonna's cover.

  10. It may be subjective but – Greatest song of the rock-n-roll era in my book. I well know it's not the only brilliant work you did but if it had been, you'd be a legend just the same.

  11. i have been listening to American pie for ages and do listen to the lyrics intently, they are apt for what is going on right now with what the evil left are causing.

  12. Don McLean was over shadowed by the likes of John Lennon, a ant-American socialist, wife beating, child abusing, pervert. Thank you Don for writing a brilliant song, unlike Imagine and the Wizardry it espouses.

  13. People in the world Bette recognized that Christ is coming soon. Need to leave all the devil's music only. Of course they are using music to control citizens mind. Do not take the mark of Beast.. if you can't buy or sell you will be able to keep your soul. Your soul is not for sale. So wake up America .

  14. Awesome, an American great singer /songwriter is a great American and conservative… He probably knows and acknowledges Christ as THE Messiah and Saviour of us all… Thank you Mr McLean.

  15. Think of Ms. American Pie as the gift of God’s Holy Spirit, and He is fixing to remove her! The Holy Spirit is both male and female. Genesis 1:27.

    The day He does that will be bye, bye Ms. American Pie! Symbolically Rome will burn ( America ), and that is the day the good ole boys will die, and the levy will be dry!!!


  16. Tucker Carlson let's his guests finish a thought or a sentence without interrupting them, which leads to a peaceful interview. These others that can't zip it while the other party tries to answer create unnecessary tension

  17. Don McLean the most famous American songwriter?
    Bob Dylan: "Hold my breweries…"

    McLean is a minnow compared to Dylan.

  18. Saw Mr DM at Nassau Community College 1974. I remember he was way late and most people left. It was real late but worth every minute. That was a few years ago in the Frye boot long hair era. The concert was in the gym which was actually a converted hangar. For that matter everything was converted military. Those were very good times.

  19. "Vincent" is the other legendary song from Don McLean? Simply Musical Beauty.
    Thank you so very much Don, you put more joy and thoughtfulness into my life from day one.❤️????

  20. Mclean did not answer Tucker’s first question about driving his Chevy to the levee! We still don’t know what it means and Tucker missed the perfect opportunity to find out…

  21. i haven't listened to popular music for more than twenty years, it isn't music anymore. it's just a bunch of no talent "singers" spewing hate and discord.

  22. I heard this song live back in the late 80’s. I worked at his house and he was singing on his porch. That was a good day at work. ???

  23. I've heard time and again from wanna-be-singers, that American Pie was about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and that was the day the music died. It sounds like some folks made up their own ideas of what its about. LoL. It's like an abstract painting I guess you can read darn near any kind of meaning into it.

  24. It's not that his guests can't answer his main question. It's that they won't, because they are being intellectually dishonest, by avoiding it, so they can protect their sides narrative.

  25. Tucker, you're the man, and you've got lots of loyal viewers. Myself among them. Don't compare Don McLean to Bob Dylan.

    Dylan's tenth best song is better than American Pie. Don't @ me.

  26. charles folkes i think he meant trum and the republicans,and he is been too nice to this idiot! philosophycal? he never have asked anything like that and his life! you should see what he think of women unless mclean is just another trumper with good songs,that will be a shame!!!!

  27. When I was a kid there was a natural car wash called a 'levy' that was by a bend in a small stream. On Saturdays there would be two or three cars there with guys washing them from the stream.

  28. As a kid, we used to sing this song out loud like crazy. Even though my parents loved the song, we drove them crazy. It still makes me bounce around like a kid whenever I hear it.

  29. Interesting. I remember reading somewhere that the song what about the deaths of Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens. "The Day the Music Died"
    iconic and great song regardless of what it may be about.

  30. Listening to much of today's music is like listening to thunder; its loud and initially gets your attention; but soon fades away as sounding like all the rest. I was so fortunate to grow up in the 60 & 70, where music was actually an art.

  31. Interesting was always told the meaning had to do with the three that died in a Plance Crash in Feb,On February 3, 1959,  great musicians, Buddy Hollie, Big Bopper, Richie Valens. (the day the music died.
    The event later became known as "The Day the Music Died", after singer-songwriter Don McLean referred to it as such in his 1971 song "American Pie".

  32. I remember when American Pie came out, The Beatles were no more and it dominated the airwaves. One of my favorite songs of all time. No doubt Don is a TRUE American

  33. I still don’t know the meaning to the song. I have been listening to it for 20 years & I still find meanings each time.

  34. Arguably the greatest lyricist that ever lived. I still remember sitting with my father in the car listening to Vincent when I was a young boy .. and him telling me to pay attention to the lyrics.

  35. WOW! How did Tucker land an interview with a legend like Don McLean? I was a HUGE McLean fan when I was young. He was one of the guys I listened to when I was learning to play the guitar. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to know what American Pie is really about. I should fill him in on it. LOL

  36. Music was very important to some of us in high school (we were all trained singers) and one of my friends was especially captivated by Don McLean, so much so that she was convinced she’d get to know him someday. She not only didn’t but I understand she’s extremely far left now. I suspect she wouldn’t want to know him now.

  37. Lost love was obviously a large part of that song, whether he wrote about it at the time or years later in retrospect.

    Songwriters intentionally obfuscate lyrics, for various reasons, like to make them more attractive.

  38. I've always liked this song, even as a child that didn't understand the lyrics. There's something about what he's saying and how he sang it.

  39. Getting to the core of things. I wish more journalists would do this. Stay away from the superficial fluff that's already been asked a million times. I used to think it was boring (journalism) as a young lady, but now as an older woman I think being a journalist seems like an interesting career choice.

  40. I listen to American Pie all the time…It's a great song and Vincent made me fall in love with the story of Van Gogh

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