Dominicans Try The Only Dominican Restaurant In California

Dominicans Try The Only Dominican Restaurant In California

Señores, morir soñiando! – It’s mine coño! – In San Diego! – Yo, everybody that knows me. Knows that I love San Diego. So Julissa and I are
always mad that there’s no Dominican food in Los Angeles. So, we had to come to San Diego ’cause there’s a brand new Dominican spot that opened down here. – I’m so excited.
– You so excited. – I’m so excited. – Yo, we woke up today; we gonna eat Mangu? – In California? It’s the only Dominican
restaurant down here in southern California. – That’s crazy. – We have a night club out here, though. They serve Sancocho. – [Julissa] Oh really? But this is a restaurant? – [Gadiel] But this is the restaurant. – Well I don’t care, I’m
glad we drove all the way down here, even if it
was two and half hours, I’d drive whatever for some fuckin’ platanos! So let’s go. I get excited, I get
excited, I get excited. (upbeat music) – And we’re gonna eat it with
mangu & los tres golpes? – The process start by peeling
the plantains, of course. And now boiling the plantains. Add a little bit of salt to it. After the plantains are fully
boiled, you prepare them with some butter to mash
them together; and then there is a secret part of the
process, which is the ice or cold water. That’s what gets the process going. And that’s how it gets to the consistency. – You ate last night. (tropical music) – Are you excited? – I’m so excited. – Yo, it’s like finally, huh? – First of all, this
presentation is beautiful. – [Gadiel] It’s dope as hell. – It is so pretty. And they gave me everything
I wanted and some. And it’s a big nice slice. Okay, I’m going in. Okay, presinate. – Amen. (upbeat music) ♪ Mangu, Mangu, Mangu, Mangu ♪ Estos platanos están… – So soft. – So soft. – They’re so soft; they’re juicy. – The Mangu itself has a lot of flavors, yo.
– Right! Like they season that shit. – They season the hell out of it. You know what I feel like
right now; you know when you wake up in the morning, at
your mom’s house, and she makes that plato of mangu? Like, I feel like I’m having
a nostalgic moment right now. – I wanna eat all of
it, but, I can’t because didn’t you say we have something else? – Oh, the Sancocho. (laughing) You ready for Sancocho. – The Sancocho is known to be mainly a root and vegetables stew
soup, that we make, again, back in the Dominican Republic. It consists, of course:
yucca, plantains, some people add carrots to it. Some other people add malanga and other root vegetables out there. And then the three different type of meat. So it consists of pork, chicken and beef. Certain people do it with just one, based on their preference
on what they eat. But, it’s known to have
the three different type of meat inside. – Yeah! – It is not caldo de res, people. – No, no, not at all. – It’s special, it’s Dominican. (upbeat music) Okay, I’m not waiting for you, bye. – This is how you eat Sancocho, you gotta grab the rice
and you gotta throw the rice in the Sancocho. – Or, you can be like me,
and if you’re like me, you do this– – No, no, no– – I like to do little by little, look– – Yeah, I told her the whole thing is– – I like to go like this. (laughing) – Oh wow. This is neat. They have like a specific, certain flavor. – Well, it’s all very
different, but I will say it’s fuckin’ delicious. – This is the bomb.
– It is bomb. – This is bomb. Look at all the meat in
it; that’s what’s crazy, they did not disappoint. They did not leave us with
just una criquita. Just a little bit of this,
a little bit of that. They packed it. – That we’ll eat Sancocho
even though it’s hot. We eat this shit in the
summer, in the winter. It don’t matter. – Your girlfriend mad at you,
be like, “Mami I brought you Sancocho.” – And that’s it, she’s not
gonna be mad it you, no more. – Do you approve of this? – Do I approve of this?
– Yes. – I am giving, Tropical
Savor, two thumbs up and my blessing and we making a video. And I’m putting it on my Instagram. I’m doing whatever I gotta
do, for people to come taste the beauty que es Santo Domingo aqui, in San Diego. – So you happy? – Thank you Gadi for making
me now feel like I’m home. – No, thank you Gadiel. – Okay, yeah, thank you Gadiel. (laughing) – [Gadiel] That’s vitamin
A, B, C, D, E, F, G. – [Julissa] H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P. – [Gadiel] And Y. – [Julissa] And Z. – [Gadiel] All the alphabet.


  1. Wow it’s not valid de res it’s Dominican wow what u tryna day I’m mexirican half Mexican half Puerto Rican

  2. 4:50 – 4:54 you will experience a typical daily argument between 2+ Dominicans.

    ~Dominican Squad where you at????????????????????????????????~

  3. Like this video it is funny the way they both wanted to eat the Dominican food like they never had or seen the food before. and the sancocho soup is good for cold sicknesses, hedaches and other things but in summer the soup is to hot to eat not everybody is going to eat sancocho soup/me gusta este video y es chistoso como querian comer esa comida como no la han comido y tambien en verdad el sancocho es bueno para la gripe, Dolores de cabeza y mas cosas pero en el verano no todo el mundo vas a comer sancocho porque da mucho calor

  4. these girls really think platano is banana? and they call themselves latinas? where the hell are they from?

  5. I don’t peso my plátanos. I slice and put in water to boil. When they are done they peal themselves. There is nothing worst than pealing a plátano.

  6. I'm a fatty who loves food….sooooo sure, I'd try it. But i must say, appearance is 50% of the eating experience, and this food gets a failing rating on satiating my eyes

  7. When it comes to Spanish food, for me Puerto Rican food because I’m Puerto Rican, I understand so much why they get exited to eat the food. Like Spanish food is divine

  8. Eu amo como eu estava esperando pela Yuca e pelo arroz e de repente eles vieram… me senti tão representada hahahahahaha (Brasil aqui)

  9. Dominicans are such beautiful Latinos! The African ancestry mixed with the Spanish (and probably some Native American) make them so gorgeous! They are so different from African-Americans because of the Spanish influence. I'm Mexican American….being Latino you know that there is so much variety in Latin America…..all the Latin American cultures are so beautiful and all the food is so yummy!

  10. mangu is platano power! I eat mangu almost every day, sometimes twice a day. Is a great food. gluten free and does not make me gain weight.

  11. They are two of a kind. They could literally be brother and sister. I love them ! Even the laughs. The joy and happiness they show. I cant even

  12. Hey, soy Dominicana hasta la tambora y cocino todos los días comida Dominicana, y hago pasteles en hija, sancocho, puerco asao, y todas mis comidas son totalmente Dominicana y vivo por 40 años en Los Angeles, y mis hijos, nietos comen comida Dominicana, sin tener que ir a San Diego, buen provecho.

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